Short JOB HUNT UPDATE & other Shite

Called the consultant back from yesterdays interview. He spoke with both on the INTERVIEWERS this morning. His words,” They were very impressed with you, seems you made a good impression”. thats great, hows about giving me the fucking job. I didn’t say that of course. They will get back to him, Monday or Tuesday. received a call this arvo also and an EMAIL, the job out east mob, who received the CV, want to go a step further. Seems I need to fill out this Gummit Doc over the weekend and shoot it back asap. Which we shall do.


The other two positions I was put up for, by the FIRST consultant, are still on the go, the Global HQ, nearly finished that they are considering me for, will get back as well next week. So we are not dead there either yet.

I have however, decided that the Purse strings shall be opened a wittle tonight or sat arvo, I’m gunna take both the monsters and the cook to the movies, I figure Michelle might like to see tome in the new one, death and Angels or whatever the fuck it is, I want to see it as well. the two lads, well, they want to see STAR TREK, so i am hoping we can tee up two screenings at the same time, time will tell.


Alls good, boss lady is a little crook again, hop THAT gets better.


folded washing today and domestic chores etc,OH. I twigged to something else as well.

When you hear JB and Flintahrt talking about work outs or gym sessions, well its co’s if they have been on their arse and EAT like I have been, you either EXPLODE or work out. Luckily, I think I have a greater metabolism than BOTH, made of sterner stuff and have a bigger ticker. I can say that because I’m a fucking long distance from both…more so the Tasmanian feral..


have a good weekend all.


9 thoughts on “Short JOB HUNT UPDATE & other Shite

  1. I love it when an employment consultant says you made a good impression. My reaction is the same as yours – give me a start date and I’LL be impressed. Good luck.

  2. I’m with you. Nice that the impression was good, now how about an offer? At least you didn’t come off sounding like some sort of yarbo!

    You’ll want to see ‘Star Trek’. ‘Angels and Demons’ I’m not sure about, but it might be all right.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Doc: Thanks Mate, I shall, beer and football

    Therbs: With ya, hell yes..JUST GIMME THE FUCKING JOB!.lol

    Abe: thanks my man. cook up, hell, how about a HAVOCK sausage…

    Lerm: it

    Naut: ME TOO, more drugs she grabbed from the quack, good nights sleep last night.Thank FUCK man. Thanks Al.

    YD. The trek has been done. OK, but slightly disappointed, it lack BOOM and ACTION for me.

    Jen: I shall, yeah I reckon its a good idea, you stay safe and have a good one too.

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