INTENSE: Full Court Press , continued.

The first section is a re cap again for ya. I have marked the NEW section further down. enjoy.




“Murph we have movement toward the summit”, Rodger that Nat, sit tight, lets Hold people and wait till we get more in the kill zone”, it was starting to look like the southern group was going to get hit first, not good Murph thought.  “Al copy”, It was Murph, “ Yeah Murph what ya got”, Al looked back across to the summit, he could just make out the figures, it was almost dark now, light was playing into their hands and was probably the reason they had not been hit from either direction sooner. “ Al if we get hit first I want you guys to stand fast, I think these two patrols are talking and looking to flush whatever’s on the hill, I expect the opposite group to try and infiltrate from the rear so be ready”, “ Rodger that” replied Al.


Murphs thoughts turned to the first Indonesian unit they had encountered, they had moved off west into the valley and out of sight, Where are you know I wonder, Murph thought to himself. Murph was a little concerned, that unit had totally disappeared, it was likely they were catching hell from Sierra one, but they odds were better that Sierra one was doing it tuff. Murph pulled back his sleeve and flipped open the leather cover on his watch, the luminescent numbers came to life, another 20 minutes and they were due to RV with Sierra at the RV point, and yet here they were still on this fucking hill. Murphs thoughts were interrupted, more gunfire over the ridge followed by a serious string of explosions, almost like claymores.


“Nat, get on the horn and see if you can raise Sierra one again”, Murph twisted in his position back towards the summit, pulling his gen 4 NVG’s down for a better look, it was now dark’, MY TIME he thought to himself. Murph heard Nat calling Sierra one, twice now and still no reply, suddenly the radio came to life, “ Sierra……heavy contact pris……wounded.. still heading for RV estimate 15 minutes, have broken contact, low on ammo over”. Murph came alive, they were still in the game and in one piece, sort of. “ Sierra one this is Burger one, read you, be advised ETA 20 mikes plus H, estimate 30 plus TNI in our vicinity, wait at RV Out”. Murph relaxed a little, he hoped to god Sierra one received his transmission.


The spiralling upwards object left a trail of sparkles, as it arched over the top of Burgers one and two positions, beautiful thought YD,…………… SHIT!, “Flare” YD called over the radio. ALL the members on the hill instantly froze in place, although they were not really moving in the first place.  YD came back up on the net, “ Flare came from the valley below Murph back in 200 plus, your 2 o’clock”, with that the flare burst to life. 500 feet above the members of Burger one and two the hand held flare came to life, its fuse having completed it burn the explosive detonated, discharging its parachute first, as soon as the air hit the explosive magnesium mix the flare came to life, bright white light, about 4 million candle power, enough to light up half a grid square.


Burger one and two were frozen in place as the flare lazily drifted towards the jungle floor below, the shadows moved now, always an issue for new troopers, as the source of light descended all the shadows moved in unison. And here was the trick, those shadows that moved unusually, against the grain were what you were looking for, still it was difficult, everything was in that eerie white light. Snowman looked down a little, the gen 4 NVG’s were well shielded against the artificial light, but this didn’t stop the goggles flaring a little under such extreme illumination, there!, movement on the edge of the hill, several people suddenly appeared at once, moving towards them at a very quick pace. AW ‘s throat mike activated,

 “Murph I have seven TNI approaching 30 yards and closing fast on my position, no NVG’s present”. “ Murph didn’t hesitate, “ at 20 let’ em have it AW, Call it out, ok people its about to start, keep cool”. Murph felt for the safety and flicked the selector to three round burst on the M16, Ready to rock he thought.

 AW, surveyed the scene in front through his NVG’s, that eerie green hue with grey and black making up the scene as well, he could clearly see the approaching TNI Infantry, the overhead flare merely making their detection easier, and ruining the Indonesians night vision. At the rate the flare was dropping it would be another 15 to 20 seconds before it faded out completely, not quite soon enough he thought.

 AW pulled the stock of his SAW in closer, he’d selected the group slightly off to his left, and called out as he depressed the trigger, unleashing chaos in their small part of the jungle. “Contact front”, AW called and pulled the trigger the final stage, walking a full 20 round burst of 5.56 millimetre slugs into the 2IC of the Indonesian patrol.

