Writing Thought, Issue actually.

As most will know we have embarked on the half done, well 1/3rd done MS edit. Which has been a long, slow, painstaking fucking job and we still have around thirty pages to go, then comes typing up all the edits and all the writing which is a result of the NOTES made as we went along.


I’m not sure what is good or bad, given this is the first LONG piece of writing I have ever done, but the edit has been enlightening for me. I would almost suggest that anybody who is afflicted with BAD TYPING, BAD GRAMMAR and Bad spelling on occasion go and do this. Man have we picked up some issues and thats a good thing. It also allowed me to look at sentence structure and wording, the changes are significant from a Minor change perspective. But I have also made other notes.


Expand this, add more surrounds detail, what is he seeing, what is he feeling, whats the other guy doing during this and so forth. I have spent a lot more time of late, looking at what other people do, how they seem to do it and to be honest, a lot do bits and pieces very differently and i guess this means no one method fits all. You need to find what suits you, all stories need certain elements and the basics are required always, but just how you get there has to be determined by you and almost you alone. Input along the way is wicked, feed back, comments and thoughts for a person embarking on this are worth their weight in GOLD.


Undoubtedly, you will get advice which just plain sucks, i have also had a kick in the pants by a couple of people and thats a effin good thing as well. plus a slap by an editor who was kind enough to chat and kick my carcass around for 20 or so minutes…THAT WAS WICKED.


BUT, the real big one that has just surfaced is giving me some grief and to be frank, I have no fucking IDEA what one should do, I’m also willing to bet, its an issue with ALL AUTHORS.

As you look at your work, you see things and make changes, the key question is, just how long do you continue doing this and effecting these alterations, do you at some point become happy with what you have written, or will you having looked back over it again, fuck with what you have written once more. Is it a case of being satisfied and then as result of say a deadline, you simply cannot screw with it anymore.


Mine, well, its possibly able to be screwed with eight ways from Christmas, but the external person aside, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW WHEN ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


7 thoughts on “Writing Thought, Issue actually.

  1. Ha! A good question and one, as you say, that I would think most authors have asked at some point in time.

    I know at school, my brother used to do literally 6 drafts of each essay whereas I would do one, correct the grammer and spelling and hand it in.

    That of course in no way answers your question and I don’t in fact have an answer for you.

  2. I think at the point where the edits become basically ‘picking peanuts out of poo’ – ie changing stuff so minor that it barely matters, then changing it back again – then it’s as done as it’s gonna get. If you’re still finding yourself making big changes ie inserting lines of dialogue or contextual information than it’s not done.

  3. One thing I have noticed is that there’s no one way to ‘become an author’. Some few hit it on their first try; others struggle for years. You can have ten published authors in a room and get ten different views on structure and method. That’s what makes it tough for beginners to get into the business.

    I think the best thing to do is go with your gut. If you have a good story to tell, it will get noticed and published-somewhere.

  4. Naut..lol. its different thats fr sure, I think you are right, it really depends on the individual, thats for sure.

    Doc, thats interesting, I think, hell i suspect that you are spot on actually, its an intuition thing, if you are not happy with it, have another look, I also think its a confidence thing, what I suspect doesn’t work when read by other works, thats a really hard one to judge and possibly only comes with time and practice, but your basic principals which you mention i think apply.

    Lerm: thats cool, I ‘ll just keep at it.

    YD: yeah, it varies to hell and back, no set pattern really, just stick at it, it may or may not come and its really up to the author , having said that, I suspect there are those that simply should just GIVE UP!..lol

  5. You keep making changes until the Very Last Moment. No work of art is ever finished. It is merely abandoned.

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