For the nay sayers at BLUNTY

This people is what can happen…BELIEVE…The red horde is not to be trusted

Not two days ago, the RAAF bases all along the top of Northern Australia plus several other ancillary facilities, had been hit by a combined Chinese and Indonesian cruise missile attack. The results from the attack had been devastating, certainly to all the support and maintenance units, Tindal itself had been hit by no less than 12  advanced  Hypersonic Sunburn cruise missiles, Conventional warheads only.


General base facilities had taken a beating and several aircraft including one of the RAAF’s precious Wedge tail AWACs lay smouldering in their revetments, having been caught on the ground for maintenance and not able to get airborne like the rest.


The Chinese had hit Darwin, Broome, Curtain, Learmonth and Tindal with cruise missiles and followed that up with long range Badger attacks backed with Flankers on Darwin not 1 hour after the first missiles had starting popping off over the runways.


The second strikes targets had been the ARA’s barracks, looking obviously to put both the 1st Armoured regiment and 1st Cavalry regiments tanks and APC out of action early.



Fully half the ARA’s units had been caught in barracks, troop losses had been horrendous, at least two, possibly three of the sunburn missiles had been armed with Thermo-barrick warheads, and the results on the base facilities and personell were devastating. The ARA could now realistically only field one full regiment, mixed at that, with both 1st cav and 1st Armoured Regiment troopers.


Well, Dave thought, at least out OTHB radar and AWACs had provided some warning, not that 30 minutes was all that much when you wanted to mobilise thousands of personnel.


Now they were going to make the fuckers pay, that was Dave’s job, the last day had been spent planning the strike with the assets they had left, the 30 minutes raid warning had been a good send, especially for the RAAF and the Navy.


The AGEIS equipped Air warfare Destroyers, two of which were in Darwin Harbor had sortied immediately and turned on their big Billboard SPY1 advanced Radars, searching for the missiles. The tubs had detected the Sunburns at 20 miles and knocked down no less than 13 incoming birds or about half the units targeted on and around Darwin. Tindal however didn’t really have any lakes or rivers big enough to park an air warfare destroyer so they had scrambled some Foxtrot series Hornets to engage the missiles.


“Dave shivered”, the 6 Hornets scrambled for intercept had knocked down no less than 18 cruise missiles, faring much better than the vaunted air warfare destroyers. The base commander had spent the remaining time flushing all aircraft from Tindal and trying desperately to disperse his base personnel to lesson the effects of what he knew was coming.


Right, time to act like we have a clue, Dave thought, he turned and started walking over to his air operations officer, newly field promoted like himself, after the bases Commander and Air ops officer had died in the second explosion of the attack.


Pete, how are the packages looking?,” Pete, looked over his flat screen display, which was tied into not only the ADFs Satellite network but all LINK 16 enabled aircraft and surface vessels. “Pretty good sir, all 5 strike groups are on time, the PRC is gunna take a serious hit if they don’t get a move on Sir”. Dave looked at the screen, noting the icons advancing towards their designated targets, and recalled the packages they had put together for the strike. “ well lest hope they stay dumb for a bit longer shall we”. Pete collected a manila folder from off the desk and handed it to the Wing Commander, “ Rodger that sir”. The Wing Commander looked at the folder in Pete’s outstretched hand and hesitated, he knew what lay within, the folder was a full inch thick and contained all the details of the base personnel, that had died in the opening attack, “fucking Chinese”, he muttered and reached for the folder.


The Wing Commander turned and headed for the corner of the tent, located in which was a metal fold out chair and card table, cluttered with all manner of paper work and sitting on its extreme a LCD monitor. Dave pulled out the chair and very unceremoniously flopped into it, it felt tired and it was only day three.


Peter had followed him over, on the way collecting his own chair, a multicoloured, white framed beach chair, opening it up and sitting down opposite the Wing Commander he proceeded to update the commander on all the strike group packages.


Sir”, Dave looked up and cut him off. “ peter, here in this little corner of the world with just you and me its Dave OK, if I have to tell you again you will be sweeping that fucking dirt runway out their with a half brush ok”. Peter nodded and continued, “ Sorry Boss”, thought we would give you a full update on what’s where as of 10 minutes ago, plus the big picture”. Dave reached out for his can of coke, took a couple of gulps and spoke, “ Yeah Okay, lets do it, where is the fucking shambles at”.


