PRC Internal insurgents?, Hmmm CHINA could be interesting.

Tonight, I was sitting on the front porch savouring a lippie and thinking!. Yep, THINKING!. and before we get the deluge of smart arse comments, ya can get get EFFED ya bunch of ferals.

BUT!, MR BIRMINGHAMS little post on Indo and the possible capping of the most wanted feral, when matched with my readings of FIASCO, the very beautiful dissection of the complete fuck up of the US occupation of IRAQ started the mind spinning over. At first is was simply, what are similarities of the terror issues within Indonesia and IRAQ, yes there are some, but the majority of issues are different.


Insurgency in IRAQ is in a place with little infrastructure, widespread population dissent and an influx of of external money for the terrorists or INSURGENTS.  THERE ARE THE THREE KEYS. Money, a base from which to recruit and the creation of that BASE! due to a lack of political direction.


Indonesia is different for all those reasons I have mentioned. BUT THEN, i started to think about CHINA. Recent unrest, I mean, LARGE scale unrest and a base of peoples wanting not just reasonable living conditions, but another base of younger people who want more political and social freedoms well. THERE, right there is the beginning, then layer on top a violent crackdown. that starts to push otherwise undecided people into the former camps, adding a recruitment base, with this, comes some funds. Not massive funds I will grant you, but non the less, more money, but more importantly MORE PEOPLE.


THEN I thought, who would stand to benefit from this more so than just the poor bastards stuck there, THE U.S, hell maybe even a lot of other countries, certainly in the longer term, if you remove the trade issue with CHINA. What about TAIWAN?

Is there a point where external countries would consider lending support to internal dissents with the PRC, how and in what form is the question?.

Something I shall ponder over the coming days, I think an idea is forming here, not sure where it will go.


12 thoughts on “PRC Internal insurgents?, Hmmm CHINA could be interesting.

  1. China has a lot of different cultures, tribes, and ethnic groups in it-it is a big place, after all-and I’m sure not all of them are always pleased with the Imperial pronouncements and distribution of wealth and power. I suppose any split could be picked at and caused to create problems. It could be done in the US as well, I reckon, and in Australia (less so, probably).

    A good thought-and I’m sure some bright fellow in a government office has come up with some similar thoughts as well.

  2. I think before it’s ripe for happening you need a significant percentage of patrons to be angry enough to sacrifice themselves for the greater cause.

    Like YDog mentioned there’s lots of different cultures within China that’ll need to cooperate with each other in order for them to be able to make a dint against the Army. I reckon you’d probably need the starve the Army out of existence as well. I think many would fight in the Army just for a bed and food. Money would be second priority…possibly.

    Hard nuts to crack psychologically too. A life time of propaganda and fear is a great motivator for the loyalists and a great suppressant for the masses. You’d need to convince them – on a spiritual level – that dying for an ideal is greater than anything.

    Possibly you’d just about need the regime broken before anyone will spark off against them, internally.

  3. These days its difficult to see countries encouraging dissidents in somewhere like China. More likely to go at it in weaker countries as per how the Sovs used to operate. A common tactic is to get disaffected youth attracted to your cause, make them seem like cool rebel types and then use them as your shock troops. Worked for the left for a while and the beardy nutters are experts at it, going further as to offering the excited teenagers access to virgins for eternity.
    China’s diversity is an issue as is its nuclear stockpile. What will happen to those when China falls apart?

  4. Seems like a smart move for Taiwan, I heard it posited today that in ten to twenty years China would “trade” the USA’s debt for Taiwan. I don’t know how doable it would be, but merely the US removing support for Taiwan would surely help the PRC deal with the issue a lot easier.

  5. Ahh, stuff it. On second thought’s let loose the warring dogs of insurrection!

  6. Can’t see it happening until the PRC really starts to be a near term threat.

    Also although there are many minorities they all are less populous than the Han majority (to the best of my knowledge).

    In the case of police states there has to be a cause celebre that can break down the barriers of fear. The Uighers are getting close but in the end basic racism (and internal travel ristrictions) limits the abuility of popular resistance groups to opperate in the PRC.

    it’s only if the Han majority gets enough independent thinkers that the threat to the CCP’s hegemony really starts. the issue here is that the majority like getting more money and are more than willing to by into a racist nationalistic culture that the CCP are using instead of Maosism these days.

    The only way there is likely to be big changes is large scale unemploymeent or a major scandal. But we should be careful what we wish for as a fractured Middle Kingdom could costs us all alot of money…

  7. Interesting thoughts guys. What about India and those other little countries sitting beside them. What if say TAIWAN INvested in those other states!.

  8. LERM, THERBS..I REALLLLLLY LIKE YA THINKING. CHAZ MAN , as usual a very thinky piece. good shit. YD, BANGAR, hmm, pondering stuff as well.

    I am heartened to see the feralistic continues but is somewhat tempered with thinking here abouts.

  9. OH and I forgot the MOKO, see as he is pissin and I wonder if spiritual will manifest itself in general freedom, especially when abuses get more coverage as access to information grows. THERE HAPPY

  10. Ecstatic. lol Yeah, I dunno. The shit’s gonna hit the fan eventually, no fear about that. They have a HUGE military, but is it too huge to be practical?.

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