HOW many & what composition in THE TEAM!

OK, I gotta put together a special ops cell for a down the track project, but the problem I need to address shortly is just how many persons should I have in this cell / team. I mean a Commander is a must and so is a HOT CHICK, but do I have 8, ten or 12 team members. I was thinking 8, that lets them be split into elements of 4, but 12 gives me a COVERT on shore type team of four as well. Kinda  the geeky, money tracking, tech wizard and procurement specialist, plus the other 8. Or is that too bloody large.


Do I go with two snipers, 2 gunners ( MG”S), explosives, comms and the likes, heading down that well trodden path. Or do we toss in a… fucked if I know to be honest. So I figured I might toss open the question and see what other have to say if they want too.


9 thoughts on “HOW many & what composition in THE TEAM!

  1. I think 2 elements of four. IIRC, American ODAs work in four-person units (I could be wrong, though). I think 12 is too many points of view for a small-unit action. As a practical matter, 12 or more people is pretty large logistically for a quiet op.

    Actually, I pity the fool who wouldn’t have a team of four:

  2. 12 is too many to characterise properly I’d have thought. YDog’s point is a good one, four is a natural fit for a team, so two teams of four and make ’em as multitasking as possible?

  3. I think these days they would tailor the team from a pool of specialists that have worked and trained together and select the numbers and skills specific to the job.

  4. I think whatever size team you choose you need a tall, handsome, muscular gentleman that is a tech expert, has awesome survival skills, Olympic level athletism and is an all-round killing machine. You could call him Tony.

  5. You cell shouldn’t be bigger than 5, of which one is the contact. Now you could have two linked cells working on different facets of the mission.

    cross training obviously important but if you have two cells I don’ty think you’d have more than 1 sniper 1 support between the two. comms/survillence specialists v. imp, plus at least one insertion specialist. Oh and one demo spec.

  6. YD..kinda right,m I think 12 is too many, the team should b THE H TEAM I reckon, history really does need to be re written…

    Doc..yeah..I was kinda ….ah fuck, who dreaming i guess, but I’m not sold yet.

    Barnes..I’m gunna have too..there is a reason

    NAUT..tall dark and good looking and…fucking hell been staring at a picture of me or WHAT!…lol

    Lerm..5…thats raised some interesting Q,s. I like round numbers, for the mutual pairing off, having said that, two teams of 5..wellll…

    Chaz..yeah, thats looking at it from a diff angle and one i had not. two cells of 5, gives me tow operatives plus the shooters…no bad for a westralian…sorta fella at all.

    OK. The question is WHY. Well, I have already gotten way ahead of myself here and started thinking about what comes after INTENSE. The crew LEFT OVER, thats, NOT KILLED OFF will form the TEAM or TEAMS for stage 2. I have still to bring all the characters out and some new ADF elements pop in, commanded bt the MAJOR LERM.

    So I guess unless you want me to kill you off ya had all better be nice.

  7. 4-5 no more other wise it looks too busy..

    Splitting 4-5 up in 2-3 vehicles is always a good idea. just having 2 teams in 1 vehicle sounds a bit like puttin the chicks in one basket.

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