Hmmm, Todays interview & THAT EFFIN RESULT!

Well I guess the day started out well, then around 10.00AM I received a call from a HR mgr, the client wants to see me this afternoon at 4.30pm..COOL. This was the THIRD Interview, which BTW I knew was coming.


the process was the HR mgr first, then last Wednesday i met both the engineer that i would report to and the general manager who he reports to, that interview went very well. thats not just my impression, but also the feed back given to the HR manager. SO, from there i was told i would also have to meet with the national engineering manager and if successful with him, I would do a meeting with the client themselves. WAAY COOOOL.

So, as you are now aware, today i got the last minute call, rather unusual, given they were all into making this process smooth as their timeline is to have an Compliance and Works manager on the books asap.

THE INTERVIEW: ( Content may get rough from here on ).

In we toddled, all tarted up, polished shoes, blue pin stripe suit, grey shirt, blue patterned tie and all, and I was surprised when not only was the National Eng Mgr there , but also the Sng eng I met in the second interview as well. good I thought, that made the intros so much easier as there was already some form of rapport present. I look at BODY Language, its a rather big one at times and I really should have twigged early on, but it took until halfway through before I realised that the Engineer i had first met, was really, I mean REALLY FUCKING SHEEPISH around this new bloke. he would be late 40’s I guess maybe early 50’s.


So we sit down to get things started and he then says, I haven’t read your resume!. ” YOU FUCKING WHAT”< i nearly had a COW, the height of unp[rofessionalisium, stupidity and maybe ecven toss in some fucking arrogance as well. It became evident as the meeting went on with the very technical questions I was being asked, that he most certainly had not read my CV, but more so, that somewhere within their own fucked up coms system, these cretins had managed to screw the position description up so effin badly it was not funny.

What was this gose berry after, I can tell you, a fire Services ENGINEER, with a background in essebtial Services and I mean a very strong technical background, NOT, I SAY NOT a fucking facilities Mgr / Project Mgr? Health & safety and environment Mg with a rather strong background in Industrial properties. I had made it clear from the start, that although we had CORPORATE OFFICE expierence, it was not our strong suit, especially with multi story buildings in a commercial environment. BUT, I wanted to add thsi, learn more and so forth. So when i failed to give this fuck wad chapter and verse of codes an maint schedules and fire indices and so on, I knew it was going down hill.

What had been looking rather good went arse shaped fast. After leaving and the usual formal parting i called the HR Mgr and reported in like I was supposed to,he asked me how i thought it went. NOT GOOD, 50/50 at best, they want a very tech orientaed person almost a Fire services emngineer and he hadn’t even read my CV. that got silence, followed by, ” Yeah, they liked you, and would have you for a FM roles nad building works role if its becomes available, but they want somebody more technical.


I seriously could have exploded at that point, but for me, I just cannot fathom how a senior manager could go to interview a person for a position, whgich BTW was a Pkg in excess of 100K and NOT, i repeat NOT READ THEIR FUCKING CV. the mind boggles at that one.

So now, well, i guess tomorrow we will hit all the consultants, chase work and in the ARVO, yes the arvo, its gunna take me that long to get motivated to do this….head on down to the Social Security MOB…FUCK FUCK FUCK , FUCK I HATE THSI FUCKING SHIT and I HATE THAT FUCKING JOINT EVEN MORE!. I’ll need to take about 900 different documents, they’ll possible want a pint of fucking blood and fuck knows what other shite as well. NOT FUCKING HAPPY AT ALL. Some poor dumb fucking schmuk is gunna cross me tomorrow and it will be ON!, god help who ever the fucker is.


21 thoughts on “Hmmm, Todays interview & THAT EFFIN RESULT!

  1. Man I’m really sorry, mate.

    But I can’t believe the HR manager wasn’t a bit more circumspect about their mis-specification of the job?!

  2. Abe, me too. All the feedback was positive and given they are all from the same firm, I can sorta maybe understand him keeping it IN HOUSE, they want to keep me on their HOT LIST. YEAH GREAT, just dont waste my effin tiem on shit!.

  3. That sucks. A LOT. I hope that all concerned parties got a hammering from the national guy for not getting the person he was after….they’ve wasted your time and his.
    It’s been a few years since i had to suck in my ego and visit centrelink, but i remember how fucking awful it was. I really hope you don’t need them for long.

  4. That little microcosm sums up the GFC doesnt it. What a tool, wonder when the person who hired HIM finds out about the incompetence.

