INTENSE: Borneo ops HQ. (10.09.09) some more + a new Character

I have decided to put the dates up of each everybody knows whats going on..maily me. This section is the continuation of the intellectual giants discussion and the Introduction of a new female character. Its a longer piece its about 2.5k in words

See what ya think.

Both the Captain Dr Obboy and Lt Colonel Abe Barth, grabbed a chair from the pile or stacked units at the edge of the sandbags, snapping their chairs into the fold out position they plonked themselves down, all the while listening to Colonel Birmingham elaborate on the growing developments. “ gentlemen, Its like you have already been briefed, the difference with what I am about to tell you and the facts as you have them to date is that the over all implications of what is taking palace here and specifically why, are somewhat more elaborate the first appears, certainly extensively more complicated than you might imagine”.

Now that both the Colonel and Captain were seated, Colonel Birmingham decided it was time for the deep part of the briefing. All present noted however, that within 30 yards of their current position, under the shady cammo netting of the q store, were no less than four fully armed SASR Troopers, all looking decidedly serious. Not being a wilting violet, the Major decided it was time to interject.

“ Colonel Birmingham, I take it the sudden appearance of these guards has something to do with what you are about to tell us?”.

The colonel took a quick peek around and looked back at major Lermontov, “ No Major they actually don’t have squat to do with this briefing, those four troopers are four of eight who happen to rotate on 12 hour shifts, they are the body guards for both the good Doctor here and Lt Colonel Barth if you really must know, that should give you an idea just how highly prized these two gentlemen are, and it’s not for their good looks as you can see”, the whole group had a good chuckle at the Colonels last quip at both the new comers, it lightened the mood considerably within the group.

“so as I was about to say, the situation here is vastly more complicated and both these gentlemen here will expand further on what’s taking place as we progress”, waving a hand at both, they merely nodded acceptance at Colonel Birmingham’s reference to them. “What’s shifted the whole game here is the Chinese; specifically you will be aware we now have Chinese Naval infantry, Marines on the island and in two distinct formats”.

“Group A, has  been in operation in both Kalimantan and Sarawak for the last 6 months, we have also identified cells in Brunei, Colonel Barth will expand on that shortly”.

“ As you can see gentlemen, we have this slightly modified container behind us and marked around it for a distance of 10 meters are those barriers. They are not there for shits and giggles I might add, nor just security of the unit, I’ll hand over to Captain Obboy here to amplify what that overgrown shipping container actually is, Doc, if you would please”.

“Certainly Colonel”, Captain Obboy, shifted just slightly in his seat, whilst obviously not uncomfortable with the company, the heat and humidity was certainly proving to be a minor issue, unscrewing the cap of a Evian water bottle the Doctor took a long pull of the clear cold water, screwed the cap back on the empty bottle and placed it on the table.

“ gentlemen, I am not Military as you all now know, so excuse me If I screw up reference to you or your rank, its not my intention”.

“ That overgrown shipping container over there that Colonel Birmingham so eloquently referred to it as, is a state of the art weapons system, so bear with me as I walk you through just what it is and how it works, I’ll try not to send you all to sleep, although, how anybody actually sleeps in this bug infested shit hole is quite beyond me to be honest”. The colonel noticed that some small smirks crept onto the collective faces at the Doctors last remark. “ Doc, this is gods country here, people pay big bucks for this sort of adventure”’ the colonel quipped.

“ Yeah well, you can excuse me Colonel Birmingham if I don’t quite share your unbridled enthusiasm for camping, at least not where the natives can eat you, the bugs want to eat and the tourists want to kill you, so!”. Pausing slightly having now had his minor grumble the Doc surged on with hiss explanation for the weapons system.

“ The Cell, or shipping container, as you can see is almost standard, what’s visible from external assessment id the slab sided panels at the top, a full 360 degrees of panels on the external perimeter of the container”. “ The panels are an adaptation of the Israeli aerial  Vehicle defense system. Specifically they are designed to intercept incoming projectiles before the impact the cell, its an offensive, defensive weapons system to increase the survivability of the asset”.

Looking around the group, the Doc could see that all seemed to be with him so far and not bored shitless or looking on with vacant expressions on the faces, satisfied, the doctor continued.

