INTENSE: New Contact ..Bundy Zero Zero

THE CLEARING New Contact ..Bundy Zero Zero


Cat struggled to help Rhino up off the ground, “ For fuck sakes ya big heap, Gimmea some help will ya”, Cat felt Rhinos body stiffen slightly as the big 130 kg pilot pushed out with his legs, “ that’s better”, still struggling to help maintain the big fella’s balance Cat wrapped an arm around his waist as he pulled Rhinos left arm over his shoulder.


“ Mate, we’re getting you into a weight loss program when we get back….fucking hell”, cat continued to struggle with the sheer bulk of rhino, Seeing that he was not going to be able to grab some weapons and hold Rhino up at the same time, Cat opted to try and prop the big bloke up. “ You still with me Rhino?”,.. cat asked trying to keep the big fella from going into shock, he was rewarded with a mere grunt , a couple of seconds passed and rhino followed it up , “Yeah” was all Rhino he weekly managed. Cat gave him another squeeze and heave at the same time, sensing another outburst from rhino Cat decided to get in first, “ stop ya sooking will ya” as Cat tried to re position himself again… “awww Jesus this fucking  hurts, how about being a little more fucking careful ”, Rhino was really struggling Cat thought.


Cat spun rhino around so he was pointing at the closest tree, “ I’m gunna prop ya against the tree whilst I grab some gear from these guys here”,  Cat continued to try and manipulate Rhinos sheer bulk, “can ya stand against the tree?”.

It didn’t matter whether Rhino could stand or thought, he had to leave him for a minute whilst he scavenged what weapons and ammo he could, he just didn’t relish the task of having to get Rhino up of the ground a second time around.

“ Cat”.., Rhino’s call was weak, Cat could see he was in a great deal of pain and trying to hide it, “ Yeah mate, what’s up”.


“I’ll be fine, just get me to the fucking tree will ya, before you kill me”.

“ Sure, ………you sure ya not gunna pass out or fall over,  co’s I’ll fucking leave ya if ya hit the ground ya big git”. Rhino had a small chuckle and immediately winced with pain, “If ya make me laugh again, I’ll fucking kill ya myself, then fall over, come on..hurry up”. Cat and Rhino shuffled across the 10 yards to the base of the teak tree, slowly shimmying his way around Rhino’s girth, Cat laid the big fella back against the tree as gently as he possibly could. Had cat been an engineer, he would have known that his mass, being significantly less than Rhino’s was going to result in the Big chopper pilot dragging him towards both him and the tree as Rhino stopped with a thump against it’s trunk. “ AAAWWWW FUCK ME!”, Rhino sucked in a large lung full of air and roughly expelled it, “ For fuck sakes…try and do it slowly next time”.


‘oops’ Cat thought, “ well that didn’t go according to plan I guess, so shut the fuck up and be quiet for a minute…ya gunna be okay, I’ll grab some gear”, Cat slowly backed away from Rhino, Arms extended as if he would grab the big fella should he start to fall to the side. “ Yeah I’m fine, fuck off and get the quick though”.


“Copy that Boss”. Cat spun around and turned on the red filtered flash light he had extracted from a pouch, quickly scanning the ground he found what he was looking for, ‘Bingo’, There laying in front of him was the Chinese Marine. Reaching down and grabbing his weapon, cat roughly searched the dead infantryman, extracting spare magazines and his water bottle as well, “ Just gunna have a quick peek about Rhino, wont be long”, with that, Cat turned off the flash light and disappeared into the darkness.


Rhino might have been half out of it, but he heard the sound, like an oooof as an object was struck, somewhere out in the darkness….’fuck what was that’, Rhino suspected something bad had happened, all his instincts were screaming at him, but he had no alternative but to remain where he was for the moment. Reaching down to extract his pistol sharp spasms of pain shot through his body, stifling any moans he continued with his good arm to reach around to his holster, he felt……nothing, the holster was empty, ‘oh Shit!’, he dropped it in his head long tackle of the Chinese marine and hadn’t had a chance, given his state to retrieve it.

‘Shit, think Rhino me boy,’, Rhino’s headlong dash through his options was cut short, for

‘ there’ just in his vision he could make out man sized objects looming at him.

‘ shit.. ‘more Chinese marines, that’s it I guess’, Rhino felt sure that Cat had been killed now, it was mere moments before it was his turn, surely the Marines would not let him live.


Rhino was trying to focus on the approaching troops, but everything was starting to go dark, yet he continued to strain to stand up, ‘Focus,…keep looking at the fuckers’, Rhino didn’t know it, but his blood loss was starting to impair his vision, slowly, ever so slowly Rhino’s body sank to the ground as his vision completely grayed out from blood loss.


Rhino’s last vision was of what seemed like an Asian face, slowly reaching down to him as the others seemed to just stare at him, dark shadowy figures….’fuck you all’ Rhino thought. ‘ We gave… it… a… good…. shot’, then……..darkness.


5 thoughts on “INTENSE: New Contact ..Bundy Zero Zero

  1. Hurry up and finish this bit! I want to know what happens! Nice digs at Rhino too!

  2. Fortunately, Rhino, with his last vestige of strength, reached for the can of spinach he always kept in his suit pocket. He summoned all of his strength, squeezed the container open, and swallowed the slimy green vegetation.

    Instantly, Rhino felt his strength and vitality return, first to normal, and then more. Much more. He leaped up, surprising the Chinese marines, and flexed his biceps, which grew biceps of their own. Out of nowhere, the strains of ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’ played as Rhino’s fists flew like propellers on a Corsair! He plowed through the hapless Chinese column like corn through the digestive system.

    Next, he leaped into the middle of the Indonesian gun line, tying the tubes of two mortars into a knot, and pummeling the TNI soldiers into submission, saving the lives of everyone in the Allied team!

    Cheers of ‘Hooray’ and ‘Our hero’ arose from the weary troops. Rhino stood on a rock, chest jutting out, fists on hips. He struck a heroic pose. Then he spoke:

    I’m strong to the finish
    When I eats me spinach
    I’m Rhino the Chopper Man!

    Then he blew two notes from his pipe.


    Oh. Sorry. Wasn’t supposed to let everyone know how this story ends.

    Seriously, still good! Keep it up!

  3.’m getting there..fkn slowly I might add

    YD..wicked..effin brilliant.
    Drej: Cheers..thanks..wasn’t sure how it would fell to the reader.

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