For those that need Pictures with a story

OK, this should give you a Picture of where we are at with the current Intense scenes, in Relation to Sierra one and Burger One One Patrols, wiff da stoushes so far and the TNI.

Just created a new character, dam isn’t that a little different, only because he is a bad guy, but its funny, they start to grow on you as well. This also help ME, keep track off shite and what I am doing with the scenes as well. So before the LAST PICTURE is another new scene, an intro to our new ENEMY Character.

Contact Layout. THE HILL



scouts engagement Burger 11

Filing immediately with rage, more so for the failure to check on their comrades the commander had made the two COWARDS as he told them, his new 1st and 2nd scouts, both troopers immediately wilted before his eyes, as they realised the fatal consequence of their error, they might not see out the night, at the current rate things were progressing.

 The Indonesian captain called in his senior NCOs’, when his sergeant and corporal had arrived he briefed them on his plans, the short version as far as he could see it, was they would assault in two groups, onto hill 615, the feature to their immediate front. Seeing as they still had 28 troops in the patrol, when taking into account the loss of his two scouts, he planed on dividing up into two groups. Group 1 would consist of his two gun groups , in total 10 troopers, the remaining 18 would conduct a flanking assault around to the left whilst his sergeant, who would command the fire teams remained in place.

 The manoeuvre was simple, from the fire teams; they would direct a steam of suppressive fire onto the feature whilst team two conducted the flanking assault

 Captain Sumi Chakrabarty knelt down, slowly reaching aground to his webbing bum bag, he unsnapped the Vietnam era clips and extracted a 1:25K map of the area. Whilst he was unfolding the map, both his sergeant and corporal arrived, one kneeling either side of him, their faces blackened, small droplets of sweat, spread across each ones brow.

 Sergeant Chandrasaka was a veteran, with nearly 18 years service in the Indonesian armed forces, of which  fully 6 was with the TNI’s Kopassus units, he was not unaccustomed to difficult situations. The problem as far as he could see, was that the other patrols commanders simply had no clue, as to either what was going on, or how to conduct assaults for that matter.

His Captain though, like himself was a veteran as well, not something bragged about, just that air, with which one carries oneself, the captain had it, he did and as luck was with them so, did most of their patrol members.

 Whist the Captain consulted his map; the sergeant brought him up to speed on their status and layout of the troops. “Sir”, whispered he sergeant, just loud enough to get the attention of his superior and also to let him no he had more to say. The captain continued scanning he map under the red filtered torch light then spoke,

“Yes Chandra, what is it, be quick my friend, as I fear time is not working for us at the moment”.

 The captain stopped looking at the map briefly, lifting his head slightly as if looking to the gods above, he sniffed in quickly a lung full of air and turned to look at is second in command, “ speak my friend, what’s our status”.

 Chandra worshiped his captain, he was no fool he thought and neither was Chandra himself, cradling his 16 across his lap, the sergeant Lent forward and traced a finger across the map the Captain had laid out on the ground.

“ Sir, I have the patrol now moving into a rough all-round defensive positions, both your gun groups are on the extremities of the line”, circling a finger on the map, he indicated where. “ additionally we have two, to man teams laced at our rear either side of the trail, about 30 yards either side and I have a response section of 8 men in the centre for attack response in case we are hit whilst held up”.

 Sumi, considered what his sergeant had said, and noted his satisfaction with a simple nod of his head, shuffling his weight slightly on his haunches, he laid out what he thought were the dispositions of the enemy, their patrols on the other side of the hill an just how he proposed to conduct the attack.

 “Sergeant, Corporal, we are gong to split into three groups, they will be as follows, Group one will be commanded by you Tikeash,” Looking directly at his corporal, the captain scanned for any signs of concern, he was met with a simple nod, before he continued, “Good, you will have one element of the defensive line on the western side of this trail, here, that’s gun group one, Chandra, you will have gun group two, which will set up over here on the opposite side, I, will take the balance of our patrol, 18 troopers and split them into two collum’s of 8 each”.

 Sumi stopped briefly to let each of his subordinates scan the map an take in what he had already said, both looked at he map some more an nodded.

 “ Excellent, what I propose, that with two elements in single file, until contact is made, will flank left from here approximately 100 meters, then hook back to this hill 615 from almost the south east corner. Before we hit the base of the feature I will contact you , at that point! I want both teams to lay own suppressive fire, across the front of the feature and unless you can still See return fire coming from it, shift you fires to within 50 feet of the summit. Keep control of your troops, because once we are half way up the hill, I will pop a green flare and you are to cease fire, team 2 stay in place, team one on the Right side is to advance parallel to the trail and clear any units between there and the far side of the hill, it should also let you engage any enemy that happen to retreat off he hill, or if need be, conduct a hasty attack into the enemy’s rear”, stopping and  Looking at them both  “are we clear on this”.

 The acknowledgement cam from both at the same time “ Sir”, along with a vigorous nod of the head from each.

 TNI Assault Plan & def Fire


10 thoughts on “For those that need Pictures with a story

  1. Although I am a little dissappointed that you haven’t actually built a mud model and taken photos of that! 🙂

  2. lerm, i fear the sand top / mud table model in the study, might just piss the cook off a little…

  3. Duck me fed! That is the shiznit, dude. The maps are fantastic.
    There’s this girl I intend stalking. You don’t do plans on commission do you?

  4. thanks Therbs. YEP…..for a smallish fee, WE WILL DO ANYTHING..wellm sorta.

  5. I shiver at the scale of this thing. Saaay . . .did you go into this much detail when you were courting the Chief Cook?

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