RANT and DUMP and Toolin UP!

Not that i am known for either mind you.

having spent some of the morning chasing up consultants and work prospects we ventured into Tool Time TIM territory. WHY, well thats an easy one, cos i get to use fucking power tools, gear up on a scale, that if it was infantry Combat, I would be a cross between a Grenadier, Gunner, sniper and techno laden fucking assassin. OH YES!. the tool belt. Cordless pouch, laser tape measure pounch, 4 x pockets for nails, screws and assorted shit, Chisel holder, drill bit holder, hammer hoop, pens, textas, fold out tape measure, pull out tape measure in Fluro of course and its GOTTA BE LUFKIN.



Then its Bacho comfy knee pads, CAT work boots, multi pocketed work shirt and pants all in a matching colour and topped off with a VB CAP and sunnies. Awesome..god dam SPARTAN KILLING SHRED THE FUCKERS PUNCH ON THRU TOP O THE LINE IM FUCKING TUFF DON’T FUCK with me!.


Add, one wheel barrow, electric jack hammer, Paslode nail gun ( gas fired ) , Hammer drill, Light as metal post shovel, two x spirit levels..gotta have some redundancy folks, pliers, saw ( hand) power saw, power drill  and we are almost ready.

GO buy sleepers from hardware store, have the discussion with the fuck wit about lengths and the thickness, ” NO!, i what 50mm x 2.4 , not 3m”. WHY NOT. Cos that what I want..ya diggin me..Sheesh, the get HEX HEADED screws, OH BTW, we needed TWO SLEEPERS ONLY. load up, gear up, run out extension leads and rip tear crash burn.


THE RESULTS, well, the front sleeper wall is now finished, two Silver Birch trees planted, p[avers laid, mailbox, relocated and concreted into the ground, vertical sleeper posts installed at all the sleeper joins, re oiled the letter box insitue ( its new home), took down some boxing thats no longer required, dug 12 holes with ether jackhammer and shovel ( EASY NAUT, very easy..lol).


And now, for the first time, I have a pending debate at the cricket club, which I will not attend, simply because I know I will not change the individuals fucking mind, so why waste my precious time and fucking energy …other than that..its been a productive day I must say.


13 thoughts on “RANT and DUMP and Toolin UP!

  1. I opened this post and looked on Greatness! V jealous – wish that I could do half those things – OK, honestly, wish I could do even one of those things. I’d end up with my foot nailed to the sleeper, my hand stuck in the bloody letter box and two ringbarked silver birch trees!

  2. LERM…um. SHIT, almost been there and done that.lol. But cant do good H & I, DF and plot plunging, not me forte I am afraid.

  3. That rips from here to next century! Power tool heaven. Hav, the Solo Man – love it!!!!

  4. Lerm – he didn’t do any of it, that just how he dresses to phone a tradie. He also wears an apron when ordering Pizza and a turban when calling telstra.

    Oh and H, those holes were easy to dig because you live in a marsh!

  5. Lerm – He didn’t do all that work, that’s just how he dresses when he phones a tradie. He also wears an apron and chef’s hat when ordering pizza and a turban when calling telstra.

    Oh and H, it’s easy to dig holes at your place becuase you live in a marsh!

  6. THERBS..it was wicked..all the tool time timmy I could have wished for, just no ramset gun…

    Naut. I dont dig , as in, Crow bar or pick, I USE A JACK HAMMER, so much more refined, time efficient and what not… ya must come have a look some time..lol

  7. Just remember to put the tools back in the right pouch, takes forever find the right tool otherwise 😉

  8. Chaz, I WISH!

    Bangaaar: YEP pouch = back o ute..lol

    Punch: HELL YES…. I wish, she drives a hard bargain the boss lady.

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