Havock update & lotsa stuff.

Righto then, been an interesting week so far and we are only at Thursday.

MONDAY: That was follow up day with recruitment consultants, WHERE IS MY FUCKING DREAM JOB?, still out there apparently, but we have some prospects, good thing the market for facility Managers has not dried up. I would like a gig in Borneo, for purely selfish reasons. Those Calls also required that I attend a meeting on Tuesday, but we will get to that. Followed it all up with Footy training for the youngest fella, watched Australia the move..and we wont go into that except to say, I was so disappointed its not funny.

TUESDAY:  I received a call from a mate Monday evening, he needed a hand to fit off some corry iron inside a building, its roofed now, instead of a ceiling lining of plaster, its cream colour band sheeting in 7 meter lengths, 3.5 m off the ground and about 30ft wide. Top of the arms are still sore. BUT IT PAID MONEY and thats what counts.knock off at 3pm, showered and what not, then had the meeting in town with the recruitment consultants at 4pm. That went well. Then popped into Carlton to Moretons Brassiere for dinner with around 8 people. A friend is back over from BOSTON,  for 2 weeks, she moved over there about 3 months ago. so various projects were discussed, met a very Nice Aboriginal couple and their son as well, maybe a way of assisting them with some idea’s there as well, time will tell.

WEDNESDAY: Footy again, some writing and follow up calls to recruiters gain, more chasing on them fellows today as well. Boss lady has picked up another cleaning gig as well for a business, so I needed to take her through costing models for that one, possibly register a Business for her today i suspect as well, then chase up public liability insurance on top of that.

Went through withdrawal symptoms on Tuesday, not having access to a keyboard, Blunty, the blog or fucking twitter..DAM.


THURSDAY:  Well so far, I have vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the kitchen and stacked the dishwasher, next is the youngest fellas room, talk about ground fucking zero, it looks like all major conflicts from the 1900’s have taken place across his floor. Maybe i should use a bobcat loader. then, its mop the floors, wipe down the stainless steel fridge an other gear as well, NOTE: make sure i use Enjo gear or the boss lady will have my arse in a sling.

pos that, I need to do some research on the Sultanate in Brunei and his succession chain, I have an idea to incorporate into Intense, we shall see where that goes, gotta chase up current ocean bed array systems as well for the writing. Work out just how and with how many fluffy bits I incorporate a, perhaps demoted and forlorn looking Fluffy in the writings, who I will kill off in the coming battles and who the hell will command the submarine. actually, I need to create the sub first, but I have my idea notes on that one.

Amongst that, I need to chase a couple of leads, follow up a mate and see if he has work, which i suspect he may well do and maybe prep teas too, casserole…sausages and what not I think, maybe with a stack of mash, that will also involve a trip to the supermarket too for the fresh vegies.


still, all is good, not completely broke yet, haven’t cut me fucking wrists or anything of that nature and me and the boss lady still talk, so I guess thats a good sign as well.


17 thoughts on “Havock update & lotsa stuff.

  1. I reckon as long as you keep on doing what you’re doing you’ll be fine. Its when you let despair creep in that things start going backwards. The times I’ve been out of work I’ve used as excuses to do other stuff aside from work during the day. Keep on at those recruitment types. Just hassle the bejaysus out of the buggers. Jones Lang Lasalle seem to be gaining additional FM contracts. Might be worth checking them out.

  2. Hey Hav, could you do me a favour and cut and paste my tips for this round over to Bede’s blog? My browser thing seems to be blocking me from commenting on some blogs.
    Here they are:
    1. Moscow, da.
    2. Blues
    3. South
    4. North
    5. Farkin Freeo Pirates
    6. Chris Bailey & Ed Kuepper’s mob.
    7. Hawks
    8. Pussycat Dolls
    9. Fuckin’ Port fuckin’ whaddayoulookinatI’llfuckinjobyayacarntsofuckoff Adelaide
    I’m not really from Kasakhstan but I’ll go along with it as long as they know how to do a proper medium rare t-bone and serve a decent beer (not that fermented horse’s milk those twats drink).

  3. Therbs, it pissing me off as well, might send a bomb to the servers location, not sure what the fuck is going on, but I will keep trying.


  4. Fucking interweb needs to be fixed with a jackhammer. Or a dirty great big fucking truckload of semtex. If you don’t have any luck I’ll hit up Dr Yobbo or Naut for a favour. Thanks mate.

  5. Havock (& Therbs)

    Posted Therbs tips onto Simons page for you.

    not sure whats up with his site.

  6. Thanks Ausgaz, I owe you a beer!
    Hav – the submarine could be painted brown and called the Biggest Ever Bondi Mars Bar.

  7. Keep plugging away H – wreak your vengence on the muppets at Blunty. By fuck there were some cretins allowed off-leash today.


    Just so some rear echelon panty twist who couldn’t find his way out of unzipped sleeping bag can swan around trying to look pretty?


  9. Therbs: WIFF ya on the hammer…or semtex, its was driving me nuts, I’ll see how we go with me own tips again later on..AUSGAZ..thanks.
    hmm brown sub, Mars BAR…not bad at all.lol

    NAUT…gloating will get YOU BANNED, its simply a case of Beginners luck,,,THATS ALL, …..

    Doc: Didn’t they come out over there today, fucking hell,

    CHAZ……I’m still having a giggle..sorry mate.lol….not really.

  10. @ Chaz – Yeah!!!!!

    I think Naut does seem the obvious choice for someone that likes to be assosciated with things that are long hard and full of ahem seamen.

    I’m also gratified to read that you have taken to dining in womens’ under garments – the Marsh must be taking off as the Swingers capital of Vic!

    Good luck with the job – fingers are crossed for you


  11. Hey, chief-good to see you’re hanging in there.

    You ain’t even close with the boy’s room. We’re cleaning my mom and stepfather’s place. I think they have everything from their 31 years together in the house. Oy.

  12. Oh, and good luck finding a new gig.

    General Motors might need new management soon. You wouldn’t do any worse, you know…

  13. Thinking of you Havock, we just joined the same ranks, funny thing is all the people who like sending us bills etc, have been told and all of them are bending over backwards to give us some grace. A sign of the times when you get power companies and phone companies not in the slightest bit worried you don’t pay your bill on time.

    Just keep the sense of humour and you will sail through it.

  14. Lerm: I’ll wear anything so long as its in Aus cam.

    YD: If they keep a hummer or two for me, I’m IN. Thanks.

    D: great!, yeah they are pretty good as a rule, humour is still holding out, SO FAR!..lol

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