On the 29th our current contract expires as you will all know. Recent interviews have been interesting to say the least. We passed number one for a three site Operations Manager gig here in Melbourne and fronted up for the second interview with the big boys. Needless to say, I impressed them, they were impressed with me and my Very extensive RISK MANAGEMENT background.

I have found out that I have been successful which is wicked, now what takes place is they submit me to the client who happens to own the three properties, once the customer signs off I will receive the letter of offer which BTW is for a PERM gig.

HAVE TO loOK After me and the family and sure as shit, if the contract was lost I would be out on my a

Other than that…all is good. EXCEPT for the eldest throwing in a cricket ball at training last night, flat, HARD and fkn LOW. With No pads on 9 keeping in the field), because its training out in the middle, I had to bend down really low, really quickly, missed the ball by a whisker with the gloves and it slammed into MY FKN knee on the full.

Its now like a fkn balloon, sore and giving me grief. Mind you, being a GOD, crossed with a TITAN its all manageable…just don’t FKN NEED IT AT THE MO is all.

Coulda killed the little shit


15 thoughts on “WE MIGHT HAVE A WINNER

  1. Good news, here’s hoping the client plays ball…. though preferably not with a cricket ball! (OUCH)!

  2. Bravo mate, well done. All you can do is keep swimming and eventually the lane you will open up.

  3. Go get ’em, H! Good luck. And, yes, most any job beats no job at all.

    Didn’t you just have the knees fixed from last season?

  4. Good one mate, now seal the deal.

    You’ll just have to whip J at MW2 instead.

  5. And Lobes thinks he could on your job in a week? May that phrase never die.

    Good to hear H, and take care of the knee.

  6. Bangar you beat me to the punch line, damn you.
    Congrats Hav.
    Here, have a betel leaf to celebrate.

  7. Mayhem..yeah..I MUST CATCH the ball lol

    LERM..CHEERS! mate..bottoms up


    YD..TA..yeah, omly the the arthroscope..the RECO was delayed..hopefully I get thru the season

    HUGHESY/my FAIR LADY..thank you..cheers

    DOC..thanks..CHAZ…when he gets OFF his FKN ARSE..its gunna get fkn PAWNED

    BANGAR..LOL…LMFAO..great fkn memory dude

    Quokka THANKS..I um..might pass on leaf I reckon..image and all that ya know

  8. Before I stumbled into my present profession, I remember how good it felt to land the gig I was trying for. Hope it feels good and hope you get it.

  9. PAUl..good to see you. and thanks..yeah..I’m chuffed. Just still waiting on the Customer to sign off..but all looks good

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