YIPEE!, step three of 400 completed

Finally, Finally I have completed the first edit. I should point out this is not an edit of a completed MS, merely what we have written so far. But jesus wept, its a BIG process and I really must say, something that takes at least for me, concentration and pushing. thats pushing yourself to sit down and go through the fucker, there is simply no other answer or way for it to be done.

Exactly as I suspected, that back half of what we have written reads and has a lot less issues than the front half and thats okay as far as I am concerned because i know the writing has improved, grammatical issues whilst still there are a lot less as well. It has however opened my eyes up so fucking much its simply not funny. NOW WHAT DO WE DO, well its time to type up the edits, thats then going to be followed by breaking up the MS to date into its chapters proper. I have listed out now 14 chapters, some need a lot more detail, other are simply to long and I have no fucking idea what we are going to do there. It might be as simple as combing those that structurally and time line wise fit. Other, well, like I said, who knows, we will see what happens as we progress.

Another one is variation from the main plot, I had that in mind all along, but the little off shoots which you then weave in as part of the whole story start to take shape as you go, I did not see that one coming. It then spurs the mind on some more these little tendrils and I guess thats what adds another layer to the story, which is cool as far as I am concerned, but I LOVE THE FUCKING LEARNING CURVE, THAT, IS BLOODY WICKED.

Now given we are at roughly 40 k and i still have i guess at least as much to go, plus fleshing out the sections tagged already, I should get around the 100k mark. The problem as I see it, is that this will not rally end the saga, there is another whole event that needs to happen post this climax but reality says I need to get this fucker finished first, then worry about the next one. But I have found it somewhat amusing, just so long as it doesn’t become a distraction, which I don’t see it manifesting itself into.


Its now also at the point where i have to list, on paper / computer all the characters, details and so forth as we can no longer rely of keeping everything straight in the head, its passe that now. At the beginning of the edit I embarked on updating this, but found it a distraction, its nearly done, possibly 60% i guess, but as I do the type up edits i will complete this on paper so we can type that yup as well.

The chapters things, well its finally sunk into the head just how a small description of what each chapter will be can be of such great assistance, but I also found that was simply a guide. this has grown more so from an organic perspective along the lines of ON THE FLY, heading for a rough end point. So listing out what I was going to do for ten chapters would have been a waste of my time. I do suspect this is how some do it, its simply not for me. Over at Dirk Flintharts(  http://dirkflinthart.blogspot.com/ )blog he has a link to RoR (http://ripping-ozzie-reads.blogspot.com/ ), go check that out, its great reading, especially on how they all do their author thing and in different ways. Still gotta say, I am chuffed at having completed it, this I knew was going to be a personal challenge and really a test…could we see it through..YEP and fuck arn’t we glad we did..one step at a time grasshopper..lol

Well, I guess its time for some Zeds, tomorrow at the footy we can start punching in the edits and then get crackin and some more writing.


9 thoughts on “YIPEE!, step three of 400 completed

  1. Jesus mate, I wish I could tell an entire story in under 100K words! I’d barely be finished introducing the characters!

  2. Taking it as a personal challenge is a really good view. And writing a novel is a hell of a personal challenge.

    If you’ve got a truckload of material after the climax — that’s problematic. The ROR people very nicely pointed out that the manuscript I was ‘shopping with them in March was not one, but two goddam novels, and unfortunately, they were right, no matter what I thought about it.

    There’s only so much you can throw in after the Big Moment. Is there any way you can use that Big Climactic Moment as a wrap, a closer, and hold some of the other material for a follow-up?

    Yeah, I know. Believe me: I was pretty horrified to discover I was writing two novels. But it made sense with the story I was trying to tell. So… think about it.

  3. Moko: gtin there…slowly

    DOC: have no doubt..lol, NO doubt whatso ever!

    Drej / D: hanks, yeah ejoyiing it bucket loads…

    Naut/ therbs..ool, I will, KILL THE KEYBOARD I SAY!

    CHAZ: Um….WORK..lol, well, looking for it, but after the dit I went.WHEW!, right, gather thoughts and reset mind…to da breaches.

    Flint: I will, I posted sme SORT minor stories a while bac, characers are different, but the scens nd timelines are part of the NEXT, perhaps second edition as they fall into about 2015, thats the fallout and results of the Intense story. But I guess ( laughs) I better finish the first one.

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