Got a call yesterday arvo from a recruiter. they have a Job vacancy which is located in Box Hill, its in my area of expertise, money is good is a pkg of 95K plus a car. But its located in BOX HILL, involves multiple sites in that area.

Box Hill from here will be 1.5 hours travel each way, possibly an hour an 15 minutes each way, depending on what time of day I can start and finish. froma REVENUE perspective I am tempted to say yes, send the CV in and I will go for an interview. But as we discussed on the phone, the travel is the one I need to get my head around.


The boss lady, thinking of inbound cash to the household says yes, also I know this gig will be of assistance for further education. I want my OH & accreditation. Just for that piece of paper. As far as I am concerned, I would go up against ANY, fully qualified HSSE, OH & S and enviro weenie out there, I know that shit well and that also comes from extensive work in hazardous enviros, but a lot , I mean a lot of employers want that qualification. So that could be a bonus.


BUT!, I do not want to take on a job, that in three months time I am sick to go dam death of because of the amount of driving, it looks bad for me, it looks bad for the recruiter and will piss off the NEW BOSS or employer NO FUCKING END.

or..Am I being too picky, when reality says I really AM not in THAT good a position to be picky..THOUGHTS


22 thoughts on “Dilemma!

  1. I’d take it & then leave as soon as you get a better offer. It is a dog eat dog world. As yr last employer showed – companies owe you nothing – you owe them nothing. Grab it by the balls – squeeze every last drop of marrow from the bastard, then toss the scraps on the floor when a more succulent piece comes along.

  2. Havock

    Been there done that.

    I commuted between Greenbank(southside of Brisbane) to the Sunshine Coast(about a 2 hour drive) for 2 months and eventually gave up and moved house.

    Is relocating an option?

    I have no doubts that there are plenty of people in Sydney and/or Melbourne that do a 90 minute commute every day and just get on with it.

    I guess you have to decide if you have other likely prospects in the near future.

  3. NO! Don’t take it! This job puts you 20 minutes away from me. I can’t monitor fallout from your operations and have time to evac. THE RULE IS : YOU STAY NORTH OF THE YARRA> I STAY SOUTH.

  4. Congrats on the offer!

    That is a tough one. Is there a train you can catch to work and back? That way you could at least sit back and read or work on your writing during the commute.

  5. Funnily enough, I agree with Lerm. It’s better to go for it and then if something more attractive comes along move on. If you are clever in your exit interview you will not burn any bridges. If you are not clever, probably won’t matter anyway as you will already have another job. How are you going to feel if you pass on it and nothing else turns up?

    I drive 1hr 15mins each way and it sucks donkey balls. But it pays the bills, including a large slice of my education bills.

  6. Take it. What’s the drive like, is it highways, country roads, urban stopstart? If it’s a relaxing drive it’s probably not a bad thing – gives you time on the way to work to get yourself mentally ready for the day, on the way back to unwind so your work stresses are goneski by the time you see the fam. Good mate of mine runs research drilling for a coal mine in western NSW, it’s a 1.5 hr commute, used to flat near the site during the week but he just drives it these days (young bub in the house). Though Naut could probly comment more accurately on what a >1hr commute is like on a regular basis

  7. Then again I like driving, so I’m probably fkn mad. Get something that doesn’t suck more gas than the space shuttle. (Is your LPG ute functional yet?)

  8. BAAAAH, fucking hell. Yeah, CHAZ also agrees to, take the bastard if its offered. just rang him back and said DO IT!, send in the CV.

    THEN I get a call from Another recruiter, Interview at 11.30 Thursday, for one of the gigs in town, good cash 105K, for a fund manager, but I suspect they want some one with a heavy engineering Mech / elct background, well, thats what the recruiter and me thought on the spec, he shot cross to them my CV and they want to see me, so thats a good thing.

    BRIAN..you would love having me that close…lol.

    Doc. yeah, kalf is open roads, i might be able to cut across the top of the northern subs and drop down, in which case I WANT A BULL BAR, skippy out the back here is bad. they supply a vehicle with the job too, but the beaut ute is now on gas.

  9. Go for it H. Opportunities are getting scarce and those chasing the jobs are getting larger and you can always take up the better offer if it comes along.

