As all will know, looking for work can take on many, I SAY, many variation, which lead to a discussion here the other night, its not the first time we have discussed this mind you. AND that would be Overseas, yep, the Middle east, maybe some island north of here, both involve substantial change and bring different issues to the table.

I suppose, what we have found so far, is that gigs at say O Teddie in PNG have been 28 on and 28 off, some in Brunei are perm gigs, but nothing yet has surfaced in the Maint / FM arena, but we are keeping our eyes open.


We applied for three positions in Abu Dhabi, FM roles, good coin, but like most jobs over there they do come with their own issues. If you climb onto various blogs about OS jobs, you get the full spectrum of satisfaction, some hand over there passports and had all sorts of trouble, other have no dramas at all. Mind you, it will be a cold day in fucking hell before i let the grip on the passport out of my hand.


A while back I had a plastic card, issued by the ADF, on the back was a lovely little statement, saying the holder / family shall be permitted access back into Australia, nice piece of stuff to have. NOT, however if you were kidnapped.


So aside from chasing up work here, we have tossed the hat in the ring for OS, Lobes is kindly chasing up a contact in KABUL or the mob he works for as well. Other than that…FA happening really..getting a mite bored, haven’t touched writing in what ..4 days which is abnormal, so we need to make an effort on tht soon. Possibly also time to start looking at other temp gigs, more part time and afternoon shift jobs so that the main part of the day is still available for chasing up work.


14 thoughts on “GOING LEFT!

  1. H

    Have a look at the websites of SMEC, Thiess & Leightons for OS gigs.

    Thiess and the lazy L have mining ops going in Indonesia etc

    SMEC are everywhere.

    Also try John Davidson & Associates (www.jda.com.au i think). Head hunters specialising in our immediate north.

    Good luck.

  2. There have been auto jobs I have looked at in both PNG and Kabul which financially were very attractive. Decided not to go for them in the end after speaking to a guy who did 18 months in PNG. He said financially it was great, but it did nothing for him in terms of local job advancement. The local firms just didn’t rate it.

    Of course it could be completely different in the roles you are looking at.

  3. AUS: Shall do, thanks for the info..appreciate it greatly

    LERM: Likewise, got your e/mail, wicked, thanks.

    Naut: I suspect not THAT much different, but I’m not necessarily looking for or at the career aspect of it, more like two years and see what happens. Actually 6 months and see what its like, who knows from there. Just another lot of IRONS in the FIRE

  4. I’m hoping you can find something in country, though. Working in another country is rough on marriage and family. It’s different now than when we were 18 yrs old and no responsibilities.

    Still, you gotta do what you gotta do, I reckon. Good luck.

  5. Bangar..thanks

    YD: YEP, not the best I suspect, but if the gig is right, pyas right and so on, then yeah..12 months and who knows. Still hunting like hell as they say.

  6. Hang in there, it’s not easy, but the right job will find you sooner or later. Good luck.

  7. Yeah never try and find something out in PNG on a Friday. I got a ph no for the Kabul contact but hes not back in country til Monday.

    2nd what Ausgaz said. SMEC and JDA are both good places to look. Personally I would rather work at Lihir than Ok Tedi. Lihir is set on the side of a Volcano on a beautiful tropical island (they have their own GFC – game fishing club) while Ok Tedi is carved into the side of a hill in some jungle somewhere.

    Theres also a new gas pipeline thats just been approved for construction and in about 18 months demand for FM’s and people with technical skills will go gangbusters.

  8. LOBES. rodger that, GFC..mmm. I must say, PNG and the Island are vert attractive for all the reasons. Thanks.

  9. Ok Tedi would be ok if you were a vampire.

    From memory they average 300 days of rain a year.

    The gas pipeline job is going to go through some really rough terrain. Ultimate greenfields site (triple canopy jungle and mountains). 🙂

    Flyin/Flyout is a bitch especially with the kids. Depnds a lot on what the rotation rate is. Factor in 2 days travellling in each direction. Air Nuiginis not bad but the rest are pretty wild, especially the helicopter mobs.

    Indonesia is similar (probably less street crime than PNG though).


    ps my info is a bit dated. Have not been in PNG since 99.

  10. Lobes: Gottem..great, hanks for that, appreciate it.

    Ausgaz: Hmmmm, webbed feet..GREAT!..lol. Yeah, a lota Q’s will need to be answered, but hey..KEVLAR, and the monsters are not little tackers anymore, but it will still be hard gig though, if we end up OS

  11. Ausgaz info is pretty accurate. Only thing that maybes changed is theres a couple of new airlines servicing the intl routes so extra flights. Your Wild card is still going to be getting to Moresby from wherever. Choppers are good but better to be near an airstrip.

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