The Kalimantan Interior

Borneo OPs HQ:  Somewhere in the Kalimantan Interior:


The players present in the Ops tent, all looked deadly serious. Nestled amongst the Borneo Jungle, the whole forward operating base was fully camouflaged, save for the helicopter landing pad, hacked out of the surrounding jungle. The base had been selected primarily for its concealment and proximity to the Kalimantan / Sarawak Border. Borneo whilst being a lot like the terrain found in Papua New Guinea, also followed the larger islands features in having an extreme mountain range, running north to south in the western side of the island. Whilst not in league of the tall peaks of New Guinea, it was none the less extremely inhospitable terrain, peaks and razor backs reaching to over 4000m  in height, generating numerous rivers and streams, snaking endlessly into the interiors, before culminating their journeys at the ocean.


Access was purely by chopper, unless of course you fancied a significant week long trek overland, and then, weather constraints would need to be considered. As with most battles or operations, the terrain had dictated this one as well, it had most certainly dictated the placement of the asset they were about to discuss.


Present in the tent, quietly making notes or in hushed group discussions, were some of the ADF’s brightest minds, their low tones matched only by the quiet humming of the a/c systems, struggling in the thing air to keep the moisture at bay from the equipment and personnel.


At a casual glance to a knowing observer, the various ADF corps present was unusual, the unit patches on their Jungle pattern Aus cams for at leat two of the representatives present were rarely seen in operational areas, as he continued to scan the environment, working out who was who in this little zoo gathering Major Mick Lermontov, commander of the A, Coy, 3RAR wondered just what the hell was going on.


While taking in all that was going on and who was present, a familiar voice called out, not shouting mind you, just the well practised voice projection, that coms from years of instructing troops, conveying your messages to both the OR’s ( Other Ranks), NCO’s or officers alike. “Major Lermontov, we really have started to gather the elite haven’t we Sir”.

Slightly startled at hearing the voice but immediately recognizing it, the Captain stood up from his metal chair and turned to face his enquirer,  his face breaking into a warm friendly grin, as he extended his right hand, “ Well RSM, I fear that other assets may not have had a sufficiently coloured past for this gig, How are you Mick”.


Captain Lermontov and the SAS Regiments RSM, Mick Harris, shoot hands in the manner all friends do, not having seen each other for some time, putting one hand on the Captains shoulder Mick spoke, “ How’s  your old man going, its been  bloody long time since we’ve spoken, too long in fact, I fear, I’m tasked to joining him on that retirement gold course all to soon”.




Lerm had a small chuckle, “that he does Sarnt Major, that he does, Actually he just purchase another parcel of dirt, seems he has decided to go an grow grapes as well, wines going to follow, without fail”.

Lerm placed his clip board down on his seat and turned back to the RSM,  “ so what else is news, aside from this little sojourn becoming rather exciting.”


The RSM gathered his thoughts for a second, Lerm could see, that although they were long time friends, and the RSM had served under his father, operational requirements still dictated a need to know requirement here, ‘ interesting Lerm thought’, there was a set of very unusually pieces and powers at play in this area an he felt it was sure to be more enlightening as the briefing progressed, all they were waiting on was the arrival of Colonel Birmingham, which was touted as being shortly.


Getting in first, Major Lermontov leaned towards the RSM just slightly, so as to lessen the chance of being overheard, “ tell me Sarnt Major, the big fella over there at the topo who’s Intel, I’ve not seen him before……ever!”. Mick slowly turned towards the topographical map, still with its solid green cover over its contents to the man the Major had referred to, and then just as easily looked back at Major Lermontov.


“That Sir, would be Lieutenant Colonel Abe Bath and yes you are right, he’s Intel alright, but a very dark player. The Colonel heads up a special group of DSD, EX SASR and ASIO perps who are , or I should say, have been operating around these here parts for a while, you are about to find out the real reason, your special troop has been put together, mores the point, what the fuck exactly our Intel brethren have been up to, fucking up is probably a closer description”.


That sat Lerm back on his arse, ‘typical’ he thought, ‘ we get to clean up their fucking mess again!, just peachy’.


6 thoughts on “The Kalimantan Interior

  1. Naut: oops, YEAH, I twigged i couldnt have a Cptn Commanding a company, so i changed him, FARK…., missed that last ref on Captain….fuck fuck fuck.

  2. Lerm will be getting thirsty, give him a drink. He’d probably fancy a nice cold beer right at that stage. If he doesn’t, I certainly do.

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