Not much really, well, yeah, some things are, but I will get to them.

Posted below is the much loved and of recent significantly under Utilised WR250, 97 model two stroke enduro bike the HAVOCK owns. Thats is, own at the moment and is now selling. WHY!, well its simple, I want that cash in the bank as a buffer. Hopefully I will land a Job in the next week or so and the Bike will not have Sold, I’ll then take it off the market. But until that happens,, surplus assets of the Pondo, one only really are on the choppin block.

Some lucky punter is now gunna score himself a fully rebuilt bike and by that I mean I spent 1800 dollars on a full engine rebuild..the FUCKER FLIES. Never mind.


Funny thing about Enduro two stokes, the 250 will stay with a 450 four stoke, until you get up near warp speeds, but in the medium and tight stuff, gimme the 2 bangar. Whats also not known, is that the 2 stroke enduros, especially the late models, have so much torque its not funny, for the lazy rider, than can be riddin like a four stroke. BUT, twist that throttle hard and ZAP, the fucker will pin your ears back, and go like stink.


Funny thing with the dirt bike market. A lot of people are now realising with second hand four strokes, that a bike as complicated in the engine as they are, which now can rev to 14,000 rpms, tend to wear shit out FAST, valves, cams, timing chains, lifters, springs and so forth. And require EXPENSIVE rebuilds. The two stroke, is much simpler, one of the reasons I like them.



Other news, well, called my bank manager this morning, I suggested I might want to look at either interest only payments or defer the next two, which he was quite happy with either way. I also discovered that the shit has hit the fan so bad generally, the CTB has sent up a special department JUST FOR THIS KINDA THING. He is also going to work out just how far ahead in payments we are, the loan duration was down to half, SO I AM HOPING WE HAVSOME BUFFER THERE AS WELL!.

I mus say, it fucking kills me to have to do that, but i need to do it now and not at the last minute, on top of , of course are daily bills, so they need to be met as well. We will see how it all pans out, but the squeeze is sorta on.

ON THE GOOD NEWS FRONT, two new agencies called me back, they have Jobs for a MEGA large Multi national in Ballarat, its a CRITICAL SITE THERE, that requires an FM and seems Ballarat does not have lots of FM’s floating around, which just quietly I would agree with, so my CV is on its way there. The other mob who called after i left a message, have large Petro chem clients, some who make OIL spills in frozen areas of the plant. maybe I can help with their HSSE and logistics. Anyways, they are always looking I am told, so the CV is off there as well.


Still waiting for call backs….or not, on some applications sent out, still have cash at this point, still got a missus and kids and so forth, so the world has by no means come to an end.


Generally, I suppose I would not post about this sort of stuff, maybe a small comment here and there, but I guess as most of you lot who visit are aware already its no biggie and might also be a good bit of therapy for me as well. So the next task is to set up the ebay account, upload photos of the beast and get it on line advertised and so forth, OH..and do some more writing, take the monster smallest to the footy training tonight and see what else pops up on the HAVOCK radar over the next four hours or so.


18 thoughts on “Its a EFFIN DARK DAY!

  1. At least you’re being sensible H alot of people out there are still not making contingencies.

    BTW does the bike come with a kick start?

  2. Yeah, good luck on the job front, sorry to see the bike go. Its certainly going to go to someone who will have a lot of fun.

  3. Good luck, Havock. We’d just bought our first home when the 91 recession hit and The Bloke didn’t have paid work for nearly 2 years. It was a really stressful time and we did a lot of budget cuts and I made a lotta things out of lentils, carrots and cottage cheese because we were so skint. He’s in an industry that could go arse up so we’re in the throes of putting our house in order just in case the worst happens and we have to downsize. I think the odd thing is that because we lived through it last time we’re a bit more philosophical about the GFC now.

    Good luck with it all, hey.

  4. CHAZ, yeah I know, It could be worse to, I could be selling a KID, ..Nah..IT FUCKING WORSE THAN SELLING A KID I RECKON. And fuck me, you have a mem like an elephant…YES!, YES!, its got a fucking kick stater..BASTARD!

    Barnes, thanks. And me too, it would be nice

    Quokka: YEAH, funny, makes me think a lot of people are prepared, its that young gen e have talked about, that it may well slam HARD.

    HAD two calls from recruitment agencies this arvo, two meetings tomorrow, in Industries I WANT!.. cross ya fingers we make stage 2.

    OH, and made a BIG GOD DAM BOOBO. I took it for a blast up the back just before, ITS WICKED.. now I REALLY DONT WANT TO SELL IT, it flies!. fuck fuck fuck!.

  5. First born sons don’t sell for much these days. Sadly, or I’d have flogged my years ago for NEVER CALLING HIS MOTHER! GRRRR.

  6. Nice lookin bike! Fingers crossed for you over the next couple of days – always a belt for a burst


  7. I have a feeling something is going to turn up for you very shortly, no logic to it, just a feeling.

    Great looking bike, looks really well looked after.

  8. Yeah, I reckon you’ll be ok H, hey, I’ll take the bike off your hands if you can deliver ?

  9. Hughesy give the sod a nudge. Don’t know how old yours is but they do go through a phase of being…ugh…young men…teenager brain in young adult bodies. I have nephews that are 27 & 28 and they’ve been scarce the last few years. You’ve gotta poke ’em with something sharp occasionally. They come around. The girls did. They went through that phase too and then something ticked over and us olds weren’t so daggy after all.

    Havock even I’m salivating at the look of that bike. We took the hound for a walk yesterday down the Yeronga corso, hadn’t been there for a while and we noticed one of those BMX bike dirt jumps tucked away up back of the sewerage treatment plant. You know the kind of thing – dunno what they’re called but its the kind of track the girls went over in the second charlie’s angels movie.

    I have spent much of today wishing I was a teenage boy with a dirt bike and a death wish.

  10. Hav – that’s a shame having to put the Havock Bike on the market. Just ain’t right. You’re doing the right thing of course, preparing for the worst, getting Mr Bank on side, but fuck! The bike! Can’t cook up some drugs or grow some dope or sumfin?
    Good luck with the job fishing! With all the infrastructure shit about to happen FM jobs should come up.

  11. Lerm..ALWAYS!…BOX, whole god dam minimi Pouch,,lol

    Naut: I reckon you are right, soon wiff a bit of luck we ,might be employed

    Drej: Thanks, I fear, the bike my well have some wear & tear after riding it up to you, great trip up, it was a, shes a little the worse for wear from the trip…lol

  12. THERBS..some things are a BITCH, thats for sure. Its possible we may score a gig before she goes to a new home..hope so, but if not, the bright side is, down the trcak. I WILL BUY ANOTHER FUCKING BIKE!. The last blast I just went for was sooooooo god dam good its not funny.

  13. DOC, you would not believe just HOW close, HOW often we have come to necking ourselves on the machine. Fuckers bring out the worst in ya..YEAH, HEALL I CAN DO THAT…..NOT..OOOOPS, followed by hopefully a small ouch.

    Bangar, it is, but it could also be a fuckload worse too!.

  14. Cripes, chief, that bike looks new. Don’t blame you for not wanting to sell but it is smart to get some cash in hand as well. Family comes first in this case.

    Good luck-hoping one of those opportunities comes through for you!

  15. Mate if anybody can make something happen here it’s you. Like you said there will be other bikes AND you still have the wife and kids.
    good luck mate

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