INTENSE. The HILL Continued.Burger One One, Contact front.

Right, so its taken me a bit to get back to the HILL scene of Burger one one, Murph and his band of Merry SASR Troopers but we finally have. Below is a SHORT recap on the last scene an then the new scene. You will notice that Flintahrt has been replaced with snowman ( AW ) in the repeated scene. Thats becuse I noticed I had screwed up and put Dirk in the wrong BAD. So the recap is 800 words long with just Flinthart nd Snaowman being switched over.


As Snowman, slowly crouched down, he started to consciously try and slow his breathing, the quick descent down the hill, had yielded no additional targets, that didn’t stop his body from winding itself up into a tight coil, adrenalin coursing through his blood stream, pupils dilated behind his NVG’s, as they had almost marched, that’s the pace they were at he thought, down the hill through the assaulting Indonesian patrol. “Offensive defence” he thought, “nothing like fucking with the other sides plans”, as a smile crept across his face, Barnes and Nat had already dispatched additional troopers, but on his end of the line, all had been clear.


What now slowed Snowman up was a slight thickening of the terrain to his immediate front, he scanned from left to right, farther left, he could make out Murph and ever so faintly Natalia, but Barnes was simply too far away for the NVG’s to make him out. Cradling his minimi as quietly as he could, Snowy  slowly lifted up the NVG’s.  Just as he had suspected, the light was increasing, ever so slightly. He pulled back the sleeve of his shirt and rolled forward his combat gloves to expose the luminescent dial of his watch, 0615 hours, that explained it he thought to himself.


Snowy rose upright, ” Well me boy, lets see what’s  on he other side of this little thicket shall we”,  stepping off with slow  fluid movements, almost wraith like Snowman slowly picked his way forward, disappearing into the dense lower canopy. This section was a series of small mounds, over a millennia during which trees, mosses, bracken an various plant species had established them sleeves, the terrain was not only slippery and thick, but undulating, almost like a gold field diggings, he thought to himself, just cover in god dam leech infested, mosquito swarming, trip you up shit.


Still scanning the terrain, but now without his NVG’s Snowman’s and the rest of the teams head sets came to life, it was Murph, ” Section one, when you hit the rail, move right down the path and rally on me “. Murph had already hit he trail Snowy thought and no further contact was a good sign. Snowman climbed up the last small rise, pushing gently aside the ferns and stepped onto the trail very edge, crouching down and then scanning immediately left he could see Natalia and Barnes, swiftly moving towards him, Signalling them with a thumbs up Nat reciprocated turning right he started heading for Murph, guessing he was around the bend in the track, some 30 odd yards down.


” Hmm, nice toosh” Natalia whispered over the coms net, Snowman grinned, as he extended his arm up and placed his fist on to of his head, his middle finger extended, ” Now don’t be like that”, Natalia whispered in her huskiest voice, ” least I didn’t say anything about not being able to see that second head, or the stump”. Nat had now closed the distance to Snowman, down to roughly 20 feet, sufficient for the close terrain, but not to close, that in an ambush they would both be a one burst target. Snowman Froze, slowly, ever so slowly he started crouching whilst he moved to the right side of the trail. Well he thought, “on the map, it was denoted as a little used trail, in all reality, it was more an animal run, one of many paths well worn by the various inhabitants of the jungle, their own little version of a freeway, sept devoid of fucking tolls, I guess”.


Snowys actions had a ripple effect; Natalia immediately did the same as Snowy only heading to the left of the trail, whilst Barnes as tail end Charlie went right, turning at the same time to cover their vulnerable rear.


Snowman slowly turned back, facing Nat, he raised his finger to his lips, and then gave her the thumps. Natalia nodded and then stared in shock disbelief as he signalled her again, two fingers pointing down, doing a walking motion, followed by pointing these digits at his eyes. Okay she thought, he’s going for a look at something, but Murph should be around here somewhere, very close at least. If Snowy had spotted any TNI he would have signalled that he had seen the enemy, this however was most unusual, what followed, completely blew her away. Snowy then signalled her to remain in place, she was about to ask why, when she remembered he had signalled her to be quiet. ” hope to fuck ya know what you’re doing” she thought.


