Its Still there, THAT Cultural Hangover

Its Still there, THAT Cultural Hangover

 Its been months I guess, that’s the period during which countless incidents of drunken rampages, group sex scandals and the myriad of other offenses, our elite footballers have indulged and hence then, inflicted upon us, by our media.

 Earlier this week on one of the footy shows, the panel was discussing with representatives of a code, just how much effort has been expended, to stamp out the “unacceptable behavior”. You know, the pissed half back, grabbing the tits of  a young lady, as she strolls past, or perhaps the  half whacked forward, glassing the girlfriend, or, dare I say it, slapping the mate on the shoulder an saying ‘good one buddy’, ‘here, my turn’. You know what I am talking about!, that group sex, yeah she consented, but honest  ‘Your honor’ we would never do that! Nah, she was only half pissed.

 And that’s interesting as well, because I would gather numerous times the Intoxicated argument has been used in defense of the, I am paid squillions footballer for his crimes.

 What I am getting at, well, you might say, its the culture, that undertone of the club, but if I did so, I would still be wrong in my view and I will tell you why.

 It’s a rather chilly weekday evening, I am sitting here in my car , laptop out, so we can do some more novel writing and what floats across to my ears. Yes, you perhaps guessed it, swearing, I don’t mean the ‘oh shit’ or ‘bugger’, I mean the fully fledged, Fuck me, you arsehole, then the C bomb gets dropped as well. By this time, I had already stopped the writing and looked up at the two groups. It wasn’t the swearing, it was the voices that generated the swearing which made me look, because I knew they were not adults or perhaps the Under 16’s side. I mean lets face it, under 16,s and the odd dabble of colourful verbiage is really par for the  course …is It not.

 The two offending groups, were under 12’s and the under 14’s B side, that tends to mean they are 13 as an average in the latter group and anywhere from 10 to 12 years in the former and my, the language was colourful indeed.

 I was heartened to see that the assistant coaches and senior players, along with attending adults quickly rushed over to the offenders and put paid to their invective endeavors, alas, this was not he case. As we further pondered this, the media noted afflictions of wayward players, which simply should not have come to pass, as the cultural environment in which this takes place has been abolished to the outer reaches of the galaxy.

 Bite me, kiss my arse and go find a wood saw, because your nose is growing, that cultural change that’s swept through the football fraternity, has left a trail of litter, four mile wide. Pockets we will call these and like a pocket of the most agility laden cancers, its propensity for spread is matched only by it ability to do so undetected.

 How, just how are we to expect our kids to get it right as adults when all we possibly teach them within our home, is torn asunder, the minute they venture onto the training track. Yes, I am sure this club in particular does have its GOOD SPORTS accreditation and Christ knows what else, but they are also no alone with this issue.

  The local clubs are still a breeding ground or this sort of behavior, then toss in the self belief and I am god attitude, which tends to go with players selected for the almighty debut at state or national level and you have a density of bad teaching unmatched anywhere.

 However, we still have another issue, because these players are adults, paid handsomely and idolized by thousands, we expect better of them, at state and national level, vast sums of funds are expended daily to try and pare back this attitude and culture, we, that’s the general public find so abhorred.

  It’s a losing battle I am afraid.

 For so long as the Beer drinking, colourful language mind set is perpetuated at local club level and we fail to get the kids at those tender oh so moldable ages into the right habits, we will continually have paper selling headlines.

 I’m in no way making excuses for their behaviors, especially when they are adults, you must, quite rightly be held accountable for your actions, but lets try and not set them up so well to fail from such an early age.

More to the point, how about we not teach them two standards!. I think, some of those vast sums, tossed in the direction of our football elites education, should perhaps, be redirected to the source.


I should note, there is a second part to this.              The PACK mentality, why we need it and cultivate it and the DOWN SIDE!


5 thoughts on “Its Still there, THAT Cultural Hangover

  1. A good post tonight.

    Couple of things: your football players sound a LOT like our NBA players, many of whom are renowned for having a main squeeze in every city in the league-and kids by more than one of them. In point of fact, athletes probably shouldn’t be considered ‘role models’ except possibly in the way they play their sport.

    You are familiar with the term ‘Little League Parent’? That’s parents who harangue the coaches to get their kid more playing time, yell and swear at games (yeah, major-league is one thing but these are kids), or worse, put pressure on their child to be the next (insert your sport’s superstar here). Is that a problem there?

    There should be some penalty inflicted on the team for what I’d consider to be unsportsmanlike conduct. Maybe forfeiting a match cures some of the swearing.

  2. A difficult conundrum H. Standards have changed in every facet of society. And not for the better in most circs

  3. YD, they are, and we have the little league parents here as well. Matches might be an option. Its been toughened up here of late, but although they are reasonable on the track at game day, they can get a might feral at training, which sorta cancels out that good stuff.

    LERM: Its a big one, like you say. And the reason I also mentioned about pack mentality, is because it really does have its places, as you would be all to aware of for both sports and professionals alike

  4. The problem with the players is that they are paid in proportion to what they earn their masters – the clubs, the league, the sponsors and the media rights holders, and that’s the only requirement for the job. It’s a purely capitalist model. If you tried to impose any sort of social responsibility upon them as a requirement of the position they’d simply go somewhere else for more money, eg disreputable dickheads like Mark Gasnier or Craig Gower going off to European rugby union. The interesting thing with the Sharks situation is that for once the club will actually pay the price for the shitty culture they’ve propagated and encouraged – because they’re going broke and no bastard will save them. Losing money, losing sponsors and going to the wall – and probably deservedly so given how venal they are.

    As for the kids – can’t say too much as I swear like a fkn trooper – but it’s pretty clear the goalposts have been moved on that, as with many things, compared to when the likes of us were kids.

  5. Doc, I fear as you do, the club will pay the price.
    Ref the goal posts, hell yes, I am of a mind to let the SENIOR , tahst, NATIONAL level, players live and die purely by public opinion and the legal system. I would however, like to see a more concerted approach with the kids, but we need to recognise the TEAM THING, thats bonding, doing the team activities and what this can potentially result in.

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