INTENSE: More of THE HILL. ( Tues ) & Mud Maps + 600 word extention as well

I have included some of me SANDBOX maps to assist..just in case people are having troublefollowing.

Section 1 & 2. deployment under Fire

Section 1 & 2 Deployment under fire

Murph was hunkered down in a shallow depression, quickly he extracted his topo map from its plastic camo cover and crouched over the map, just a very faint glow of red emitted from the dark bundle as Murph had turned on the red filtered flash light to check the surrounding features.

“ Nat, try raise Sierra one on the radio, tell’em our position and find out where they are”, Murph continued back with checking the map whilst Natalia went about trying to raise Sierra one .

Farther down the feature, Section two was still copping hell from the Indonesian suppressive fire. Alan heard Snowman come up on the net,

“ Murph its Snow, what do you want me to do with these approaching enemy?”, Slightly exasperated, Murph looked up slightly, spasmodic rounds were cascading over the hill, the odd tracer round having ignited wafting passed followed by the passing buzz if close enough, it made Murph keep his head down. ‘Fuck, this suppressive fire’, Murph thought, it was keeping them not only pinned, but not allowing them freedom of action, ‘ we need to take back the advantage’ Murph whispered to nobody in particular.


“ Barnes!”, Murph had inadvertently screamed into the mike, he hoped he didn’t sound rattled, ‘that s the last thing we need’. “Barnes, pull out from your position and set up to the right of Snowman, when that assault group gets to 40 meters I want you Natalia and Snow to open up with everything you have, pop smoke and then form back up on me, 10 or 15 seconds of fire, then outta there clear?”.

Murph thought he had the basis of a plan. ‘If we could delay the assault force long enough, we might, just might be able to assault the front left flank of the gun line’. Not exactly the smartest thing to do, but the last thing those gunners would be expecting Murph hoped. “ Rodger that boss”, Barnes was up and sprinting across the hill, still below the hill 615’s crest, his movement was free of any danger.

“ 2 Section, be warned, we are going to open up on the Indonesian assault group on your right flank, then pull back to your left flank and assault forward to the left edge of that gun line, I want you guys to remain in place and put down all the fire you can when I give the word, copy that all Al”, Alan was changing a mag out, as Murph came up on the net, explaining their plan, “ Rodger that Murph”.

Ramming home the new magazine, Alan to a quick peek left and right, then started to crawl forward to his new position he had selected at the end of the log, ‘ right ya fuckers time for some return fire’. “ Murph, its Natalia, I cant raise Sierra one on the radio and they must be just outta range of the Personal com sets, I’ll keep trying”. “ Copy That Nat, let me know soonest as you have them, Snow, how close are those assault troops now”. ‘Fuck this is getting tight’ thought Murph, placing his M16 across hiss lap he extracted his drink bottle and took a long pull, cold water flowing down his throat, amongst all the dust from the fire felt good, “ mmm’, Placing the canteen back, he rolled over .

 “ Murph, the assault groups at least 20, they seem to be forming up, can’t be much longer before they start their attack”. Grunting with the low crawl effort, Murph toggled his com set “ Copy Snow, stand by, as soon as they start moving , open up and call it out”. Murph proceeded to crawl, to the pinnacle of hill 615, rounds were starting to get closer, the nearer he got to the top of the hill. “ Fuck me, they’ve got some fire power down there’, “Alan, status of Section 2”. Alan had found a gap in the 150 year old teak trees trunk and placed his Minimi in the left side of the gap, as Murph called he was extracting his SR25 sniper rifle from his back,

“ 2 Section report”.

Section 1 assault plan on Gun Line

“ I got a box and 100 rounds left Al, after that I’m down to throwing rocks and the 9mm”, YD let another short burst go which Al heard over the mike, “Copy that YD, stay loose, conserve ammo” ‘ Fuck this I getting thin now’ Alan thought, “ well not much we can do… “Oh shit”, the light bulb went off in Alan’s head. “ Simon, how’s Flinthart going, I want you to see if he has a mini pouch and ammo on him, then scarper over to YD”. ‘Jesus, I should have thought of that sooner’, Alan was shaking his head, mistakes like he had just made could be the difference between life and death…”rookie mistake, fuck me’.

Alan pulled the stock of the Sniper rifle in close and switched on the night scope exhaling slightly as he started panning , ‘ok ya fuckers, gimme a look at ya’.

Suddenly Alan noticed a bright series of flashes, followed by more muzzle flashes and then the sound of the explosions he realized were in his visions wafted over him…’grenades….what the fucking hell’.  He was about to call Murph when Snowy came up on the net.

“ Contact right flank, 20 plus TNI engaging” and Snowy let loose a long burst of 50 odd rounds. Natalia,  and Barnes opened up as well, rounds stitching trails through the jungle as they sped towards the assaulting TNI infantry.  Alan could here the gun of Snowman’s open up , followed immediately by Natalie’s steyr, Barnes was carrying his Silenced MP5, which he had no doubt was dealing out death to the approaching infantry as well. Mixed in with the rifle and machine gun fire were the distinct explosions of the 40mm grenade launcher “ fuck Nats chugging them out” he exclaimed to nobody in particular.

Another series of explosions and a slackening of the incoming machine gun fire drew Alan’s attention back to his front, “ What the fucks going on”, Toggling his mike Alan called over the net,” Section 2, anybody see whats going on to our front”.

Simon came up on the radio, “ Negative Alan, got nothing here, just seeing flashes intermittently”, “ Negative here also Al, gunfire from the left has ceased, I’m switching to the right side for suppressive fire”. Alan paused, something just wasn’t right, surely the TNI gun line was not pulling out, or had somebody screwed up with some explosives. He expected the whole line to remain in place, perhaps even attempt a flanking assault themselves, thereby finishing off the envelopment of the position from both sides, “ classic pincer movement from a base of fire’, but that’s not right”, Alan still had his doubts.

“OH SHIT!, 2 SECTION CEASE FIRE! CEASE FIRE!, Friendly’s  to our front, ID Your Targets”. Alan had screamed the orders as loud as he could, ‘Jesus fucking wept, I’ll bet my arse its Sierra one’.

Safeing the Sniper rifle Alan shimmied back away from his firing position and slung the weapon over his shoulder, picking up the minimi, he re chambered another round and flicked off the safety, taking a quick peek over the weapon and satisfied all was in order, he laid back down in his position and scanned the surrounding Jungle, rifle fire and other machine gun bursts were still taking place intermittently across their front, THE FIGHT WAS ON!.

Alan was horrified, from his left YD let another burst go across the front into the Indonesian gun line, “ CEASE FIRE! YD,  its Sierra one I think in the Indonesian gun line”, just then Al’s head set came to life again.

“ Check fire Check fire for fuck sakes, its Sierra one, stop fucking shooting ya muppets, we’ve cleaned out the gun line, I need fucking help over here”. 



11 thoughts on “INTENSE: More of THE HILL. ( Tues ) & Mud Maps + 600 word extention as well

  1. Yes, the maps do help.

    Looks like you’ve sighted us on high ground-good. And it appears you have both sections where they can mutually support each other if necessary. This should work. Of course I’m for some air support if it’s available to keep the TNI elements’ heads down.

  2. LERM:…YEAH..I hope they like..UP CLOSE AND air spt…NUP..not unless sea gulls count

    DOC..LOL…DAM.. thats a character..maybe..SJS for ya

  3. Thats what I reckon Therbs… me.. I would NOT do such as thing….maybe..quokka would be a good match

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