A Scare..just a little..At this point

Sitting here thisafternoon, when all of a sudden I had chest pain. I mean..depp in the cest, just off centre to right peck, burn a fucking hole through to your shoulder, radiate out to your fucking right arm and up the side og the back of you fucking neck PAIN. Try and stretch out and it got worse, breath deep and it got worse, went to the cook and she fucking well laughed and all but said cowboy the fuck up.


So we wandered around for a bit..sorta concerned, but not really, the it changed and jumped to about 6 outta fucking 10. AT THAT POINT, I fucking googled HEART ATTCAK SYMPTOMS and hoped on the Nat Heart foundation web sight..concerend..yeah..you might say that.


I figured also that two two egg and lettuce sangars I scoffed could be giving me the fuckload of heart burn…denial folks..thats what i was putting it down too anyways..no need for fkn panick stations just yet..this is after all FUCKING HAVOCK we are talking about.


So swanning up to the cook she suggested apart from some more concrete and to perhaps harden the fuck up, I take some mylanta. YEAH GREAT FUCKING IDEA..we aint got any. So of she wanders and about 1 minute laters rolls back with a bottle spanky new..well I’ll be fucked ithought..well..anyways. SO a dose of that and 15 minutes later, things habve not improved, actuall I had in that time drove down to the railway station to pick up the youngest bloke and things got worse..much fucking worse.


But the tiem i got back in the front door the first thing I said was…MICHELLE!..and got no answer, I then sent the young fella to the neighbours to check if the bosswas there and not long after they both arrived back.


Into the car and ZOOM to the doctors.


So, chest pain..man dont they get you in fucking fast with THAT PHRASE. ECG wires hooked up to me out the wazooo and they think all is good, blood pressure ok, pulse rate ok, take some blood and send it of, we will know what the fuck is going on tonight. Doc thinks it might also be a deep muscle strain..well fuck me..its gotta be deep, thing is i would like to know which fucking muscle..cos the whole fucking right siode is fucked.


Now here is where it gets interesting..a few years back I got cleaned up by a MACK FUCKING TRUCK whilst sitting still at a set of lights..about 80 he hit me and they had to cut me out of the BRAND FUCKING NEW…3 months old VS dunny door. The short versuion is it fucked myshoulder and its really never been right since. Its been sore lately from the odd burst of bowling like fucking len pascoe in the nest and thats not good.


But a mate tonight asked a question..YOU BEEN COUGHING LATELY?..um…yeah, big deep motherfuckers that kill me…


He mentioned I could have done it with that and the fact that yesterday arvo I belted a heap of big fucking posts into the ground with the sledge hammer..could be a contributing factor as well. Either way..I rather a muscle strain that a fucking heart issue and we gotta wait till the test come back later this evening. But fuck me..It can kinda put the breeze up ya backside for a bit…thats for fucking sure..like all blokes I guess, it was in the back of the mind, but there was no way in fucking hell I was even going suggest a heart issue.


Moral… DON’T BE A DUMB FUCK..zap to the DOC and they will check it out.


20 thoughts on “A Scare..just a little..At this point

  1. I hope that it turns out to be shoulder rather than heart related. Good call on getting to the Doc (perhaps not as fast as one should have done!). But, it is tough as guys to actually believe that these things can happen to us. Fingers crossed for you and I hope the results are the best that one could wish for. What a bloody birthday present!


  2. Lerm…yeah..good birthday gift hey..fucking hell. but you are right..the Macho shit needs to go in the fucking BIN at first sign..not an hour later..lol.. I suspect its all good and muscle..but ya just never bloody well know

  3. There goes my theory, I figured Havock could be powered by something as simple as a heart! I had assumed some kind of nuclear job.

  4. Yeah good that it turned out well, but bloody hell I hope the cook’s bucked her ideas up. If that was a heart attack – and you know well they’re all the same symptoms, down to the shooting pains through the arms – you’d be dead. Maybe time to kick the gaspers there H?

  5. Hope the results are in your favour. All the best H.

    And Happy Birthday! Have a good day and I trust you will get all you wish for.

  6. cheers guys. Just had the missus get back from the Doc’s..all good its not fkn heart related. just a deep tissue muscle issue. I suspect peck and maybe shoulder blade somewhere, given the fucking apin shit coming from that area.

    But all is good. DOC, MOKO..yeah gaspers are out the fucking window.

    Thanks Al…13 /11/68 fkn wicked year, date, and The legends live on.

    Naut..I’m all fkn heart…..lol

  7. Yeah RODGER THAT Bangar…got the black heart fluttering somewhat, thats for fkn sure

  8. Yep, mention ‘chest pain’ and they get you in double quick!

    Jays, man. That sounds scary! Take it easy for a few days. Hope a muscle strain is all it ends up being. If your enzymes all look OK, that’s a good sign.

    Take care, chief!

  9. Yah big wuss!! you probably pulled a few muscles after you upchucked at the station the other night!!

    Seriously though glad you’re ok..ish

  10. Jen..Scare you..hell what about ME!..lol. Thanks

    YD..Hell yes.. Blood tests were all good thank god.

    CHAZ..big cup of concrete needed.

    Turns out that due to some underlying muscle..tenderness, which BTW is because we tend to go so hard at everything and LEAD from the front, that it was prolly a result of the Deep coughing and maybe a minor assistance from extra ordinary activities, I reckon I might need to get the cook to shed a couple of pounds..just to help out a little.

    So all is good, apart from being sore as shit, take plenty of drugs and pain killers. Coach suggested last night I might want to sit out this weeks cricket match..Like bloody hell..I’m playing, even if it requires a packet of pain killers.

    Cheers all, some got in early BTW and I love that..dates are not really a stress ITEM, but dont forget..the 13th is MY FKN BIRTHDAY..woohoo….41 mmmm. I have matured rather well with age, like a brilliant wine.

  11. H – Glad it wasn’t heart related.

    Similar thing happened to me in the late 80’s. Only problem was I was stuck in a site on the east coast of Borneo a zillion miles from hospital. Scared the shit out of me at the time. Turned out it was food poisoning.

    Look out for yourself (giving up fags is a first step).


  12. Chaz..thank effin hell she doesnt’…

    Ausgaz.. me too just quietly..Borneo hey!..I better whatch what i am doing ….Intense wize..

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