well. its now official, the beast, thats me WR has been sold, its prudent planning, but selling off a loved one, something that gives you so much joy, is only tempered by the number of beers I have had. Ask me what I reckon when one of the mates asked m to come riding in the next three months. I suspect it will beinvective and spittle lined, about eight feet fucking thick.

Other nws….hmmm. FA really, jus some tryping, somecleaning of the nike before i sold the bastard and , god fucking help them, should one of  those fucking cretins ojn either side of the fence in Canberra  EVER come across my path and be fucking stupid enough to sprout their model of how shite could be done. Simple fact is, politics fucks eberything eight ways from christmans and ensure we get bent over wioith maddingly regualrity. Bout the only good thing at the MO, is that the pondo’s beer fridge has an ample supply iof Beers. Fuck kev 27 fucking seven and his rotund predessor and  would not piss on the lot on dem if they were all on fire. Well, if it threatended to spread to me house, thats different.


Asside from that, shoot the fcukers, shoot the fucwads who reckon collaterlaise debt was a SOUND FUCKING MODEl and who the hell pays the arseholes anyways…RANT OVER. typins for shit and nuffin has been spell checked either.




9 thoughts on “Hmmmm. FUCKTHEGFC, IMHO

  1. “selling off a loved one, something that gives you so much joy”
    Mmmmm sounds like you are selling your wife. I’ll give you three camels for her.

  2. …Three camels and a six pack…

    To put up with a house FULL of HAVOCKS she must be awesome.

    Three camels, a six pack, and a cuban cigar!.

  3. Moko, all yours. I’ve only got Colombian Cigars.

    H, you could always pretend by riding your son’s bike around the garden making “Vrrrmmm” noises.

  4. he he he.. Yafunny bunch you lot, aren’t you all. Good thing a bloke can get a boat load of support around here when in dire straights and suffering under undue stresses , whilst at the same time keeping you lot all fluffed up, AND at the same time keeping the planet safe…lol.

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