  5. Said my piece on Twitter and used up my entire allocation of the C word for the day – but they are f’n c’s. All of em. And if you need someone to explain to them in person how and why they are all f’n c’s just let me know and I’ll get in touch with them.

    Good luck with Cunterlink. (Aaarrrgh now I’m over budget)

  6. U: ME TOO, I have a BIG FUCKING EGO when it comes to that joint, i know its there for a purpose and does a great fucking job, but the paperwork and god dam fucking hoops ya have to jump through…..mmmm, I might get a tad DISPLEASED with the fuckers.

    Beeso: I HOPE SO..SOON. BAHHH, Fuck’em, we’ll live.

    DOC, yeah, the twitter was brilliant. nuf said there, no stress.

  7. MOKO…YEAH..GOD EFFIN HELP ME was all thats been going through the head….SHIT SHIT SHIT

  8. That is some BULLSHIT H. I don’t even know what to say. That is so beyond disappointing. What a lot of fucking nerve to jerk you around like that, waste your time and not even do the very basic research before interviewing you…for the third fucking time!

    I know it doesn’t really help you much but we’re all in this with you…we’re feeling it with you. Really. Every time you put a post up my heart jumps…we are all so hopeful for that day–which is coming soon–when you announce you got a job. And a badass one at that.

  9. Thanks JEN, just keeping at it as they say, ” running to the sound of the guns”, comes to mind. But shortly i’m gunna club some fucker if i get another one of them, hit the phones, net and e/mails today…ONWARD!

  10. If there internal communication is that fucking bad, it sounds like you may have actually dodged a bullet. Imagine working for them and being asked to do one thing, busting your arse to get it done and that having the goal posts moved on you!

    Colin Powell quote “Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.”

    Your value is you and not whatever job you happen to have!

  11. H

    Sorry it went pear shaped.

    Even the centrefraud workers hate the place (my sister in law refuses to go back to work there).


  12. H I’d love to say I’m surpised considering the agency involved but i won’t, thats the problem with these tier 1 mobs. They are very difficult to join and yet alot of their staff are quite poor in their ability.

    Over here it’s very much still knowing people inside to get the position, which is crap.

  13. Jeebus! Echoing a lot of the comments here. What a waste of everyone’s time-yours and theirs.

    On the other hand, it might be for the best-if they can’t figure out how to do a job interview, what are the odds you’d get a paycheck from them before next Anzac Day if they did hire you?

    Keep plugging away. You WILL find work!

  14. Havock that is bloody disappointing. I wish I was surprised by the amount of incompetence in management, but I’m not. Still keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  15. That is one fucking disgrace. It is totally unaccfuckingceptable.
    Cunts. Ignorant tossers. Shitheads. Fucktards. That is fucked, sorry Hav.
    Centrelink – take a thermos and a packed lunch plus all your bank account details (ATM receipts are fine), wife & children’s details, any centrelink details you already have, plus a fucking shitload of patience.

  16. Ahh crap. As said above real sorry to hear that.
    I\’ll back Naut – you may have dodged one there.

    I hate that moment when you are looking at someone across the desk & the penny drops; I\’ve got A you want B – why are we wasting each others time?

    The Dole Fascists have the most convoluted & arcane system going. It has been generated out of years of blind policy, policy reviews, \”wouldn\’t it be a goood idea if we\”s, plugging loopholes & and putting out spot fires. SO it\’s a complete dogs breakfast. But it is a system.
    This is important.
    Rail rant & rage against the system, then get smart & use organisational kung foo on it\’s ass. But remember the plonkers making 26K are not at fault – they know how fucked the system is.

  17. Havock … I really do believe that we are brothers from another mother.

    I had almost the same exact thing happen … INSANITY. But you sit through it hoping that the nightmare will stop but it doesn’t. And I get physically ill whenever I even have to think about going to the unemployment office to file. I immediately take a shower when I get out of there … fucking atmosphere of doom and despair.

    Hang in there buddy … I know that from your perspective that is a trite bullshit thing to say … but I mean it.


  18. I gotta say, … lot are a pretty dam good bunch, thats about as far as i will go with the mushy stuff, just to spare all!

    I must say, for the First time, yesterday we had a……slightly BLCK fucking day, almost zero effin motivation and so forth, it took a great amount of god dam effort to snap out of the fucker before days end, real case of the can’t be’s, i guess. BUT HEY..TODAY IS GOD DAM THEY CAN GET FUCKLED AND KISS MY ARSE THURSDAY.

    ONWARD & UPWARD, but god fucking help the next cretin who yanks my chain. THANKS ALL!.

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