“ Now you will all be familiar with that system or I suspect have at least heard of it, what we have done is expand the lethality envelope, in fact we have increased it by a factor of four, hence the barriers”. “The Israeli version was designed to ensure that troops in close proximity were not killed by the vehicles defensive measures, given we planned and have installed these in hostile environments and not with troops as protection, that was not a factor, it allowed us to create a significantly larger bubble, and place more offensive projectiles on the cell”.

“This unit, which is typical of the system, could sustain an attack by over 100 hundred projectiles, it has a small millimeter wave radar in operation, ESM system operating and will also detect laser designation, not you average shipping container gentlemen”.

“ Any questions so far?” Looking around, the doctors only received a series of head shakes, stopping at Colonel Birmingham the Doctor waited.

“ All good so far doctor, please do go on”, the Colonel instructed.

“ Okay then, now within the cell, we have a bank of 12, extended range SM6 Surface to air missiles, what you cannot see on top from here are the individual blow off panels for each cell”.

“But that’s not all, the cell is hardened, in that I mean it will stop a 30mm round from penetrating if it gets passed the Echidna projectile defense system,..thats what we have named it anyway”.

“I take it you have already been told the basic of what it’s designed to do”, The doc looked across to RSM Mick Harris.

“ Yes Captain, Major Lermontov is aware, we were discussing just before your arrival”. The doctor nodded his head slightly, “ Fine then, I wont bore you with all those details then, suffice to say, when we match this baby to the JORN Over the Horizon Backscatter radar system, plus any other radar coverage such as Wedge tail or land based systems, we can loft a SAM at any designated target within the envelope. That cell also has anti intrusion explosive installed with, should it receive a direct hit, or somebody starts cutting in, it first sends out a burst transmission and then self destructs”.

“Now believe me, when this baby self destructs, I mean, this camp will be gone with it, very fucking little left in a 100 meter radius”.

The Doctor was staring at the RSM now, “ RSM, could I Bot one of those from you please”, indicating with his finger at the packet of smokes and lighter on the table.

“ Sure, no trouble”, the RSM grabbed the packet of smokes and lighter, tossing both at the Doctor or Captain of who ever the hell he was he thought.

“ Cheers”, fishing out a smoke and lighting up the Doctor continued on through the blue carcinogenic haze.

“ So that’s the basics of the SAM6 Missile system, fully portable, self protecting and we can deploy it anywhere via air, we mainly utilize choppers but are also looking at a large rock shaped design for employment into arid areas, most likely the middle east. It’s got fuel cells which derive their power via solar panels on the roof, so…any questions yet?”.

As the Colonel Birmingham suspected, it came from Major Lermontov, “ Yes Doctor, I do, just how many of these cells of Sam’s do we have in theatre and where?, I’m willing to bet also, its not the sole reason this gathering has been convened either, nor the tie into the SOSUS system, these cell’s are just part of the defensive measures employed to ensure the system short term survivability if I am not mistaken”.

The Doctor looked at the other new base arrival, “ Colonel Barth, I think we have now ventured into your realm, floors yours”, with that, the Doc leaned back in his chair and sucked back some more on his durrie.

Lt Colonel Barth was failing badly at hiding his displeasure at being in the mere vicinity of these smokers Colonel Birmingham could see, but if the Colonel was unwilling to speak up on the issue he would just have to suffer it out JB thought.

Taking his hat of his head to expose a shinny bald melon, Lt Colonel Bath wiped the sweat streaming down from his head and face, ‘certainly been in a good paddock, would have made a good butcher I reckon’, Lermontov though. Finished  with wiping away his perspiration the Intelligence Colonel went all serious. “ Gentlemen, everything I tell you from this point forward is classified, and I mean higher than you can ever imagine, not for distribution in any format or anyway what so ever to foreign nationals or domestic contacts unless duly authorized by myself or Colonel Birmingham, I wont bother with all the other bull shit that goes with that, just make sure you don’t fuck up and let this out”.

“ Now before I get asked Majo,r you will be given details on what you can and cannot brief your troops, we will get to that later on”.

