SJS as an INTENSE Character.

I’m told that all book characters, espesh leading ones should have a side kick, in this case, I have created a 5ft 4 inch, Blonde hair, sexy figure in Aus Cam fatigues, thats Born in TEXA, rides horses, shoot prarie dogs for fun off horse back, holds a doctorate in Bio engineering ( bio warfare) from the US mil establishment.

Drinks beer and bourbon, prone to swearing like a trooper and is GOD faring as well. And the real kicker is she is not only a CAPTAIN, but JB’s Aide as well. I think I might get a new thread line to weave in, it also ties in well with another scene later on…It came to me in a flash of brilliance and fuck I think this could be seriously fkn funny


But I am wondering WHAT other traits she should have…just to balance out Colonel Birmingham of “he died with a Bagel in his hand”..fame


9 thoughts on “SJS as an INTENSE Character.

  1. Hates animals. Loves Australians. Incredibly rational and reasonable. Well regarded by all she meets. And above all, makes sense.

  2. I pissed me self doc..MAKES SENSE..GOLD..I’ll take it all on board.

    Hughesy: Jesus Fucking hell. Just when I think I have ya worked out..BAM.. um…I was thinking maybe…some sorta of really well groomed and eloquent Matron in the Hospital that all the guys are gunna end up in…or…what was the show on TV..had a D..OH..thats right. A Country Practice…lol….having a real fkn chuckle now

  3. Matron?
    Now I’m going to have to kill you, Havock.

    Perhaps I could be one of those husky enemy deep throats? You know, broadcasting a radio show to drive the troops crazy.

  4. Turns out to be Lermontov’s sister thus precluding him from illicit fraternisation. Oh yeah, she was top of the points table in the V8 Ute racing series prior to working as Birmo’s aide.

  5. Whatever you do with her, it should include the phrase ‘At last the scales fell from her eyes.’

    Optional ‘But they needed a steel brush to scrape them off her ass.’

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