IT Question for our TECH savy ferals out there

OK, I have at home here a Telstra modem, 2 wire. Its a combo jobby that has Four ports at the rear ( out port)  and is also wireless.


The current set up has the main line feed into it ( seperate port) and from there we have the Four ports feeding via patch cables to the following.

One goes to the Main PC here in the study, where the Modem sits, the other three patch into a wal plate of 5 x RJ45 sockets. Those goe to FIVE locations around the house. My issue is, I need more FEED out ports, not just wireless which is a result of having a few of my sons mates over playng MW2 last night, we ran out of bloody ports.


SO the Q is, Can I plug in a router or Patch Panel of some sort into one of the Feed out ports, that then split into say another four ports, giving me 4 plus the other three. If so, what sorta blooy set up do i get, I guess it requires power, but will it require anything else.


9 thoughts on “IT Question for our TECH savy ferals out there

  1. Ok here are your options:

    1. New router with more ports
    2. Buy a hub with 4, 8 or 16 ports
    3. Buy a switch (1 gig to allow for growth in data requirements)

    All three options require power. I don’t like hubs as data is broadcast to all ports rather than the specific port like a switch. I would keep your existing router for devices local to it and then buy a 4 port switch to feed the wall plate (which is effectively a patch panel).

    Depending on your router you may need a crossover cable to link the switch to router directly. They are cheap and I have spares if you want one.

    Actually re-reading your post it sounds like you want more ports in one of the rooms. If so again you can use a switch or a hub and they are portable so just unplug it and use it in a different room. You the wall plate you probably wont need a crossover cable but you will need power. Again I would get a switch but hubs are cheaper and will do the job. They work a bit like a power board, turning one socket into many.

  2. One other thing, as switches are much smarter than hubs they allow a better and more efficient rates of data flow. I don’t know how much data xbox live uses but a switch will handle it much better.

  3. Naut’s got it in one, I run an ADSL2+ modem with four ports (three used)that then feeds into a switch (feeding the other computer desk, all in one room of course)

  4. Naut, Nabgar. Thanks.

    So if I have this right, and BTW Naut you are spot on, its mainly for gaming Multi units in the Rumpus room.

    If I run a cable from the existing Modem down to a SWITCH in the rumpus room, that is say a 6 port switch, the consoles can be connected to this. The switch will managed the data flow from down there and that way, all other ports running from the back of the modem to OTHER rooms are active still as well.

    OK..where and how much and what brand of switch should I get.

  5. Nautilus – if hubs still exist at all, it’s best to just pretend they don’t. You can get a 5 port 10/100 switch for under $40, so cost isn’t going to be an issue.

    Havock – you may or may not need a crossover cable. This depends on whether the switch can automatically detect the orientation of the signal, as many modern devices do, and adjust itself. It makes no difference whether or not the patching is via wall-ports – ethernet has straight-through wiring. Good brands are Cicso/Linksys and HP, but for your application a device by D-Link would be fine. Steer clear of “generic”.

  6. Forgot to point out – the feature to look for there is “Auto MDI/MDI-X” in the specs for the switch. I see a 16 port Linksys device at Umart for $95 –

    If you don’t get one with that feature, you need ONE of your patches to be crossed over. This means that the green and orange pairs in the cable are reversed on the pinout. They should be cheap to buy, but if you have the gear to make your own cables, see:

  7. Screw that. I have a more important question. I gotta replace my chainsaw – recommendation’s please. Gotta have a good chain and cuts bones cleanly.

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