The end is near.

Possibly the last post for the year i guess. Well let me see.

Got some writting done and shit sorted…Tick

Thru mud at various ferals…..Tick.

Caught up with some ferals…Tick

Did as much as I should have…mmmNO!

Kept boss lady happy…..TICK

Capped that fkn RHINO BASTARD..mmmm NO!

all in all a productive year. Come the 29th of Jan my gig at the BANK expires and my contract shall not be renewed..oops..Never mind. Out in the market already and we have an interview tomorrow at 0900 hours for an operations managers position..Time will tell of course.

So we have the break period off, thats gunna involve christmas at home, then boxing day lunch with a friend who is back over from the states for a couple of weeks and possibly around Tuesday next week, slip down to mum and dads and catch up with them.

thats going to take in some fishing as well, maybe chase a few eels and then head off shore for some bigger fun, both the boys are seriously looking forward to this and so am I. Can’t say the boss lady is overjoyed at the fishing prospects..I’ll just hand her some cash and i think her and mum will be happy for the arvo.

BEER…oh hell yes, a few sherbets shall be consumed, I plan on doing some more writing as well, seeing as we have been very derilict on that front, unlike Jugger authors, we who WORK FOR A LIVING, have very few precious moments, those we do get are filled with CRICKET AND DRINKING.

Have a happy and safe Christmas all of you, drink way to god dam much, eat too much and I will see you all later on.

Best from H MAN and the HAVOCK TRIBE


12 thoughts on “The end is near.

  1. And all the best to you H, hope 2010 is bigger & better for ya, and you have a safe and merry Christmas!

  2. Have a good Christmas and all the best for 2010 (especially on the job front.)

    Don’t catch too many fish. Leave some for the professionals.


  3. Merry Christmas you righteous bastard and brother from another mother. May you and yours have a great holiday!

  4. Yeah of course, you’ll be tidying up after the kids and doing what the cook tells you , you mean!

  5. Drej, you too, I take it the little storm you had went passed with not a LOT of issue. I HOPE. Have a good one.

    Big Fella. THANKS. I’ll try and leave some..HONEST!

    Rhino..MY MAN. Cheers. BE GOOD, all the best

    CHAZ..KINDA..just fkn dont tell any bastard… Best to ya both. H

  6. Good to catch up with you a few times over the year!

    With you on the job side of things, waiting to hear back on mine STILL.

    Hope you and the family have a good chrissie and NYE, catch on the xbox once a shell out for a new Gold membership.

  7. Yeah have a good one. So long as the cook doesn’t find out anyway. And stop drinking those frou frou woofter beers with fruit in them. Cheers and merry Xmarse.

  8. As above & more so.
    Post some fish pics, unless you’re embarrased by the tidlers.
    Best wishes to the boys, your good fkn self & the worlds most patient cook.

    That friend going to the states, he’s not dropping off in Atlanta to “see a man about a dog” is he?

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