Book Review: LIQUID GOLD by James Phelan

Lachlan Fox, ex Australian Navy Clearance diver and ADFA graduate. But that’s not James Phelan is it. No it’s the central character of the series of book by James Phelan called,  Fox Hunt, Patriot Act, Blood Oil and Liquid Gold.

The fifth book in the series I believe is currently under construction by James as we speak.

I should point out here right from the start I have met James a few times and shared the pleasure of his company over a few beers as well, that’s not to say we are what you would perhaps consider great mates: rather friends I would gather.

For those who do not know him, he is a quiet un assuming gentleman, given the people he knows who I happen to know, I must say we cannot all be wrong!. Time for discussion about his book, amongst other stuff is easily discussed and I gather in authors, that’s a rare thing. I happen to know only two and the third fellow, whilst having corresponded with him I have not yet had the fortune to meet. In time Mr Flinthart we will indeed meet.

But the book, well what could I say that has not already been written by persons much better at this than I am, lots, because in my view its from a totally different perspective. Those who are aware of my scribbles and manner will be only too well versed of my penchant for, Blowing shit up and lust for the visceral level of writing. You will not find that here in Liquid Gold, although it does have its moments.

JP will take you through this journey right inside the characters head, delivering along the way sufficient plot turns not easily discerned, hell!, they are not discernable to me until they unfold and this book delivers them in sufficient quantity to keep you reading it.

Umbra Corporation…the BAD guys..well they are here once again and Lachlan Fox does battle with these and the other players you would expect to be flitting around the darker corners of the planet. Like the books excerpts suggest, its about water, but exactly WHAT and WHY takes  three quarters of the book to unfold and even then you have not really been opened to the full truth.

This one more so than its predecessors held my attention from the get go, its not to say I did not like the others, rather, its been taken to another level by JP, I guess that’s a sign of his writing evolving and the characters  further development. That’s how I see it, seasoned reviewers or authors may well find other causes. I simply think he is getting better at his craft all the time, the story shows this, I found it to be readily prevalent throughout this novel.

Another item which occurred to me as well, sitting here thinking about writing this little review was that having finished the book Liquid Gold, my first thought was ..WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE COMING OUT!.

THAT!, for mine, says more than anything to me aside from not being able to put the book down once started, that I have not only enjoyed the read, but it has engaged me and grown upon me. I’ve identified with the characters…no screaming across Ice Glaciers here, but that’s a slightly different style, good, but not quite me.

So, where to from here, well I suggest you go purchase his book, start right at the bloody beginning and immerse yourself, the gun fires and the pace builds…it’s the latter of the series where he really starts to hit his straps and this is the culmination of his work for the time being anyway.

Now all I have to do is see if we can have a little more exploding shit and disembowelment incorporated within the next compilation of prose, from Mr Phelan and I shall be as happy as a pig in shit.

GO BUY IT, its got sufficient capping and twists to keep you fixated to the finish.


9 thoughts on “Book Review: LIQUID GOLD by James Phelan

  1. It is great to read a review like this H. I am a little biased and often read the pre-edit versions that can be considerably different to the final version. So it is sometimes hard to get a clear perspective of the books and series as a whole.

    The series is aimed at the like of you and Moko, so it is good to see that it is hitting it’s target.

  2. Umbra Corporation? Oh, nice. I’ll have to look into this Phelan chappie…

    …and yes, Mr Havock. We WILL meet. But by that time, the piranha pool will be full, and the bees will be fully weaponised. Bwahahaaahahahahahaaa!

  3. MOKO..its good to hear somebody else’s thoughts..GET IT..its the best by FAR.

    NAUT..Cool. YEAH. its a good read. My only wish would be for the action scenes to be a bit longer. JP does them well, but IMHO..they are a tad short, but thats just me!.

    Flint:…….fucking hopeless…dead set, luck you are such a big fkr or you COULD.. I say COULD be in trouble!. I have friends watching plans and boats.

  4. Nice review Hav. I need to get some more Fox gear for the summer.
    I’ve read his first and will be hooking into the others. I agree with you, JP is well worth the price of admission. Not only that but he red shirted Birmo. Now that was some funny shit.

  5. Any juggerauthor willing to Mo up with the rest of us jokers must be worth the price of admission. Will track these down.

  6. Nice review H.

    Yep JP is a genuinely nice guy, but then he has SopranoGrl to keep him in line!

    I got the whole series for a mate in the UK to work through, so i’m fairly confident in JP’s ability as a writer.

  7. I read Patriot Act and Blood Oil so far and they kept me interested – I agree he could work a bit more on the action sometimes. Good luck to him though – we are just the choir of armchair critics while he is out there writing and being published.

    By the way HAVSY can we catch up for lunch before you say sayanora to the CBD?

  8. Doc..gotta agree with ya there. too. BUT, I really need to slap him around or get NAUT to and add a LOT more killing and mayhem…or maybe thats just me..

    GBOB..I will be staying in town for a bit yet, will e/mail ya

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