 The tracer rounds never had time to ignite and AW was temporarily blinded by the foot long muzzle flash of the saw, shattering the night silence with its deafening roar, at 30 yards. As he walked the barrel slightly right, the four TNI regulars which had bunched up slightly caught nearly all his rounds, only those missing spearing off across the hill and igniting. The 2IC took a full five rounds across his lower abdomen, almost completely severing his torso in half, bowel, intestines and body parts ripped to pulp as both the slugs them selves mushroomed out, tore body organs and the sheer shock trauma from the rounds passage added to the pulpy mess,  he collapsed backwards from the successive impacts, rapidly going into shock and bleeding out.

 The Saw’s rounds continued right and climbing slightly, stitching one trooper in the chest and the second round tearing his arm off at the shoulder , spinning him as he collapsed to the ground writhing and screaming .The impact causing him to snatch the trigger on his M16 , sending rounds careening off back over the head of Murph as the rest of Burger 1 opened up all across the hill line.

 The Indonesian troopers numbers had been cut down by the two claymores, and there were only 11 members of the once 18 man patrol left, fully 9 of these died in the opening onslaught of fire from the Australians.

 The night was rudely interrupted for the Indonesian patrol commander, firstly they had blundered into what was thought to be some old booby traps, wounding 4 of his men, 2 critically, he’d then been forced to detail another two troopers along with his medic to look after them, as the balance checked out the hill to their front. Now it seemed as if all hell had broken loose, tracer rounds and muzzle flashes could be seen all across the hill, long snarling bursts of automatic machine gun fire, Squad weapons he thought, what have we walked into?.  He screamed for his troopers to respond and three did so, the rest were either dead, cowering or as his ears told, writhing and screaming in agony.

 They had to move he thought, but with so few men what could he possibly do, the commander stuck his head up to survey the scenery, it seemed as if as quick as the machine and rifle fire had started it had again stopped, where had they gone, had the enemy broken contact?. He grabbed his M16 and got to all fours, looking over to his left and around the large mahogany tree that had been providing his cover, when he saw the muzzle flash to his front.

 Murph had already used a clip and a half in the brief contact, his troopers like all elite soldiers had only fired at targets that had presented themselves, fire discipline in he ADF and in particular he SAS was ingrained. Like most engagements, this one was no different, intense, brutal action the penultimate assault on the human bodies senses,   when no more targets had presented themselves the firing ceased of its own accord, aside from some barely audible moans of the Indonesian wounded out front, he could hear no other sounds.




 Murph checked in on his team, “ Burger one team, status check”. One by one all members of his four man sub section checked in. all were good. “ All members hold position, be ready for fight through I want to clear this hill top down towards the trail and then high tail it back here, stand by”. Murph put his night scoped M16 back to his shoulder and scanned across the area in front, THERE!, an Indonesian soldier was getting up and had stuck his head around the corner of that fucking huge tree.

 Murph automatically swung back and placed the cross hairs on the targets head and depressed the trigger, the three rounds barked out of the M16, creating a foot long muzzle flash and once again the night time stillness was shattered. Murph watched as the three round strike home almost instantaneously, like a watermelon being shot, the Indonesian troops head simply exploded in a great puff of red blood, bone fragments and brain matter, falling backwards as the momentum of the rounds entering his skull forced his head back, before expanding inside and turning the back half to mush.

 The trooper crumpled to the ground, Murph called out, “ Burger one team Move forward GO!”, and with that Murph, AW, Natalie and Barnes advanced, there was no Hollywood like assault, no firing from the hip, one hand holding the weapon, the team simply rose as one, ghostly with their night vision equipment and moved forward

 Immediately to Natalie’s front were two Indonesian troopers, still writhing on the ground, now without the overhead illumination and totally oblivious to her approach, mind you she would not have considered it a stealthy approach because they were at a quick walking pace, as she got to within 15 yards of the two wounded troopers Nat  fully raised the steyr to her shoulder, centring the reticle on the nearest she squeezed the trigger, sending the 5.56mm fully jacketed round in the top of the troopers skull, killing him instantly, immediately swinging the steyr right and putting another round into his partner on her way down the slope, “ two more down  here Murph”, Nat called.

 Murph shot a quick glance over towards Natalie’s location, faintly in the NVG’s field, he though he could make out Natalie slinking through he jungle, “Rodger that Nat, proceed on”

 Methodically and with brutal efficiency the Burger 1 team moved down from their positions, placing a round in anything that looked vaguely alive, this approaching death, the muzzle flashes slowly creeping towards them terrifying the final two troopers, who were still alive out front of Barnes. Up till this point, coming down off the hill Barnes had not needed to fire his weapon, aside from the initial volley into a pair on TNI regulars, which as they were missing their top brain function apparatus when he found them meant he didn’t really need to shoot them again.

