Busted by THE COOK & Construction

OK, so this morning about …oh… 10 AM I guess the good lady of the house, MY WIFE, BUSTED ME!, yep, sprung bad, but You now need to get your mind out of THE GOD DAM GUTTER, NO, I WASN’T THAT!, I was in the shed, merrily singing away to a song ( CD I WILL ADMIT), co’s we were doing work. here I was chomping along to…..yeah, I’ll tell ya, GLEN CAMPBELL OK, and I got a “WHAT’s THIS SHIT!”, from her.

Personally, I was having a wow of a time, i went back through some OLD home made CD’s, couldn’t be arsed walking down to the road where the UTE was parked to get the CD case from it, so  trolled on thought the one in the shed, just grabbed a disk and slammed it it. OMFG. I was wicked. Anyway, IT MY FUCKING SHED!, I’ll do as I please..lol.

Thursday and Friday, well we did a spot of tidying up in the Pondos garage, yes, thats AGAIN!, but I also decided to build a new storage rack and bench, cull an old shitty rack and purge some crap, that simply had to go. I know what the bench will be used for in summer when I’m working in the shed as well, I guess you will figure that one out too.

Here is the end product of Fridays and Thursdays labour.


Note the stools in the front….

Pic from the BARMANS side of the bench


we were still in clean up mode I should point out as well.

The idea also , was to have the GYM set up and weight bench, cricket season is approaching, so is old age and a lack of exercise, plus we need to gain some weight along with the fact, BOTH, the boys have been annoying fuck out of me for access to the gym gear.

SATURDAY: Today’s tasking was to install a new post in the Carport. recently when we put it up, i had plans, but time was against me. The centre post on the left as you drive in, is right smack bang in the middle of ” lets hit it with  a car door territory, even with space. the carport is just under 8m wide, but girls being girls and kids being blind, it would happen sooner or later. So hav’s solution is to run another post up the wall, T across to the old one and cut the old or original post off. So below is the first shot of the post, cut all the angle and welded them on, marked and drilled the holes for the dynabolts, Hammer drilled the holes in the bricks and fastened the bastard in. The piece of 75x75mm post that runs across, I installed in situ, so as to ensure a neat fit.


Having put it in place, out with the welder again, and fasten the bastard in, then its time for a brace, to support that extension running across. At this point I have also now cut off the original post.


Then its time for a little tidy up and the work, out with the Cold Galvanising spray paint and presto, noooo more door smashing implement ,and completed I might add, before anything of the other persons in the PONDO, got to add new vertical pin stripes to one of MY FUCKING CARS


The post is Dyna bolted in 6 separate locations, all materials were already on site, The only thing we had to spend CASH on , in the last three days was two additional cut off wheels for the drop saw, which cost me 38 bucks. not bad I thought. Structurally, well, it will take a near miss from a Fuel Air explosive to move this, and a NUKE to shit the fucking Shelves i built.


11 thoughts on “Busted by THE COOK & Construction

  1. Multifunctional facility you’ve built there H. Nothing beats a properly sorted escape shed. Nice work on the post – no chance of overgrown teenage lads crowning themselves on the underslung bit?

  2. Nice work, chief. That post won’t go anywhere ( unless the wall crumbles, in which case you’ve big problems anyway).

    And there ain’t anything with a dose of Glen Campbell-he did some good stuff. Obviously Mrs H doesn’t have an ear for classic 1970s country.

  3. DOC: Yeah it is, sml space. That cut off post, is 2m from ground, any fke big enough to hit thir head..BFL..lol, bottom bace is 175cm..I have no drames, th boys on the other hand…

    YD: Yeah, if the wall goes…DEEP SHIT and yeah, glens OK, thank fuck she didnt hear the BAG PIPES section..lol

  4. The temple of all things bloky, the shed, you do Aussie men proud Havock.

  5. There’s a problem with the new bench. Where ya gonna put the TV, for like when the footy or cricket’s on when you’re working on projects?
    I like the post solution. You’re right, much easier than teaching people how to avoid hitting it.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration H, I do believe it’s time for a shed & project blog.
    I shall get weaving.

    Was the post only supporting the gutter?
    No problems with canterleaver effect, you know sort of pulling the wall down seing as it’s so well attached?

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