WE HAVE A WINNER….at last!

Its been a very interesting couple of months, I guess more so over the last six weeks or so. Yeah, i have not posted for a while, mainly thats because the head hasn’t exactly been in the right place, some of it is because we have ben doing odd jobs and the balance, well who really fucking knows. No depression shite here, I’m gunna call it a case of the wobbles, being out of work, short on funds and all that oh so great shit that comes along with it generally i guess.

The up side was we missed three jobs over the last two months by a bee’s dick and I mean that, so fucking close it was not funny, just no cigar as they say. Then this last one came up, First interview went well, second went really well and we were once again down to the last two men standing of which I was one. The jobs a little left I guess, working for a director of engineering, sifting through the audits and what the findings were, ensuring the findings are implemented. Looking for gaps in the procedures and essentially getting his over flow. This will get great exposure, but unlike most of my previous positions it will essentially be desk bound in the CBD, its six months contract with a six months extension at the end if they have work and like me.  SHOULD BE INTERESTING I GUESS.


What else, well in the background we have decided that we want to do an electrical apprenticeships, luckily there is a sparky here , thats willing to put me on at 50K PA, but I need to generate some business to help that salary first. So rather than doing that and letting them bill get the better of us and the boss lady working 24/7 Its definitely take the city job which I did today when it was formally offered.

So now the game plan is to spend the six months getting back into the land of liquidity on the home front and also generating sufficient work to take up the sparky gig. WHY. Well its only four years at the end of which I can stay on and in all probability become a partner ( his words) or strike out on my own, its up to me. So I must say, although there might be a certain amount of trepidation with the looming commencement of the new job, its tackle it like all thing, boots n all and take no fucking prisoners.


Another bonus is i just might be able to pester the fuck out of Barnes and GBOB in town for the odd lunch, maybe even have some curry and try to feralise them fellas a little bit more as well.

And the end though, I’m just fucking glad we have found some work, can’t wait till the first pay packet lands.


25 thoughts on “WE HAVE A WINNER….at last!

  1. Really good news Havock, hope you and the family will have a small celebration in honour, and one big sigh of relief.

    Again, Congrats.

  2. Oh Havock. You have made my fucking Monday. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Congratulations!!!! I know you must feel like you’ve just survived a war–take a deep breath, relax and let yourself enjoy it. You have earned this. You are awesome. You are SPARTA!!!!!


  3. All right, chief!!! Kinda figured that’s why you were off the air.

    Sounds like these new opportunities should work out OK for you. A lot of times temp jobs end up being permanent. But the electrical appreticeship is promising. There are a lot of electricians out there-not so many competent ones, though.

  4. My man … welcome back to that island of liquidity! Awesome news! I think this is where I’m supposed to say “good on ya” like an Aussie wannabe.

  5. Great news H.

    Still believe you want to get your PM ticket though

    have a tinny of Emu on me!!

  6. Congratulations – I think we will have to have s pecial lunch in honour of you – extra chilli all around. Actually maybe a steak sanga somewhere? When do you start?

  7. FAN-FRELLING-TASTIC. Great news H on both fronts, I’ll happily welcome you to the ranks of the wire jerkers.

  8. Goooood news, man. Go for it! And a plan to take up electrickery as well? Rock and roll!

  9. Heya Havock that is great news. Congrats! Must be a weight off your mind.

    We moved back into Casa Quokka last week after a lengthier stay away than planned for the building work – part of which involved getting the entire house rewired because the guy who rewired it ten years ago for us F*cked it all up. And here I was wondering why appliances kept shorting out and we’ve had to replace two pool pumps in 6 years. And to think I blamed the brush turkeys (they scratched the shit out of the wiring on one, the mongrels).

