where are we at!.

where are we at, well thats a good question, I’m going to leave out the 1.5 hour train trip home tonight, thats the EPIC fucking debacle of V/Line. Quite possible i would blow off the relief valve altogether.


What we did get to do on the train home tonight was some more planning on INTENSE. Thats detailed chapter planning going forward, like we have never, never done before. Usually its a rough, very rough outline and the ending has always been a …SORTA thing in my head. Well I have scrapped what was the previous ending. I’ve nutted out the BIBLICAL event, a couple of minor stoushes, some behind the scenes items as well and managed to drag political elements within the countries into the mix as well. That should help meld the whole thing together.

Better still, by the time we do the final scenes and I have a fair idea how they are to go, it will still leave the door open to expand it further, I’m really thinking waaay to far ahead for a beginner, but I would suspect our TEAM, will venture much farther afield yet..well more than just their ending.


it came to me on the train…..OFF THE RESERVATION..and to do that you need a great big fucking catalyst to make people do it!…I’m happy, its the most forethought I have done,I’ve been told by umpteeen people to do it, but busting it up now and planning has made fkn great sense and help fuckloads….AGAIN..a lesson learnt the hard way and noted after ya have done it.



Oh and before I completely forget, I got a piece of advice from JP the other week, thats James Phelan for those who don’t know and that fella would be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR, ya know, Blood Oil, Fox Hunt and so on. JP, writes on say Thursday, lets say two chapters. Then when he starts again Friday, the first thing he does is review the two chptrs or whatever had been written, does some editing and continues on. makes sense hey…well for the uninitiated IT FKN does not occur to you, unless you are gifted of course. THATS, HANG ON!, lets back up some. I wish to fuck I had known that at the very start!. Anyways. Props to JP and Naut for the exercise we did, and catching up and the banter.


6 thoughts on “where are we at!.

  1. Iranian nuke sparked off in the port of Israel on a ship. 3,000,000 dead. No one’s done that yet.

    Yeah, if an author is gonna give advice; take it. Good job.

  2. Excellent, though I hope the plot device to get the team OFF THE RESERVATION has nothing to do with V line. That would be wrong.

  3. Mm. Famously, Frederick Forsyth (Day of the Jackal) did his writing on a farm somewhere in the English countryside. He wrote in pencil, on yellow legal-size paper. He’d get up, have brekky, then spend the morning editing yesterday’s stuff. Then lunch — and then the afternoon and evening working on the new material.

    It’s not a bad way to handle it.

  4. Repeated polishing is the go, if you’ve got the time. Write it, leave it for a bit as you move onto something else, go back and reread it, refine it, add or subtract bits of dialogue, make sure it makes sense in a continuity aspect – ie you’ve said all the things you need to say to make stuff later on make sense) as well as minor stuff to keep consistency throughout, like was the Cat wearing pink frilly knickers on his head for luck under his flight helmet or floral print ones as you’ve said later on.

    And of course rereading the last chapter or so puts you back into the right mindset to continue writing the tale.

  5. Moko: um..Israel is a little outside the books geography…by a smidgeon i think. But authors advice..mmm, yeah.

    CHZ..does JP EVAR look like he is under deadline…mm…NUP!..lol

    Barnesm. MAAAAATE.OH how I would love to blow the FK outta a V-line train and …MANAGER

    Flint: Mate, hope all is well down sth. F Forsyth. I didnt know?.

    DOC..spot on.

    Its one thing we have very slowly picked up on. What works for one person does not necessarily work for others. Unless thy write standing on their head, wat an author tells you is well worth trying, because you know it wrks!. Not a given for you, but until you try, you don’t know.

    I’m willing to wager everybody is different, that goes without saying, its what gets the job done.

    Funnily enough, what has also happened, is that we have found the train to be a bitch to write full structured sections or chapters on, for numerous reasons. But what the train had proved to be a boon for is plotting out into para’s the structure. I did possibly another 10 or so scene outlines tonight on the train. That points me in the right direction when i start. I know WHAT THE FK i need to do, and don’t tend to aimlessly wander all over the fkn place. I figure we have about 6-8 more scenes to rough out this way for the ending.

    What its also done is break up the work type as well, a new lease of life in it is..which I’m FKN STOAKED ABOUT TOO!.

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