Intense: Bundy Zero Zero, The Merge


Bundy Zero Zero. The Merge

 As flight sergeant Moko continued starring at Rhino, his finger pressed to his lips, his senses screamed at him, to spin around and take a look, fighting this primeval urge, moko continued to watch Rhino, as he slowly buttoned up Dick’s shirt and then gently reached out and picked up his berretta.

 As he was doing this, Moko slowly pulled his steyr up and flicked on the night scope, turning the emerging dawns three quarter light, into hues of black and green, another 40 minutes or so and there would be no need for the night vis gear, “ Not good Cat me boy, not good at all” , Cat thought to himself.

 Rhino was signalling Moko, from the Chopper pilots rudimentary understanding of Infantry signals, Moko, guessed he had seen two enemy, just off to their left, no indication however, what they were carrying or other info, save only, that Rhino was going to circle off to the north, whilst he wanted Moko to move south and circle back up. Moko slowly nodded and gave cautious thumbs up, rhino signalled back with his own inverted thumb.

 Guessing right, moko slowly rose, his heart now racing as adrenalin was dumped into his system, senses heightened, he gentle flicked across the steyrs safety, “ Instant, here we go me boy” cat thought. Panning the scope from left to right before deciding to move, moko had nearly finished his sweep, still nothing yet to be seen, maybe Rhino was twitchy and nothing really was out there. 

 “ Trees, bush and shit,” he noted, still slowly scanning left Moko suddenly came to a halt “ There ya are”,. Two figures, not more than 60 yards away, thankfully the undergrowth in this area was reasonably sparse, not secondary growth or dirty jungle as some would call it, no masses of tangled vines and dense ferns, making visual sighting of the enemy all but impossible, unless you were right on top of them.

 The two figures now in Mokos scope, we picking their way through the undergrowth, whilst not blundering about, they were not exactly stealthy, as Moko centred the reticle on the group’s second scout he suddenly noticed additional movement about 30 odd yards further back. “Fuck it’s a patrol”, he thought to himself. With no way to contact Rhino and inform him of developments, Moko was suddenly in a quandary, they needed to try and wait this patrol out, but Rhino, without night vision of any form was probably not going to know that it was a patrol. “ Fuck fuck fuck” Moko quietly whispered to himself, “ what now, think Cat”.

 As moko was quietly chastising himself, Rhino had continued circling up and around, the terrain whilst being sparse was also agreeably flat, various fallen trees and other vegetation littered the ground as one would expect, not making the stalking difficult, but not making it over easy either.

 Rhino, stoped his stalk to take in the surrounds, he guessed, the two soldiers he had glimpsed, well, that’s what he figured as he had only momentarily seen them through a patch of moonlight penetrating the dense upper canopy, should be almost in front of him now, perhaps slightly left of where he was, at least he hoped that was the case.

 Crouched now & sweating profusely, Rhino slowly shuffled forward, making sure the large teak tree separated himself from where he figured the two enemy troopers were, out of contact with Cat, he started to wonder wether taking out the two enemy troopers had been such a hot idea, “ mmm, not the best call ya have made today me Boy”, rhino thought.

 As he nestled up to the tree, he brought the  berretta slowly up, inching ever so slowly round the right side of the tree as he peered across the sight,  he kept the pistol pointing towards the newly exposed terrain, seeking his targets. Rhino stopped, “ Bingo”, he thought, there in front, the two troopers were now 20 yards away, large dark shadows in front,  not 5 feet separating each of them as they scanned the area where he and cat had been previously, maybe 30 yards short of Rhino and Cats original position.

 As far as Rhino could see, in the increasing light, neither had any form of night vision, but something about them was unusual, Rhino couldn’t quiet work out what was wrong. Lowering the pistol he took stock.

 80 yards away, things were developing that Rhino was simply not aware of, Cat, on detecting the additional two men of the small patrol had pushed out another 30 yards, he’d figured correctly that Rhino wouldn’t be aware of the two additional patrol members, as far as he could determine, from his periodic peeks at the group as he stalked around their flank, there was only the 4 , no others that he was aware of “yet” he thought..

