Hey you muppets running this here gig whilst JB is in some gope god dam fkn meeting. Its took over two fkn hours this morning to have new posts put. I know this because one was mine. How about one of those tech headed muffin bellied, balding god dam puter effin wizzes in death star stupid get ya collective shit together and stop killing this bloody blog with slack arse ness. two hours is waaay waaay to fkn long and you gits know full well. People have reakk fkn had enough of this crap ya spastics.


4 thoughts on “Latest POST to SMHDEATH STAR STUPID

  1. You know what your problem is? You hold back too much. You should learn to be more assertive and speak your mind.

  2. Can’t believe this didn’t end up in the spam trap. Considering the otherwise reasonable stuff that HAS fallen into it, surely this couldn’t have been more of a red flag to the system if you’d added WOMEN WILL LOVE YOUR BULBOUS LOVE TRUNCHEON to the subject line.

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