INTENSE, The hill, continued, Sierra One.

I stopped and continued scanning the area, whilst doing so, I patted my head with a flat hand twice and immediately heard two clicking sounds, “ good” I thought, Jolls had seen the signal to form on me. Crouching down slowly, I set about scanning whilst I waited for Jolls and the prisoner to arrive.


 It had been a long time since I had heard the sounds, but finally the jungle surrounds were coming back to life, it wasn’t like suburbia, with the onset of nightfall all goes quiet. Here, in the jungles of Kalimantan after dark, another new world comes to life. Now sitting on my haunches, I listened into the symphony of noise, as I slowly scanned backwards and forwards. Peaceful I thought, but with the natural symphony of nature busting out its tunes. One could all to easily remain in their spot, oblivious to the hidden dangerous lurking in the darkness, for like day time the onset of nightfall heralded the arrival, of new dangers, for man and beast alike.

 The loss of comms and now having only our short range personal com sets was a problem I thought, not an insurmountable one, but another unnecessary complication in an op that was so far littered with them. The Colonel was sure to be pissed, no doubt about it, for we had drawn far too much attention to ourself in his part of the world, when stealth as always had been our objective.

 I was brought back to the moment by Joll’s, “Coming up on ya now”, I took a glance back over my shoulder and sure enough, there was Joll’s and our new companion somewhat dishevelled in appearance now and most definitely a reluctant traveller.

“Rodger”, I said, no point in small talk at the moment, other things were starting to lay on my mind, I called Joll’s back. “ Jolls, tie our friend up to that tree on your left, an come up”, two short Clicks followed over the radio, good, it was perhaps time for us to discuss the other operational implications of the not so stealthy snatch and grab we had initiated.

 Joll’s came back over the radio, “ time H”, I pulled back the glove and took a quick peek, sure enough, 0635 hours, just starting to get some external light filter through to us. I really wanted to RV before it became fully light, sneaking around this area in daylight, with fuck knows how may TNI roaming about as well, was just asking for us to get our arses shot off, “ 0635 Jolls, we need to giddy up some I think”, then….. all hell broke loose. I snatched up the MP and scanned the entire frontage, immediately behind me, I heard Jolls dump our prisoner and other sounds that I gathered were him tying him up, a faint tear of gaffer tape came to my ears, as Jolls gagged our little friend.

 “ What the fucks going on”, Joll’s asked over the radio. I thought for a minute, this was a big fucking problem. Out in front roughly 150-200 meters I figured, Dante’s prelude to hell had started, Several guns I figured had opened up on something, and they sounded like M60’s, maybe a 58, but the amount of rounds being spat out, at what I figured were our people was huge.


Spinning around, I noticed Jolls had closed the gap, now coming to a rest beside me, panting slightly he looked up. “ You’re the boss H, what’s the plan”. Fuck knows I thought, it was certainly my first thought, but one thing was for sure, it was TNI doing the shooting, so it had to be our guys getting fired up. I Quickly brushed aside some of the loose leaves and shit on the ground, whilst I extracted the mag light, turning on the red filtered light, I sketched out my thoughts and hasty plan, “ Right, we are here, nth west of 615, that’s the RV point, as I shifted my finger slightly across the map. Those guns are coming from between us ad the hill, which means the TNI are making an assault on the feature and Burger one one are the target. If I was the Indonesian commander, I would flank left I think, those guns are static and still cracking rounds out. As if to emphasise the point, another long series of snarling burst could be heard from 615’s direction. “Burger one one doesn’t have enough fire power to stop that sorta attack, so they either remain in place or bug out, question is, how the fuck are we gunna link up with them if they bail from the hill, co’s they can’t stay and fight against hose numbers”.

 Joll’s looked at he mud map, “ H, I reckon we have two choices, we either flank far right and come up behind burger one one and hope ta fuck the don’t fire us up as we come in, or we hit who ever is shooting at them from the rear”


I had been wondering about the  attack on the enemy gun groups from the rear, “ok, lets be quick, lock in the grid ref here an tie our man up, we have to come back and get him no matter what, our com sets, do you have the freq’s for burger one one” I asked, looking straight at Jolls. He broke into a wide grin, that I could just make out, courtesy of white teeth and a camouflaged face.” Yeah H, got them right here”, he opened up his shirt top an pulled out the map pouch inside of a  cotton sleeve.


“Wicked, it’s a long shot, but I think once we are with 200- to 250 of Burger in this close terrain we should be able to radio them, frags, what ya got” I enquired, Jolls held up three fingers, “two frag and one willie, H, 6 HE for the 203 as well”, as Jolls patted he bottom tube.


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