    There’s a lot to be said for being self employed and up here in Qld its really hard to get a tradesman – much less one who knows what he is doing. Good for you. And good to hear from you. When I got home and checked the internet last week I wondered where you were…oh…tradesman stuff up of the week…was wondering why my phones were dead for the last two months…sparky said that it was normal for the phones to cut out when a lot of work was being done and they did shift the wiring for everything.

    turns out he hooked the phone lines back up to TELSTRA instead of to Optus…duh…
    apparently sparkies do it all the time.

    Good to hear your news, Hav.
    cheers, Q.

  10. Out fucking standing!
    I so want to see you with a desk-bound paunch & turning into a shiny arsed beurocrat.
    Top one tiger, I bet the cook is turning handsprings – No more Havocked laundry.

  11. I for one will be deeply disappointed if there are no more tales of Vacuum Repairs and Havocked Laundry. I still think you should do a guest spot filling in for Shannon Lush on her Cleaning Hints spot on the radio here up Brisvegas way.

    When does the new job start, Havock? Anywhere nice to escape to at lunchtime?
    The gardens or some such? Get out, look at nature, think of guns…that kind of thing.

  12. Doc..thats what I thought too. TA.

    U Mate it is. TA

    D: We did have a we one. thanks.


    YD: Yeah we flattened out just a touch there for a bit. but now all is good. Thanks

    Moko. mmm..mmm OH YES. TA

    Rhino: Its a nice land to be on..when that first pay cheque arrives again. OH YES. thanks

    Lerm: I have. sweet mate. TA

    Chaz. I thinking about it. I WANT TO BE A SPARKY…OH FUCK YES. Thanks for the help and chats too BTW.

    Guru B. Bob, HELL YES. let me get settled this week and I’m in like flyn. Even let you and Mr barnes pick the venue.

    Bangaaaar: I like that..Wire Jerkers. Messy bastards and that suits i reckon. TA!

    Flint..yeah. effin long time coming, but we got there INTACT..sorta. thanks

    Drej: ta mate..

    Quokka. thank you. Good things for those who wait I guess. just the WAIT could be a BIT FUCKING SHORTERE..lol Thanks

    NBOB..The missus is EXFUCKING STATIC..lol

    Therbs. Cheers buddy. TA

    NAT: Hey spanky, thanks good lookin

    JB..JUST TELL ME WHEN mate. thanks.

    Simon. TA..mate

    Hughesy: IT..OH yes..well, sorta. thank you.

    Thanks ALL!.

    As an update. We started on Thursday this week. some will know that as i have gone off on twitter over traffic, public fucking transport and all sorts of shit. To be honest I had forgotten just how fucking bad a FIRST day at a new job can be. Then toss in boat loads of self absorbed idiots in the vicinity an OH MY EFFIN GOD. But the upside is the boss is a top bloke. I’m still gunna pursue the electrical gig, getting the calls for that will take some deft handy work I think. But at the end of the day its a 6 month gig, assuming I pass the three month trial and the politics in the joint, let alone the reporting structure is possibly the worst I have ever seen and thats after just two days. BUT ONWARDS I SAY and CAP ANY FUCKER WHO IS AN ISSUE.

    But i will settle for the first monthly pay cheque in the account, so will the cook to i suspect…oh..and those creditors we all have as well

  13. We missed you at blunty, Hav. Hope you get time to come back and take potshots at the Pretenders. And the troll. Although I think someone may have said something to upset it, it seems to have run away. Whatever will we tell JB when he gets back after his weekend of literati and wants to know where it is? Dear me.

    Better watch your waistline with the city living…I told our builder to try to enlarge the manhole in our ceiling when we shifted the sucker but there was a beam or a light or a big scary rat or some such in the way so we’re still stuck with 1932 Sparky girth in the damned thing. Watch those lunches and evening gatherings, lest you get wedged in a ceiling this time next year.

    I’m so glad you decided that’s what you want to do. You meet some good guys in the building industry. I think it’ll suit you to a T.
    And bright side on the long wait – sometimes it does make you think about where you’re headed and it can encourage you to change direction.

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