 At a low crunch now, and moving faster than was prudent, Cat started heading back into the patrol from their 11 o’clock position, if he was right Cat thought, he could engage the last two from their flank, hopefully Rhino could deal with he other pair. Or keep himself alive long enough for Cat to intervene. “Assuming you survive the next 5 minutes Bro”, cat thought.

 Coming to a halt, cat slowly raised himself up peering through the scope, ‘jackpot’ he whispered. There, not 30 yards away, was the patrols second element and it was the commander and RTO no less, as he could quite clearly make out their RTO’s antenna in his back pack, the parol commander was issuing instructions. Looking more intently at the two soldiers, his mind whirring Cat noticed their equipment, “ That’s an AKM’, he thought to himself, ‘fuck!, whats going on here”, as cat pondered these questions Rhino had already figured out he answer, the issue that was a little more pressing however, was what to do with these two enemy, in such close proximity and wether or not Cat was going to engage them.

 Cat kept the scopes centre reticle centred squarely on the commander chest, slowly settling down onto one knee he exhaled…….and stoped. ‘ Oh Christ!’, cats realisation washed over him, like he’d been injected with about a gallon of concrete almost as if seized up. Cat lowered the rifle, indecision rapidly clouding his thought process, “ Shit Shit Shit, I need to talk to Rhino” cat thought, but then almost as fast as Cat had wished he had coms with Rhino, he realised that regardless of wether they were Chinese troops, Indonesian or Jihadies, they would just as quickly kill both of them.

 Swiftly bring the steyr up to his shoulder Cat placed the scoped sight on the lead trooper and depressed the trigger ……all the way. The quiet night surrounds were shattered by the ripping of a full fifteen round burst, Cat walked the steyr immediately right.

 Speeding out from the foot long muzzle flash, the first two rounds missed the lead trooper as he briefly stoped to speak with his Chinese colleague; this only momentarily delayed his death, as the third and forth 5.56 millimetre fully jacketed projectiles entered his torso. The first, pierced his Jungle pattern Fatigue shirt, then smashed through his breast bone, disintegrating instantly as it pushed shattered bone and lead, now all moving at extreme velocities that internal organs were never designed to withstand. No sooner had this round entered and begun the destructive killing process, than the third projectile from Cats burst slammed into the lead soldier, smack in the middle of the TEN ring, had they merely been on the range shooting at paper targets.

 The round on failing to meet any worthwhile resistance, as it evenly split the gap between the ribs, round punched an expanding hole through the hearts left ventricle, before exiting the trooper’s body at the same time the first now deformed fragments of the first bullet, torn though his spinal collum.

 The trooper never had time to realise his doom, the time between the noise registering to his ears, was instant, it was followed by a massive searing explosion of pain, his senses totally overwhelmed by the high velocity assault on his body, shutting down, his death was instant.

 As cat had walked the rounds immediately right in the long fully automatic burst, two passed within mere millimetres of the following Chinese soldiers nose, the final two projectiles, travelling at close to 3000 feet per second slammed into the soldiers jaw and ear, instantly exploding the troopers head like an over ripe watermelon, blood, bone and brain matter spattering the surrounding vegetation as he crumpled to the ground beside his comrade, his head a bloody, ragged mess.

 “Whoa”, Cat exclaimed, the muzzle flash temporarily shielding him from seeing the two soldiers go down, cat jumped up , spinning, he moved clockwise around to the other side of the tree and immediately crouched, bringing up the steyr to sight on the second pair of Chinese troops and his unconsciously completed his training, ‘Fire and move’, the instructors would have been telling him.

 Before he could bring his scope back up, cat heard a long rapid series of shots from Rhinos pistol and the big fella scream!.


3 thoughts on “Intense: Bundy Zero Zero, The Merge

  1. That is seriously cool! Really readable & the gore scenes are fantastic – love it. Look forward to reading about what happens to the rhino! Hope he doesn’t lose a testicle!

  2. Lerm, TA!, hmm testy…might look into that. I have plans for Rhino….

    Chaz. thanks, yeah picked it up on the read thru after posted.

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