Well Boss, two days ago we got our warning notice, the PRC crossed the Taiwan straight with an amphib task force, initial estimates are they have the better part of two divisions shore now. The Taiwanese are putting up stiff resistance, indications we have from the yanks show they have absorbed the first wave and have them at a halt on the ground. Taiwanese air force units have taken a beating, along with their surface fleet, what’s left of it is shallow water operations only.


Further north, the US seventh fleet is now transiting south from the Korean peninsula towards Taiwan, it will be at least two more days before than can directly intervene. TWO, USAF AWACs birds have been shot down when approaching Taiwan, seems the PLAN has moved in some long range anti ISR S300 SAM units, so Battlefield surveillance is still somewhat sketchy for the straight itself.


“The Chinese units that launched against us came from Burma, now we have known for some time that the base facilities at several airfield their have been receiving upgrades from the PRC, but the staging of offensive air units took us completely by surprise”.


“Christmas Island was attacked as well by ALCM’s and the Chinese followed up with an attempted airborne assault, obviously wanting that new base and run way facilities we have there”. Pete looked at Dave expecting him to interrupt but merely received a nod.


“The new Hardened Aircraft shelters we installed there did their job it seems, fully 90% of the F18F’s we have there survived and as you know we installed about six months ago the PAC5 Patriot systems. Base defence is provided by a rotating battalion of ARES units which are Mechanised, they took some losses buts she is still ours and fully operational, we have also based a AWACs their now as well”.


“The PRC, with Indonesian assistance it seems attacked the island with the cruise missiles and followed this up with an attempted airborne assault. The surviving Hornet Foxtrots scrambled and intercepted these airdrop approximately 5 miles from the island. 4 PRC, C130 Herks managed to get their paratroopers off, there has been violent fighting around the Aviation tank farm and North side of the Harbour, but the ADF units there have the upper hand. The RAAF shot down the balance of the transports before they got their troops off.”


The Wing Commander looked up from the notes he was taking at Pete, and spoke, “ Peter, do we have any indication at this point WHY, and mores the fucking point, WHAT is their objective, none of this makes any sense”, The wing Commander said, clearly exasperated and not having the answers he needed.


“ok Pete, update me on the strike packages status, by unit, if you will please”, the Wing Commander put down his can of Coke, shuffled some papers on the desk, obviously looking for something.


Peter visibly stiffened and glanced down at his notes before proceeding on, “, well, strike group one has departed the Christmas Islands. As you will be aware after the initial Chinese strike we dispatched 6 F22 Raptors from here and all of Number 4 Sqdns 12, F111 , S models, along with two of the upgraded EF111 Ravens as well. That group has refuelled and armed at Christmas Island and is now about 15 minutes from entering the Andaman sea halfway between Thailand and the outer Indonesian Islands. Their target is the Badgers originating Base on one of the small islands.


Intel suggests counter ISR SAM systems to be present, Next generation SA12, SA20 and SA10 units along with SU30 Flankers and Mig 29’s. We estimate Squadron strength.”. “Strike group Ones targets are the airfields, base hangars and all support structures associated with the BASE. We have the Raptors configured for Air Interdiction with the Ramjet AMRAAM’s, plus 12 of the F111 Sierra models with both JDAMS and SDB’s as well. With the package are two Ravens as well for EW and defence EW suppression. At their current super cruise rate they should hit the base in about 10 minutes”. Peter Looked back up from his notes at the Wing Commander to see if he had any questions. The boss just made a few notes on his pad before he spoke,  “go on, what’s strike group two up to”. Pete took a breath and surged on, might as well get the over with he thought.  “Strike group two consists of 24 birds in total, made up of two squadrons of F111, S models, actually 10 birds each because we have another two EF111 Ravens with them as well”. As you know all, the F111’s are the upgraded S model, although not fully stealthy, they have a reduced RCS, the same donks as the F22 Raptor, which lets them, super cruise, plus the AESA radar and new RAMJET AMRAMMS as well, currently super-cruising at Mach 1.5.


