Australia a Terrorist NATION?= INDIA..GET FKD!

Well, to be honest I was going to post something else…but I kinda flipped out over the news tonight and Indian Government indications as reported in the news of POSSIBLE sanctions over the students death.
COME ON..For FUCK SAKES!. The students death has been reported by police as NOT racially motiovated and I for one, would believe our police before those of that fucking MUPPET HEADED STATE of INDIA!.
The students death is nothing short of a tradgety…no other way to describe his murder. The fucker when caught…well, when convicted, post legislative alterations I would send into the ” EYE for an EYE  section of justice. but thats my view.
WHAT completely shits me to tears is dumb fuck headed comments by some…STUDENTS at that, on the TV likening us to a TERRORIST STATE…GET FUCKED, FUCK OFF and GO THE FUCK HOME THEN.
If you feel that your life is under such a threat here and our country is so bad..LEAVE. Any fuckjing muppet making statements like that needs deporting in my book. As for the Indian Minister..well shove whatever it is you want to do up your short fat arse. SANCTIONS..OK..yeah, Indian students do bring a bucket load of CASH into this denying that.
My responce..if they went down that path..
KICK THE FUCKING LOT OUT…REVOKE their fucking VISA’s and send them home. GO get your education somewhere else.
Intolerant, arrogant and misinformed bunch of fucking knob heads.
This shit has been brewing for a while..personally..
I have had enough of their shit over there.

16 thoughts on “Australia a Terrorist NATION?= INDIA..GET FKD!

  1. Hav, totally dig where you’re coming from. The Indian response to this has been completely over the top, reactionary and emotive. Perhaps our response, however, should be a little less so?

  2. The Indians are perpetual fucking whingers. Was just watching a “news item” from India on how a yank pilot was making fun for their airforce.


    You’ll see the translation as incomplete and out of context. That’s just the Indians.Their comms were fucking Russian so how ARE they supposed to communicate with allies?. Would you want the Indian airforce as part of your flight wing if you couldn’t communicate with them?. Same as getting their aircraft off the ground. They are slow, and they don’t understand the tactics of our airforces.

    How about for the non-Indian people that die here tragically every day we blame them for their deaths?. Perpetual paranoid fucking moaners who don’t understand our terminology or humour. If they don’t understand it they’ll take offense by default.

    They need Australia to for the work and money. The oldest son of the Indian family is responsible for the financial welfare of the whole family. If they’re gonna carry on like fucktards then fuck them off.

  3. Ald, I would normally agree, BUT!, 1/ I’ve had enough of this pissing and fkn moaning, 2/ don’t tell mecwhat we should do ( that’s India to us) and three, it’s the tip of the fkn spear. As India gets more powerfull just watch this sort of shit increase

  4. I think we’re all arguing around the same point. But I really struggle with reaction to issues such as these with the erection of the “fuck orf, we’re full” posters at the international airports.

  5. Albion, yeah, I do get where you are coming from with that. I wouldn’t advocate STOPPING them at all. I just get extremely pissed off when I hear dumb fuck comments of SANCTIONS or travel warnings and so forth. Sure, the Indian government is well within its rights to issue travel warnings to its own people. We do it and I cannot say they shouldn’t. BUT!, its not like we are Sierra Leone here, fact is, India has more Murders there, in fact, they have the most per capita in the whole world. More rapes as well, ahead of the US even.

    I did some surfing today on this subject. they have the dubious honor of being within the top 5 for a lot of really nasty shit. Then toss in issues of literacy or the lack of, the 40,8 percent of women who CAN read, as opposed to the 70 odd percent of males who can. haven’t even gone near the other female oppression issues, dowries and so forth. Their cast system and the likes.

    ALL that and then they go biblical at us about a murder. Ones a tragic event and thousands is a statistic..especially if its in their own country.

  6. Who’da thought it, eh? Honestly didn’t know that shit.

    By the way – your blog emails me whenever a comment is posted here… the subject line doesn’t complete fully, it just reads “Havock21’s Forwar”

    I think that’s appropriate.

  7. LOL…OK…, I was so spun up, I blew about 2 hrs today collecting all sorts of stats and surfing.. NEXT post will be a might lighter i think. Unless some other bugger fks me orf…lol

  8. Welcome to America’s world, chief. Although no Indians have seen fit to call us a ‘terrorist state’ because someone dies here-everyone knows we’re a violent bunch, anyhow.

  9. YD..LOL..yeah. Dont i fk know it. Its easier just to lay blame..even if your own country has massive fkn issues..such as INDIA!.

    Actually apart from humanitarian ones, i couldn’t give a fk about them, they can do as they please. UNTIL its about me or OZ or impacts on us..then its open fkn slather

  10. Hmm yes you’d have thought that India would have thought this through as it’s easy to point out their numerous faults
    -The caste system
    -developing nukes whilst tens of millions starve
    -destruction of the bengal tigers native habitats
    – Human rights abuses by the ton every week esp in kashmir.
    -continual secular violence

  11. I think the agenda here, boys, is one of ‘Hey Look! Australians!’
    so that the local populace don’t actually pay any attention to what the internal problems really are. Its what politicians do.

    Just curious, not trolling because I had the same thoughts as you guys the other day.
    i.e ‘India, just simmer down and find out what nasty bastard killed this poor sod before you point the finger. Until we know otherwise its another tragic senseless murder in a poorly lit park.’

    So what do you all think about all this, after those nasty FWTS set that young Indian couple’s car alight the other day?

  12. A bit late on this one but I have to agree totally. Talk about pots & kettles. AND some of the most blatantly and offensively racist people I’ve worked with were either Indisn or Japanese. It’s a bit of a lesson in life to be the one who’s so low & inferior purely by reason of birth (usually I achieve lowliness rather than having it thrust upon me).

  13. Quokka / Greybeard.

    Yeah, its kinda what really smacked me between the eyes..pot aand kettle really sums it up. I know its complex to some, but I view this as a simple thing and until we have a answer as to wether or not it WAS rascist..then call to the ” it was” are totally unfounded and DAM doesn’t it piss me off. Glad i am not aalone.

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