 He could clearly see the pair whispering as they crawled away, back down the hill, whilst he called Murph, “ Murph gotta Pair over here still alive, we want prisoners”. Murph though about Barnes call briefly, Intel would be good, but then He wasn’t into pure cold blooded murder, once they took them in as prisoners there was no way he would kill them, they then became an unnecessary complication for the patrol. He called Barnes back, no emotion in his voice, “ Take’ em out”, was all he said, there by consigning two more to meet their maker.

 Barnes flanked left a little further, and slowed his pace some, now quietly picking his way the through low canopy section of the jungle, he stopped. Gently with total silence and the fluidity of a cobra, Barnes raised his weapon up, the two troopers were side by side , quietly whispering to each other, no doubt terrified and trying to work out what in the hell they were going to do.

 Barnes instinctively inhaled, “ Via Con dios Amigos”, was all he whispered , depressing the trigger, the Steyr barked once drilling he first trooper between he shoulder blades, he impact slamming the torso into the ground, his compatriot on his left jumped at he sound, but his movement was only momentary, as Barnes smoothly tracked left and briefly fully squeezed the F8’s trigger. The 4 rounds from the fully automatic depression of the trigger stitched their way across his body, mercifully ending the troopers pain. “ two more down here Murph” Barnes called as he continued on towards the trail in the valley below.

 Behind Murphs assault group, Als, team listened in on the assault and its progress. Al, was all to aware that the Indonesians might try at any moment to assault  to the hilltop through the position they now occupied, although the loss of their scouts would trouble them, assuming they were aware the scouts were now dead courtesy of Simon and his silenced MP5. Although the overall vision of their front was good, Al still did not have the same view as Simon down the trail.

 Any normal commander who lost both scouts would flank left or right, depending on the strength of the opposition, which at this point they did not know, prudence would also dictate  they try and retrieve their two fallen scouts, as a minimum, what worried Al, was the patrol might well be large, anything over 15 men and they would fell secure enough with their number to assault any SF unit they may come across. At that very moment, the patrol commander, no longer in contact with his opposite number they were to Rv with, thought the same.


For some reason neither of his two scouts had reported back, which troubled him, with little choice but to determine why and what had happened to them, he’d detailed another to riflemen to move forward with caution and see what had happened. In short duration, both had returned to back to his defensive position and reported  that both the scouts had been killed, although they had not gone in for a close check.

 Filing immediately with rage, more so for the failure to check on their comrades the commander had made the two COWARDS as he told them, his new 1st and 2nd scouts, both troopers immediately wilted before his eyes, as they realised the fatal consequence of their error, they might not see out the night, at the current rate things were progressing.

 The Indonesian captain called in his senior NCOs’, when his sergeant and corporal had arrived he briefed them on his plans, the short version as far as he could se it, was they would assault in two groups, onto hill 615, the feature to their immediate front. Seeing as they still had 28 troops in the parol, when taking into account the loss of his two scouts, he planed on dividing up into two groups. Group 1 would consist of his two gun groups , in total 10 troopers, the remaining 18 would conduct a flanking assault around to the left whilst his sergeant, who would command the fire teams remained in place.

 The manoeuvre was simple, from the fire teams, they would direct a steam of suppressive fire onto the feature whilst team two conducted the flanking assault.


3 thoughts on “INTENSE: Full Court Press , continued.

  1. Another enjoyable read. And the descriptive and action parts keep getting better. There are a few minor issues with terminology and doctrine. But, they are only small. Also, you will have to think about the NVG thing. Murph apparently is wearing NVG and also looking through a night scope – which I’m sure you are aware is impossible. Usually one wears a monocle or goggles and has an IR facility on the weapon & zeroed to the weapon. The night sight is only used when your NVG facility is lost/damaged etc. But, I’ve really enjoyed your blood and guts tale so far. And my criticism is only small stuff. Just thought I’d mention it. Hope you don’t find it offensive


  2. Lerm, I didn’t even twig to the NVG and night scope, which I should have and take ya point on term and Definitely on Doctrine, I’ve kinda blended the Aus / US and Hollywood, which, I really need to be careful with, because you and many other I have no doubt pick that up. NO ISSUES what so ever.

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