Snowman slowly brought his NVG’s to back down an flipped them on, the target was no more than about 25 yards in front of him and as far as he could tell, alone and oblivious to his presence, he, it appeared to be talking into a hand held radio of some sort, but he figured this was a close as he could get without being detected. Turning of his NVG’s, Snowy raised the saw and peered through the night scope, stunned, he lowered it back own almost immediately. ” fuck me, Murph?, what the fucks going on ” he thought. Raising the minimi again he tried to focus back in on what Murph was doing, suddenly he could make out the device, it was a hand held Sat phone and whilst talking to someone, Murph was also scanning the jungle, occasionally looking back up the trail towards Snowman.


Snowman was dumbfounded, this was so far outside of normal operational parameters it was not funny and more the point, ” Who the fuck is he talking too”, he thought.


The Hill: Burger one one, contact front


The nights darkness  Alan could see, was now ever so slightly giving way to the approaching dawn, visibility for the camouflaged members of Burger two was on the improve, although this negated their night vision advantage, Alan felt sure they would be hit shortly. 2 section commanded by Sgt Alan Weaving was still tense, the assault by Murphs team down into the valley on their right flank had ended with Murphs ‘all clear’ call and ‘rally on me’ to that sections members. Mercifully Alan thought they had taken no casualties in the assault.


‘Right, better check on the troops’, slowly rolling onto his side Alan adjusted himself and gave the family jewels a reset, “fucking jungle rot I bet’ he said to no one in particular, the itching had come back with a vengeance over the last 12 hours. Toggling his throat mike Alan called the other members of Burger 2.


“2 section Burgers,  status check”, slowly  rolling back prone Alan looked out into the surrounding jungle, silently hoping the Indonesians or who ever else it was who’s scouts they had killed , held off any assault a little longer, ‘ At least till 1 section is back in palace on the fucking hill’ he muttered..


2 section was spread across the southern slop of the hill almost in line abreast with Alan on the far right flank. From Alan’s position moving Left he had placed Dirk Flinthart and his minimi on the left of a small knoll, from Dirk, the next member was Simon Bedak with his suppressed MP5 and on the end of the Line was YD, John Christ or YD which saved a lot of shit, he had their second gun, another minimi MG as well.


Alan figured this distribution was probably the best given the terrain. Slowly the three other team members chimed in, just a series of ‘Rodger, clear here Al”  replies came filtering back to Alan’s ears over his head set.


Al, was starting to wish Murphs team were already back on the ridge line behind them, until section 1 was in place, 2 section had zero arse end coverage, it was not  making Alan all warm and fuzzy, worse still, he thought they should already have vacated this hill  and be in concealment at another location. ‘This could get ugly..real fast me boy ‘ he thought.


2 sections world was shattered at approximately 0615 hours, machine guns opened across their whole front in the weak pre dawn light. “ Contact front……… 5 guns, 150 out, pinned down”, Simon screamed over his throat mike amidst all the falling debris and ear shattering gunfire.


Alan was hunkered down behind 150 years worth of teak, which was a blessing, the suppressive or offensive fire coming into 2 sections area was a sheer blizzard of rounds, Bark, ferns, dirt, moss and any item impacted by the big 7.62 millimetre rounds was being obliterated and tossed into the air.


 Struggling to hear Simons call of the enemy contact and numbers Alan had to roar into his throat mike,  “ Murph, 1 section is taking suppressive fire from our front, 5 guns plus, 150 out, pinned and unable to return effective fire,…….. no causalities at this point”. Rolling right as he released his throat mike Alan grabbed two fragmentation  grenades from his front pouches, extracting the pins in succession his tossed them over the log  screaming , “ Grenades out” immediately  tucking his body back down, hugging the earth for the blast effects he new were about to assault him.



