OK..what the ufking hell has been going on, apart from NOT posting much lately.

Well, on the work front, my contract expires at the end of JAN 2010, so we asked the question of the big bos and received a THANKS, love your work but NO THANKS. Kinda caught me short a little as I know two other senior managers have been pushing for me to be put on full time. WHO SAYS THE BIF BOSS ALWAYS LISTENS HEY!.

in light of this and wanting to exit well its been head down and  get cracking type shit. Good thing is I have three senior managers who will provide me references and the JOB hunt has started. I have my EX boss, who is a state mgr for a FM mob, coming out to see me Thursday..ref a gig…FINGERS CROSSED!.

Monsters and all are good, its school holidays..feed them a diet of Soft drink, chips and shit, toss in some cash and the big bastards are pretty happy.

BOSS LADY..well all is REALLY..I MEAN REALLY GOOD THERE..lol.. might need a holiday myself at this rate.

On the  DADA FRONT, thats my old man, well he was admitted to hospital with CHEST PAINS..and we know how that can tend to be. It turns out two arteries are blocked with calcification, all other are fine. WHY..well the docs dont know really, all other stats are good with the exception of being a tad heavy. On Friday the tried to put a stint in one artery, but due to the calcification it would not expand, so the plan was for the second artery to be done on MONDAY..but they decied at the last minute NOT to try as they figured why put him through that when the result will in all likelyhood be exactly the same.

I guess the next option which has only been skirted around is a double bypass, we should know something on the later today..which the OLD BOY hopes is the case. Still in the hospital..so he is in the right place. Time will tell, but I’m willing to be that we will have some sort of decision before the end of the week. either that or their will be OTHER blood on the floor at the hospital and I will not have been the cause.

Currently its pissing rain here..and yeah, its december!, go figure that one out.


Well apart from some research i have not laind hands on INTENSE for about the last month, which kinda shits me really, but family and work come first given its a hobby slash indulgence etc..but we will fucking well get back to it shortly thats for sure. I Spent about two hours last night Tidying up the study…AGAIN..jesus, people using t as a drop of fucking point.

NEVER put the study near the front door folks.


We have a match a fortnight ago where my side played the eldest blokes side..he didnt bowl me out or get my wicket..just a series of very good and sharp bouncers the little shit!.

other than that, the PONDO is still here, just the transmissions may be a bit blotchy for the next couple of weeks



  1. Amazing that you were able to clean the study as the same time as you were spotted on the MW2!

    Good luck on the work front and the old man. As for your eldest, you need to hook the first bouncer for 6 just to show him your still the boss!

  2. Yeah good to hear the update, hopefully the pause between work is only as along as a holiday

  3. Good luck with it all Hav.
    Hospitals suck. I hope your Dad is home and well soon.

    BTW clear something up for me, boys.
    Just read an article in the Curious Snail defining a Rhino as the male version of a cougar.
    Except a rhino is horny AND ugly.
    They had a picture of Rod Stewart in case anyone didn’t believe them.
    Apparently its the definition in the urban dictionary.

    Is this why the Cheeseburger Rhino goes by this name?

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