    A small sacrifice for income security and keeping the family fed.

  10. That IS a dilemma. My last job involved about an hour’s commute. If the money is good, go for it-even with the long drive. However, if that gig in town works out, so much the better. Good luck, chief-we’re pulling for you.

  11. Al, YD,

    yeah, right again, most are the same, take whats there, I guess I get to listen to MY music in car at least, maybe crash into some Roo’s along the way. I wonder if the council would let me put a Five Post Bull bar on the Vehicle, Cb and UHF aerials, Bull driving lights and hell, maybe even some three foot long Neon bar lights as well down da side.

    NUP, ..hell, maybe get the job FIRST!.

  12. Havock : If you’re that close, I’d have to supply distractions. Nearest gunshop/archery spot for a start.

    All the best though.

  13. Havock can you take it as a temporary measure and plan to keep your eye on things and move onto something better?
    It sounds like there’s a few possibilities opening up.
    I’d weigh it up and see if its going to look good on your CV to be with this place and consider wear and tear on your vehicle. There’s fuel and depreciation unless they supply one. Then consider how long you could stick it.
    All of us are different with driving, some are good with it and some just hate it.

    The bloke has been in this position a couple of times and I’ve said ‘Look, just take it until something better comes up and each time he’s said yes, within a week or so the recruitment agency has come up with something more suitable.
    Its funny how sometimes saying yes can change your Employment Feng.
    And it might be a weight off your mind AND hopefully you’d get to keep your beloved bike.


  14. Good luck with the interview tomorrow. I’d be tempted to hang out for that one, but it’d be a risk. If you take the one with the 75 minute commute you’ll need to fit an MS mount to clear out the roos before they get close to the Beaut Ute.
    Scoring an interview means you should have at least a one in four shot at the job. I usually narrow that down to one in two by being a smart bastard. Then you just massacre them at interview.

  15. Quokka, about what the cook suggested, yeah keeping the bike would be nice, but I have decided to sell it anyways, just to be safe.

    Doc…spot on,

    therbs: mmm MS Mount, might have to get some spec’s from JB.. heres hoping it all goes well.

  16. Havock that’s too bad about your bike. Just a word of advice with the bank – if you’re dealing with them, march in there and deal with a face, not a voice over the phone. We just extended our loan so that we can finish the place off in case we have to downsize and sell – and a house with no front door and two unfinished bathrooms does not carry much in the way of charisma – and the mongrels ‘lost’ our loan. It was meant to be in on Day X and 2 weeks later the cash was still not in our account. Major grief as we’d ordered all the bits and pieces. We are with NAB and eventually I just got The Bloke to march in there and find the nearest money nerd and tell him to Fing Fix It. It took a while and we got told a crock of stories.
    Lesson learned, never deal with them over the phone.
    We used to have a personal finance guy who was lovely but they sacked him and now judging by the standards of the service I think they’ve employed all the staff who were too useless for Optus to keep on.
    We’ve heard similar stories about service from the banks being very slack and unhelpful.
    Anyway, we got it sorted but as our builder said ‘Jesus, what if you’d just bought a house?’
    We have since been referring to The Bank as ‘The Cartel’.

    Good luck with it all. We’re moving out for 6 weeks on Saturday and I won’t be online unless I can find a cybercafe that doesn’t generate Swine Flu.
    Will be thinking of you though – all the best hey. Will be back to give you cheek come July.

  17. Quokka , I Do hear ya.

    we are CTb and we have a great Loans manager who is based outta Ballarat, had him for about 6 years now, TOP EFFIN BLOKE actually, now looks after some mates and my mum and dad as well. I placed one call and he came back that arvo, then from that discussion he went away and found out what could and couldn’t be done etc and where we were at, actually he had all the details on the lappy when he first rang me, follow up received the next day and everything is now locked down for the next two months, but if i need to alter anything, I just have to call with at least two days notice and he can switch things for us. But I do hear ya.

  18. That’s great.
    We had a guy like that for a few years with the NAB, lovely bloke, sorted any stuff up and was really helpful. They laid him off and we were allocated a tosser.
    Found a good one to sort the mess out though so I hope The Cartell appreciate him.

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