INTENSE: MORE, Borneo Ops HQ. JB, Lerm,Abe,Doc & Mick

I’m feeling rather good, its been a productive day today on all fronts, but more so writing. this feels good this scene, I think it flows , possibly one of the better ones..lets see what you think anyways. About to write the next lot of this scene as well. I’m actually looking forward to having Four players IN the scene. It will either work or I will fk it up royally.



Forward Op Base. Borneo HQ


Major Lermontov and the SASR RSM Mick Harris were seated under the cammo netting, covering the entrance to the Q store for the forward operating base. The soldier now striding up to them could see from the distance they were deep in an animated discussion, ‘ well, looks like our young commander is being filled in I guess’ Lt Colonel Birmingham thought to himself. Strolling up to the sandbags entrance, Lt Colonel Birmingham could see that neither Major Lermontov, or his currently highly animated RSM, Mick Harris had noticed his arrival.


“Gentlemen”, with that small announcement, both me immediately stopped their discourse and stood bolt upright, “ As you were, no Mickey mouse around here”, waving his arm, both the Major and RSM relaxed significantly. “ Take a seat, I take it  RSM that you have been enlightening our good Major here on what we have planned for him and no doubt….why!”. Pulling up a chair at the small ammo crate constructed table, the Colonel sat down, “ Please, take a seat lads”.

Looking straight at the RSM as he sat down Lt Colonel Birmingham nodded at the RSM “ Continue please RSM”.


“Sir, as I was just explaining to the Major here, developments on the island have taken on a decided turn for the worse”. Nodding only, the Colonel indicated for Mick to continue.


“ We were just starting to clarify the exact nature of why we were, or I should are on this little island, the Major here has seen through the cover story, although it is in part true”, fixing his glare on the Major Mick wanted to ensure that Lerm was understanding he had not feed him a complete load of shit. “ So I guess I’ll hand the briefing over to you Colonel”. With that, Mick sat back in the metal army folding chair, fishing through his pants pockets one at a time until he found his smokes.


Colonel Birmingham had not been promoted through the ranks based on a couple of short stories and some published books, it was his penchant for the dangerous assignments and majoring in International relations, plus the application consummate skill of that hard gained knowledge, that had ensured his promotion. The key component, which had allowed him entry into the SASR aside from surviving the entrance course was his leadership ability, once again it was on display now in this small setting as he worked the two other players. “ Major, the RSM here has told you, for the most part the truth, that’s based solely on what he was instructed he could and could not do, by my orders”. Major Lermontov merely nodded. “ Major, what you have not yet been told, is that the SOSUS grid, is fully operational and given the sensitive nature of the equipment on shore we also installed both here”, Colonel Birmingham turn slightly and pointed at a cammo netted olive drab green shipping containing, sitting all by itself in a small clearing, but 100m away, “ and two additional units of those containers at each site……plus a few other locations which at this point in time I am not allowed to tell you where they are”, the Colonel just raised his eyebrows at the last statement. “ So I guess the next question is wht are they?, well, they are a fully self contained SAM6 missile system, capable of being launched and guided to within 10 kilometers of the target, at which point the onboard radar activates. Fully remote, self sustained and under Satellite control”.


The Colonel leaned back in his chair and looked across at the RSM, who had almost finished his smoke, leaning forward again, the Colonel extended his right arm towards the RSM, knowing fully well what the Colonel was looking for RSM Mick Harris, fished his packet of smokes and Zippo from his thigh pocket and slapped them into the Colonels extended hand. “ Cheers RSM”. Colonel Birmingham could see the gears working flat out in the Majors head as he light up, taking in a big lungful of cigarette smoke, the Colonel exhaled, “ So Major, your thoughts”.

Major Lermontov, had only just recently given up smoking, the sight of both the RSM and Colonel puffing away, was being a minor distraction, he felt sure those little nicotine receptors were at this very moment jumping up and down inside his head at the sight of this pair choofing merrily away. “ Colonel, that’s all well a good, I understand the need for security, but the fact remains, we have violated the sovereign territory of another country, placed units in harms way to defend those illegal assets and now about to deploy a whole company to extract those units as they are in the shit so to speak”. Leaning forward towards his two discussion partners as he now thought of them, the Major pressed on, he figured it was a fairly frank and reasonably open discussion. “ Just one thing puzzles me….Why are the Chinese involved?, what there gain here, it’s a LP, sure it allows us to track any boats in transit and yeah, its based on land, but its not THEIR! Land, that’s what I don’t yet understand”.  Colonel Birmingham could clearly see that Major Lermontov was at a slight loss as to exactly why, to be brutally honest, the Major didn’t yet have all the facts, ‘ time to put the boy out of his misery’ Birmingham thought.


Standing upright, the Colonels rapid movements shocked his two fellow officers, Colonel Birmingham, proceeded to quickly tap the top of his head whilst looking back over towards a group of diggers and officers standing at the exit to the command tent. He’d just signaled ‘ ON ME’, to somebody over there.


Intrigued and still a little exasperated, the Major decided to once again to push on,

“ Colonel, I take it, there are some very black pieces to this puzzle that  I’m not yet aware of, hell!, some I guess I will never be aware, what I would like to know before deploying my troops is the whole threat we face…..not just some off it  Sir”.

The Major hoped he had delivered the statement clearly, but not crossed over towards insubordination, god knows he new full well that either the RSM or the Colonel would tear him a new one..and he figured it would be ugly either way.

Casting a glance over to the front of the Operation Tent, Major Lermontov could see that two figures had broken away from the knot of troops still milling around the entrance, ‘interesting’ thought Michael, the two that were heading their way, were not both military, one bloke, although in Aus Cams, was clearly not military, certainly not army given the scruffy red beard adoring his face.


Shuffling in his seat back to face the Major, the Colonel spoke, “ Major, these two gentlemen now coming over to join us, will in due course, explain the intricacies of this operation and just exactly what we are playing with, the level of intelligence and equipment information you are about to become privy to far exceeds that which you have ever been exposed to before, it also goes without saying that if you utter one fucking word of this without my permission to anybody, I will ensure that you never see sunlight without a barbwire fenced view ….are we clear on this?”.

‘Fuck me’ thought Michael, the Colonel had just switched gears and jumped straight to 6th, no fucking around what so ever, “ Clear Sir, crystal clear”.


“ Good then”, Colonel Birmingham then turned to great his new guests, as he then he set about introducing everybody.

“ Gentlemen, If I may, these two gentlemen are Lt Colonel Abe Bath Div Intelligence, well Div Intelligence will do, we all know he has a blacker background than that, and this is Dr David Obboy gents he has been assigned the rank of Captain for this mission”,  Waving his hand Colonel Birmingham indicated to the two new arrivals to take a seat, “ gentlemen, have a pew where you can find one”.


3 thoughts on “INTENSE: MORE, Borneo Ops HQ. JB, Lerm,Abe,Doc & Mick

  1. This one flows pretty nicely – but I still wanna know what happens to the Rhino!

  2. fuck first Lerm gets his majority, then Dr Y gets made a captaincy? Whole army’s going to the dogs!!

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