The two frag grenades detonated with a massive blast, mere seconds apart, the incoming rounds did not stop, the blast had been short of its target, it was more for any sneakers creeping up and to provide some cover of sorts visually. Popping up Alan loosened of several rounds, to his left, farther along their line, over the din of the battle Alan could here both Dirks and Yd’s minimi’s barking out rounds as they sought to wrest control of the assault away from the attackers. 


“ Shit”, Alans bolt had locked open, the mag was empty, he reached in and extracted another mag, removing the empty magazine, then rammed home the fresh one and snapped the bolt forward… “Gimmea a look at ya”, scanning the area for muzzle flashes another burst from a MG opened up. Alan lined up the spot where the muzzle flashes had been and depressed the trigger, two three round burst and then rolled right, just as a stream of tracer torn up the dead tree to his front.


“ Section 2, this is one status over”, Alan called Murph, whilst crawling towards his new position at the end of the log. Murph came up on the net, panting somewhat Alan could tell, “ 2, this is one, almost at the top of the hill, give us 2 minutes then break contact back towards us Al”.


Al stuck his briefly up for a quick peek, his team was still alive, all the guys were firing and then shifting position slightly so as to not present a stationery target, but their luck couldn’t hold for ever. The volume of fire had not slacked he could see, withdrawing back up hill, with this many rounds simply wasn’t as option.


Between popping up and firing a short burst and crawling Alan was trying to work out what in the hell they were going to do, then YD came up on the net, “ Al, I got movement on the flank, looks like an assault team trying to form up and flank me, there’re pinned for moment, but I’ve only got two boxes left for the mini”. Alan grimaced, “ Rodger that YD, stay put and try conserve your ammo”,


“ Murph, were in deep shit here, no way we can back out from our positions without taking significant casualties over”. Just then Alan noticed that Dirk was shifting firing positions, the big fella had grabbed his minimi in his right paw and was getting up from his prone position  when he was hit, Alan watched in horror as the round or rounds spun Dirk clockwise and backwards, the minimi discharging in his had until he flopped backwards on  the ground screaming.


Before he consciously knew it, Alan was up and sprinting for Dirks position “ 1 this is two, I have a man down, GUN Down, its Flinthart”. Alan was concerned ….not just because one of his troopers was hit, the loss of a gun at this stage of the fight could have dire consequences. Sliding to a halt and rolling Alan could see Dirk writhing on the ground as he fought to extract a shell dressing from the webbing harness. Grabbing Dirks Minimi Alan let loose a long burst, then ducked down again, “ Bedak, get up here and tend to Dirk whist I keep the gun in action”, popping back up Alan didn’t wait for Simons reply, they needed to keep fire being returned onto the enemy gun line.

“ Rodger that Al, on my way”, Simons suppressed MP5 was of little use at present, ducking and weaving amongst the bullets, some tracer rounds, Simon, crawled, jumped and gyrated his way across the bullet strewn jungle floor to Alan and Dirks firing position.


“2 Section, if ya got smoke pop it now out front”, it was the only move Alan could think of, which may ease the rate of incoming fire onto their positions. Grabbing a WP grenade from his webbing pouch, Alan pulled the pin and tossed the phosphorous grenade as far as he could, several seconds later he heard a muffled whump as the charge detonated and the deadly white Phos spread itself out over the jungle floor, he was disappointed there was no screams.


Taking a quick peep across his line he could see yellow and red smoke starting to spread across 2 sections front, ‘ OK’ he thought, “ lets see how that effects them”.

Turning around Alan had heard Simon crawl into their little position, “ How’s he look”,


Simon rolled Dirk onto his back, before passing out, he had managed to put in place  a dressing on the entry wound in his shoulder. Looking up at Alan, Simon continued plucking a dressing from his own webbing, “ Its bad Al, I can feel the exit wound in the back, its gone through, but the holes bigger than it outta be, I thinks its hit the shoulder blade, we fucking need to de arse here fast”, Rolling Dirk back onto his stomach, Simon torn open the dressing and stuffed it onto the exit wound, blood was coming out, but not fast enough to suggest a major artery had been severed.