Reaching down to his brief case sitting beside him, Colonel Barth opened up the side flap on the very expensive leather case and extracted two manila folders, placing both on the makeshift table after moving aside the temporary ashtray, he opened up the first folder to reveal two over head photo graphs of Borneo.

Placing his index finger on the central part of the overhead, the Major explained,” here gentlemen, just inside the Kalimantan Border is out current base”, tracing his finger down in a easterly direction to the edge of the map, “ and Here is the SOSUS intel station, both bases are Sam6 euiped, both currently have a small, 4 man security detachment as well, you will note the intel base is approximately half way between Tarakan and Tanjungredeb, on the point of that isolated mountain range”.

“Over here”, his hand ventured back up and across the map to the flatter southern section of Sarawak, “ is where we believe that the Spec ops chopper Bundy Zero Zero was shot down, that by Indonesian Hinds operating out of their base at Samarinda”.

Noting that everybody was fully dialed into what he was delivering Colonel Barth continued, “ Our Jump off base for re-supply to both here and other destination around the island is just over the border in Malay territory, they suspect we have other things going on, but really don’t care at this point, if things start to go south…well that could change rapidly”.

“To assist with keeping this as covert as possible we have been utilizing RAAF C130’s out of Darwin and Butterworth for re-supply”. “ Intelligence that we have gathered tells us, that the Indonesians and the Chinese are aware of the Malaysian base, which is a pity, what’s come to light more recently was we noticed the Chinese reaction to certain moves was a little to swift, it’s a good bet we have a leak inside our embassy over here, and we are working on that as we speak”.

“Recent signit info from the septics has been very enlightening, the Chinese are making a move on the Island in conjunction with Indonesia”, we’ve already seen PLAN advisers operating and training Kopassus SF units and now we are seeing indication of main force units receiving training and equipment as well”.

“ Gentlemen, this is not an isolated move on gathering up this island and its resources…….its much, much bigger than that. Two months ago one of our Collins class sub’s tracked a PLAN SSK, kilo class boat to the entrance of the Malacca strait where the boat stopped, dispatched a submersible and conducted what we think was assessment of the undersea cables”.

“ is anybody here aware just what communication cables happen to transit the Malacca straight, let along what transits it on top of the water”, casting a quick glance around, the intelligence colonel continued, “ well for a start, all land line based communication to south east Asia from the mid east, then to Japan and Korea and from there it all runs across the pacific. Cut or control those cables and apart from intelligence you would gather, the severing will have a global impact. Trade running on the surface is immense as well and we will all be fully aware just what sort of impact that would have”.

Abe Barth sat back in his chair to give the meetings members time to gather their thoughts and digest just what he had enlightened them with.

Whilst they were all pondering the latest intelligence info, Colonel Birmingham turned towards the operation tent where he had just heard his name called out by somebody, there!, coming towards him was his Aide. Looking up as well at the sound of the Bosses name being called out, all the assembled members thought the exact same thing,

‘Dam that’s a fine looking piece of kit’. Each of the assembled officers and the RSM were indeed looking at a striking beauty, the Aus Cam clothing did nothing to conceal the shapely figure, toned and the tied up blonde hair of Lt Colonels Birmingham’s Aide, Captain Jane Simpleton, know around these parts as Sweet Jane. Mind you all knew full well, she was quite capable of kicking you in the balls should the situation present itself and warrant it..


3 thoughts on “INTENSE: Borneo ops HQ. (10.09.09) some more + a new Character

  1. Nice work again H. I must say, that these conversational pieces flow better (IMO) than the last Rhino action piece. SJS is a stroke of genius – look out for blue on blue!

  2. Lerm, cheers maate. This one felt much much better, getting into the grove on the scene and characters I guess. You are right, the last felt very un co and i need to work on that hard!.

    I pissed myself laughing when the SJS thought came to me, I needed something to break up the scene with the four characters before progressing on. I guess she gets to be the side kick of JB’s of sorts.

    Its funny, because I have plans for Birmingham later on and this now adds the perfect element and cause..should go down rather well i suspect.

  3. If your Simpleton character starts babbling incoherently and screwing up the storyline, I’m coming down there with a ball bat and you’re getting a beatdown.

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