One down & two to go!

Well, Wednesday this week we had the interview with the GM and Snr engineer, I thought that it went rather well. the position, is one I want, mainly because of the buildings rating and its bran god dam new and state of the art. I called the recruiter back on Friday and was told the two gentlemen i met were impressed, you are through to the next stage. I have to meet a Technical engineer sometime this coming week, then if he is IMPRESSED as well, a final sign off by the OWNERS of the building themselves. So we shall keep the fingers crossed.


Spent a day on Thursday line marking with a mate, i just so happens we know how to do this this and then Friday and Saturday was also spent working with another mate of mine up in Ballarat. Friday we put together three cattle wight boxes and crushers, Saturday was spent cutting out all the material for the cattle ramps. Home in the arvo completely fucking knackered to be honest. Domestic duties, some shut eye, withdrawal symptoms from not being able to get across to da GEEK, then i find out we have been….ICONISED..I shall call it….DAM I shoulda went nuts AM, but Saturday we bolted from the house at around 0530 hours, so never mind, commented anyways.

TODAY, well being Sunday its footy day for the young fella, so at 1pm we shall be at the game. got fuck all writing done this week, its been a weird week actually, rather up and down i guess in the mental department, just trying to stay really focused.


Props to CHAZ man, i texted him to put me tips in for me, seeing as I had no puter access on FRIDAY, which was rather good of our man fluffy.


other than that, all is well THANK GOD!.


15 thoughts on “One down & two to go!

  1. Good luck, but you don’t really need it seeing as you are a legend and all. lol.

  2. Dude …that is sweet news. Getting past the front line guys is KEY. KEY I tell ya’. That really is 83.278% of the process. (That’s a solid statistic by the way, I have the Excel spreadsheet to back it up – even has pivot tables and what not).

    Kick ass and take names.


  3. Good luck H, if he is an engineer, just take him a six pack and you will be sweet!

  4. YD & Lerm Thanks..Still at it…FUCK ME!.

    Daze..I AM..but them fuckers just don’t seem to know it yet. Might need some sign writing i think, on the FOREHEAD…

    Bangar, Al, ta…MUCHLY..onward….!

    Rhino. yeah I was pretty please, its NUMBERS..I HATE FUCKING NUMBERS..eez. But I was glad, thats pos the largest hurdle like ya say.

    Naut: I will SPIKE his fucking six pack..ENGINEERS…grrrrrrrrrrr…FFFFF .lol

  5. Hope it all goes well H, what i don’t undertsand is how i post my picks twice and they never appeared and yet yours went through fine!!

  6. Its a fucking circus isn’t it? More fucking hurdles than the Grand National. Just ride that horse Hav, yee ha!
    And check out Rhino’s pivot tables – he doesn’t show them to everyone.

  7. CHAZ..BEDAk is Manipulating the syst i reckon, can’t trust a Cattle robber at all.

    Therbs: OH yes, three ringed and Gummit fucking certified I think

  8. Good luck Brother.

    Have you seen the footage on the ABC of the Diggers in Oruzgan? They call in an airstrike!

  9. “Didn’t get all dressed up for nuthin”
    A great line, delivered with classic Aussie timing.
    Up ya go boys!

  10. Abe..WICKED. Good link, thanks for that.

    NBOB…yeah beautiful timing isn’t it, no fuss, just gettin on with it.

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