“ He’ll live Al, but not if we don’t get him some serious medical attention soon”, half laying so as to not unnecessarily expose himself to the fire still coming in, Simon started bandaging Dirks shoulder up, hoping the dressings would stay in place.


Without looking back Alan continued firing short bursts, “ Rodger that Simon, get ready to move, we’ll shift left I think, covers better that way, I suppress and you move, stand by”.


“ Fuck this is turning to shit real fast’ Alan thought, “ Ok get ready Simon, GO!”, with that Alan popped back up and let loose several long bursts from the minimi, stitching his return fire in long sweeps back and forth in line with the incoming fire. Several rounds Alan noticed, buzzed passed his head, their passing marked by the angry wasp like snarl  of the round, instant death, or worse still, maimed for life Alan thought.


Ceasing the suppressive fire Alan crouched back down and looked left, he could see Simon had also gone to ground in a small depression some 50 yards away, almost back at his own original fire position. ‘Thank fuck for that’ thought Alan, ‘last thing I need now is another casualty’.


Alan was wondering what the hell was taking One section so god dam fucking going when Murph came up on the radio, “ 2 this is 1, where’re in place, rear is secure Al, Guns on the outer flank, your right side, you want suppressive fire from Snowman you  Call it?”.


Alan thought about that, the additional gun opening up, further up the hill just might give the Assault force out front pause, and allow them to break contact’. “ 2 section status check”, Alan wanted to keep close tabs on the guys, it also let them know he was also still in the fight, but their welfare was his primary concern.


The fire from the Indonesian gun line was slackening somewhat, just enough Alan could detect it, lord knows the volume of fire they had been receiving would have consumed vast amounts of ammo, it occurred to Al then, ‘Isn’t no normal fucking patrol we’ve bumped into’, with that conclusion reached he contacted Murph again. “ 1 this is 2, this isn’t no normal patrol we have out front, ….Fuck!” Alan ducked as an RPG round detonated some 20 yards to his front showering him with debris, “ its got to be far far larger, they must have an assault force forming up Murph”.


Just then the balance of the team called in again, all was going well….except for their ammo situation, YD was down to five round bursts just to try and conserve ammo, but nobody else had been hit …..yet!. Then the situation just got a whole lot more complicated for Sgt Murphy and his two sections of SASR troopers.


“ Murph”, it was Snowman on the radio, “ I’ve got thermal images, at least 20 enemy  troops coming at me , they look like the assault force, spread over 50 meters or so, ETA 5 minutes or less”.


“ Burger One One, this is Sierra 1,  I say again, Burger one one, this is Sierra one are you receiving me over”. That radio cal was heard by all of Section one and two members including Murph, although it was great that Sierra one was still alive, or Murph it just presented another distraction from what was rapidly a turning to shit situation.



8 thoughts on “INTENSE. The HILL Continued.Burger One One, Contact front.

  1. Thought you’d lost it a bt by having Al chucking frags at a target 150 meters away, but no all good.

  2. When does YD meet his gooey and rather inglorious demise? C’mon, man!

    Good stuff there, chief!

  3. Where’s my gooey and rather inglorious demise? C’mon, man!

    The story’s fleshing out a bit. Not too shabby!

  4. that’s exactly how I remembered it all happening. Perfectly scribed Herr Havock

  5. This is a really hoot.

    but to paraphrase Shakespeare in love: Barnes he has a great scene and of goodly length but then he disappears for the length of a bible.

    Just kidding, really enjoying it.

  6. CHAZ..LOL. I was wondering if anybody would go..WTF..OH..HANG ON..okay then. Sweet.

    YD: IN TIME..IN TIME. Glad its reading as fleshing out..thats been the real part of the exercise, ytring to give it body…i guess

    Simon:…GOOD…knew i could count on you, you better be up to carrying his screaming and cursing arse outt there i think

    FKNBARNESM: lol..sweet…more to follow shortly..

    OH and the next lot will contain some more maps to help the reader. Actually that comes to mind..have people been able to follow the scenes, I know some of this has taken a while…BUT HAVE I LOST THE READER?

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