Well, I think it was Uamada that came up with the Name. I just tossed a beer Sodden thought out there to see what would happen. AND THE THOUGHT WAS.

Burger type gathering in, hell, I don’t know. Maybe halfway between melbourne and Brizzyland…BEDAKS place, then we can also trash the Very Toffy joint he is El Presidante at in Wagga as well.


OK, so maybe not, and mopres the point I have not spoken with Simon. But Naut figured we could buy a Steer or two, Allen figured we could Migrate to Fuel Air Explosives on Simons place, Doc Yobbo, Naut , U  figured Lerm would be up for a POSH ROAD TRIP south.


AND I HAVEN’T Spoken with JB about this either, but Ialso reckon a BOKK LAUNCH, PRE RELEASE, SIGNED  so those bastards in the US get it AFTER we all do in OZ. I’m not one to hold a gridge EVER!. well..maybe.


Anyways, I figured I would toss it out there, thoughts, Venues, duration and so forth. I guessed 12 months notice, sorta gives everybody plenty of time to save and we get time to organise it, assuming of course we have participants who happen to think its a good idea. My other driver, by out west, was keeping the god dam costs down. I’m off to track down bedaks e/mail addy. Gimme ya thoughts all. I’ll check’em tomorrow after I stop drinking.


20 thoughts on “BURGERSTOCK 2010

  1. Hell yes, and I don’t think it would be a burgerfest with out you Hughsey, or you DD

  2. ‘Burger type gathering in hell’

    Well you did say Wagga I guess – apols to Bedes for the offence he’s unlikely to take

  3. girls, chicks, wenches, ferals, lizards and generally anybody OH..and Ladies.

    Now that I have no Piss in me, I need to flesh out some Logistical issues, but some questions will need to be answered by you lot, the punters who would attend. So once I have the list together I will put it up.

    Nother thing flashed through the head to this morning. I know we will not get all the US people, and those scattered to hell and back. But I figure this would be a start.

    SO, the other idea was a SKYPE HOOK UP, perhapd, if we get a group together in the US and here at the same time….just a thought!.

  4. Hmm maybe if te Squire isn’t too happy about his estae paying host to such august company we could look at somewhere similar to that place I stayed at in Qld. You know a collection of ‘cottages’ for a max of two nights.

  5. With a years notice I can probably get permission to spend a weekend with some strange men I met on the internet. If Hughesy gives me a note.

  6. Chaz,, i gotta ping the squire, It was ONE thought, but the more I look at possible attendees, I think QLD somewhere as a venue perhaps. The upside is that we could organise a mother of a road trip UP from Melbourne, maybe collect the squire on the way type thing.

    AND JB, Hughesy will be writing a LOT of notes I suspect!.

  7. Bedak’s would be handy for me.

    I also find that Beechworth in NE Vic is good for boozey weekends.

  8. Count Scott and me in, via Skype! It’ll be a good excuse for early morning drinkin’!

    BTW, why is the date of this post August 2009? I know Australia’s ahead of us here in the States, but that is pretty far in the future!

  9. We use the DD/MM/YY convention here, Jen.

    PS I’m having trouble commenting at your blog at the moment.

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