INTENSE cont: Woomera pt2.

“ I take it Doctor we have now concluded the fluffy stuff”, there was not a hint of sarcasm in the Majors voice, it did however convey a certain exasperation and stopped Doctor Obboy in his tracks.


“ I gather Major, that the dispersal of the scientists at this point of proceedings does not meet with your approval or timetable I’ll wager,……….. If I might add as well, whether or not it does, I do not really give a tinkers fucking cuss”. Now rather animated, much to the Majors surprise, the Doctor took another step towards Major Frellman, standing fully erect against the wall, his features totally benign. “ And I might add Major, these are MY FUCKING PEOPLE!, for the last 12 months the schedule here and security has been pure fucking hell, the product validation test we just conducted has exceeded all our collective expectations and Canberra’s as well I would guess”. Stopping the Doctor looked as if he was about to direct another spray at Major Frellman but checked himself, clasping his hand in front of his coat, the Doctor continued on.


“ Major, this team here are the brightest minds we have in DSTO and other fields relating to the project, you, the ADF now has a validated missile system, the likes of which is not replicated anywhere else in the world, capabilities that other countries would literally kill for and all done in the black and under budget I might also add”


Drawing breath again, the Doctor pressed on, “ So if I choose to let them disperse for the remainder of the afternoon and get smashed or run around about in the sun doing fucking god knows what, that’s MY DESCISION, not yours or any other bastards, so!, I’ll ask the question again, is there any issues?”. The Doctor folded his arms across his chest in a very theatrical Fuck You gesture too the major, standing quietly awaiting a response.


Major Frellman looked at the Doctor, then pulled back his left sleeve to check the time on his watch before looking back up at his Project Director. “ Doc, I have no issue with how you run your shop, or for that matter the exercising of your authority to allow your troops some down time”. Staring intently at the doctor the Major could see that his blood pressure was just starting to climb, given the colouration of the docs cheeks, ‘ time I diffused this I think’, Abe thought , “ Look Doc, I’m not here to rain on your parade, yourself and the whole team have done a stellar job , in a time frame Canberra thought was highly unlikely”, casting a quick glance around the room the Major pushed on. “ But there are larger infinitely more complex forces at play with this project………..and you’re part of it”.


That got the Directors attention, Abe’s delivery and soothing words had taken all the heat out of the director’s demeanour and Abe was glad, the Director had proven himself to be a very capable operator in both his eyes and that of the establishment as well. Somewhat more at ease now the Director had unfolded his arms and placed his hands in the lab coat pockets, once again slightly exposing the T shirt underneath. Major Frellman Chuckled, “Look Doc, if you’re going to go anywhere, that CCR shit needs some updating, for fuck sake, at least get a T  with Fergie or even Silver chair on it, you’re showing your age”.


Dr Obboy broke out into a large grin, he knew the shot for what it was and was inwardly thankful the ……..situations tension had now all but  evaporated, “ Right!, Silver chair hey, not fucking likely sport, So tell me Major, just …what! Is going on, that I am not yet aware of”.


 The Director shifted his stance and now stood beside the Intelligence Major, both leaning against the dull white washed walls of the communications bunker, watching the final two scientists gather up their notes and gear, before heading out the large steel blast doors.


Major Frellman turned towards the director once more, “ Whilst you guys have been perfecting the software and what not here, the DSTO with some other assistance has been constructing the platforms, I should say, refining the platforms from which we can shoot the new SAM’s, not only that, but also the nodes themselves”. Abe could see he had the Directors undivided attention, the nod confirmed this, so the Major pressed on. “ We have, situated on Borneo two Intelligence stations, one is for the receipt of SOSUS data from the northern arrays we installed at selected sea transit choke points, which you are aware of, that station, via Microwave link, sends all the data to a receipt and transmission node further inland, specifically inland in INDONESIAN territory”. The response from the Director on hearing this was swift. “ You fucking what!”…shaking his head as he started to pace now in front of Abe, he could see the Docs head whirring. Abe let him go and quietly waited.


“ Who’s the dumb fucking git, that decided that was a cracker of an idea, Jesus!, if the Indonesians find out , they will be pissed”.


 “They have already..we think” Abe replied in a monotone flat delivery.


“ So let me guess”, the Doc’s mind was working over drive. “ Now that you have activated SOSUS, which BTW was only to happen in high threat periods and you think its been discovered, you want to deploy the SM6, I gather that this NODE you have is significant, because the telemetry data it will need to send back and forth is not CB radio transmissions, so somebody has deployed a valuable asset that’s worth significant cash, let alone the intelligence coupe the Indonesians’ will garner if they sized it, just how far inland and how big Major?”.

Major Frellman now stood up straight, off the wall, taking another glance at the steel blast doors he proceeded straight over to them and closed both, satisfied now they were out of ear shot of others, he strode back over to the Director.


“ Doc, the array in the Lombok straight is at the northern and Southern ends which you are aware of, the undersea cable now runs from the Northern array in a North Westerly direction into the Celebes sea and to a small gathering station set 1 k inland, in Kalimantan” the Director stiffened at that bit of news and looked like he was about to interrupt the Major. “ The post there has a microwave link to the main spine of ranges running north south through Borneo, the data receiving station is approximately 35 kilometres in side Kalimantan itself….yes!, its in Indonesian territory as well. Its fully self contained, we have a method for delivering supplies and so forth, plus we have a forward operating base established on the Malaysian side of the range and special forces troops”.


Abe could see that the Director was absorbing this and hadn’t yet popped a gasket, which surprised him, as he had fully expected the Scientists to go off his nut, certainly a display of more emotion than was present. Calmly, the director walked over to the nearest console and pulled out its operator chair, spinning the chair around he said down. The signs Abe thought were still good at this point, the Director was scratching and running his fingers through his rather un-kept red beard, ‘if you would call the scruffy growth, a beard that is’, Abe thought.


“ Okay Major, that all makes perfect sense, not the deployment into another countries interior without their permission, but the infrastructure as you have so far pointed out, I take it, given the detection you are thinking about deployment of SAM6 to the base or bases?”.


‘Jackpot’, Abe thought, ‘he’s on board’, “ Actually yes……..and no, we do want to deploy SAM6 active units, but it’s the collection and transmission unit which we plan to install at the main base inside Kalimantan”. “The units or bang boxes themselves are slated for remote deployment to various other locations, your colleagues in DSTO have come up with a fully self contained unit inside a highly modified shipping cell. Its sealed, self powered and able to be air deployed, activation is via an encoded RF signal, a lot like the captor sea bed mines really, dormant and not emitting until we tell it too”.


7 thoughts on “INTENSE cont: Woomera pt2.

  1. H

    I am in awe at your ( and everyone of JBs peoples ) writings. I very much hang out for the rest of this story.

    Muchly apprecieted.


  2. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

  3. DOC.. I laughed me arse off. I’m gunna say it came to me in a moment of Brilliance…BUT NOT. I was…putting me characters together and using Lit Licence..OK….um. Thats my excuse anyways…and I have no doubt GET SQUARE..will surface…

    AUSGAZ…thank you, I’m an amateur, but by Jesus there are some crackers out there.

    Lerm…SHALL DO..its plotted out, that scene is a minor variation which I had pencilled in and will integrate fully, she needed some more PLOT and webby weaving I thought.

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