“tous pour un, un pour tous”

Yeah, it rocks and yeah, I know, its from a Novel by Alexandre Dumas pere, but I do not really give a tinkers cuss about that. THE THREE MUSKETEERS, already made 32 times and More if you toss in the Man in the Iron Mask and a few others. But Jesus, ya gotta love the overall concept, it fits the mate ship realm so well, its from a time thats Romantic as far as I am concerned and their uniforms..Effin Wicked.


So we have the four characters, D’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, over the years they have been played by a varying cast of actors and some do it well, others do it badly. The top three for mine are the ones with Charlie Sheen, and  John MalKovich in them, thats the 1993 version for Charlie and the crew

But then I have the 1973 film which starred Oliver Reed as Athos and thats the overall Character that I have to admit I fucking love. And in all three films the casting director or who ever it was that chose the cast has landed this one every time. I’ll give you the casts of these three films.


Aramis played by Charlie Sheen, Athos by Keifer Sutherland, D’Artagnan by Chris O’Donnel and Porthios by Oliver Platt. then I guess you should have also, Milady played by the seriously jumpable at the time Rebecca De Mornay, with Tim Curry as the evil cardinal. Not a bad crew and to be brutally honest, I liked the film.

In 1973 Richard Chamberlain played Aramis, Oliver Reed played Athos, Michael York played D’Artagnan and Frank Finlay played Porthos. Not only were these actors present, but Charlton Heston played the evil cardinal, Rachael Welch as Constance de Bonacieux and dam if it wasn’t still spankable, jumpable and tossable in the hay. Fay Dunnaway plays the part of Lady de winter / milady, so yeah, they didnt do too bad.


The last version brought out, was THE Man in the Iron Mask, a slight variation on the whole thing, based also on aging EX Musketeers. Jeremy Irons plays Aramis, John Malkovitch as Athos, Gabriel Byrne as D’Artagnan and Gerard Depardieu as Porthos.

For me, I’m gunna give the gone to the Charlie and crew, but the Character I love the most is Porthos, in all cases EXCEPT fo Frank Finlay they have picked the perfect actor to play hims, I mean have a look.

PORTHOS, played by. Gerard Depardieu, Oliver Platt , but in the 1973 version Oliver Reed played Athos..NO WAY, he should have played the part of Porthos, the grog swillin, skirt chasin, rough as guts, rather a fight than a feed feral of the troop.

thats just my view on who shoulda been who and who was the best .


10 thoughts on ““tous pour un, un pour tous”

  1. Sophie Marceau as D’Artagnan’s Daughter (from the film of the same name.) Can’t remember a damn thing about the movie – saw it on SBS many many years ago – but Sophie Marceau was thermonuclear-hot in those days.

  2. Good season, 1973. That’s when God decided you fuckers were ready for me.

    Yeah, great movie. Enjoyed it too.

  3. The 1973 version with Michael York as D’Artignan is the only version I’ve seen, and it’s been a while at that. But in my book that crew are les Mousquetaires.

    I never figured out why it was called ‘The Three Musketeers’ when there were four of them-and to my recollection none of them ever used muskets.

  4. I cannot believe I am about to say this, but , Has anybody noticed that Porthos tends to be in the RHINO category….

  5. I don’t know why that time is considered romantic?

    It always looks dirty and smelly to me. Better Ancient Greece or Rome when they at least had flushing toilets.

  6. Blokes going the biff with swords, drunk actors, cute girls and our Hav losin’ his marbles. All in one post. I say that’s , I say that’s a winner my boy!

  7. Can’t beat the orginal movies from the 70’s.

    Dumas is one of my fave authors and being a poseur I do have ‘3 muskateers’ and ’20 years after’ in french as well….

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