Pete was at a loss, he really was not sure at this point why the boss was having him run through all this stuff, Fuck he knows this shit better tan I do he thought himself. The Wing Commander got up from his chair, stretched and collected his notes, making a beeline for the flap on their temporary HQ. Turning back towards Pete slightly, he spoke, “ Peter, there is every possibility we may get into a full shooting war with China , Indonesia and fuck knows who else, I need you to be able to do my job, I expect to be transferred forward to the Christmas Islands at any time”. Peter just stood there, actually sat there in his chair totally dumbfounded, with that gold fish type look on his face. “ Now, If you will kindly stop catching bugs with that open gob, collect your notes and come with me, we’ll talk along the way”.


Peter scrambled to collect all his briefing notes and dashed out of the tent behind the rapidly walking Wing Commander, when he caught up with him on the dispersal apron the Winco spoke, “SO, continue on with the brief whilst we walk will ya”.


“ As I was saying Boss, strike group two is loaded out for ASUW, their target is the Chinese surface action group current halfway between the Spratly Island and Vietnam on a southerly course. Intel indicates or thinks they may be heading for the Malacca straights, the Singaporeans are bloody twitchy along with the Thai’s at the moment”. The Winco was scanning the tree line when he spoke, “ Yes and well they might be, I am willing to be my meagre arse government bestowed salary they want the straights, but it’s the tip of the ice berg I reckon”


The Winco kept walking, it was blisteringly bloody hot, small whiffs of smoke were still wandering around the joint from the fires. Off in the distance Peter could see what was left of the base operations building, now just a charred pile of rubble and blacked scarred metal. Base ops staff were only now just trying to retrieve the bodies that they all new laid within, including their boss as well.


“Okay, Pete, give me the rest, quick and dirty we need to get our shit together here”.

Rodger that Boss, well strike group 2 is tasked with sinking that Chinese SAG in the south china sea, they’ll RV with Tankers out of Brunei, half the birds are set up for long range Air Interdiction with 12 AMRAAM’s each and the balance with the block 4 Harpoon SSM’s, 6 birds per pig, life’s gunna get interesting for some PLAN sailors in about 20 minutes I reckon”. Quickly, as he knew the boss had other maters on his mind Pete flipped the page and proceeded on with the briefing.


Strike group 3 consists of multi plane elements, its actually a whole series of strike groups of 4 aircraft. We have heading into the high threat areas of the Indonesian Archipelago several 4 plane elements. These are made up of 1 ,F22 raptor and three F111 Sierra’s, in total we have 8 of these, all going after military installations of various types. “The mix lets them super cruise at will or scream in on the deck, the Raptor’s able to stay with the Pig in the weeds”.


Heading for the large Mil complex at Kupang we have a full package of strike, interceptor and defence suppression, accompanied by 2 EW Ravens as well. This lot is Strike group 4, we have 12 , F Model Hornets configured for Air Interception, 12 F111 Sierras for strike, half of which have Thermo-barrick JDAMS on board and another 12 F111’s with cluster munition and durandal runway cratering gear. JUPANG will not exist by the time they leave. Paired with them as well are 4 of our F111 EG models, our Weasels. The Kupang air base has some serious air defence assets in place, its gunna be a tuff nut to crack sir”,  As soon as he said it he did a mental “oh SHIT” and looked at the Winco, his Boss already had a grin from ear to ear, the first for a couple of days. “Relax Pete, its to fucking hot to get the broom out”, they continued on.


Dave continued forward, waiting, he knew all sorts of things were going through Pete’s mind, especially after his little comment about transferring, he allowed himself as small chuckle, finally Pete spoke again.  “ Dave I have a question if you don’t mind”, The Winco strolled a couple of paces further on “ Yeah shoot, what’s on your mind”. “Well, I see good reason to give both the Indonesians and China a smack in the snout, but the strike on that surface action group, its using a shit load of assets and makes no fucking sense at all”. Now the Winco became all serious and stopped,  “ “Pete its like this, those upgraded Pigs we have, that we fought tooth and fucking nail to get, the new ASEA attack radars, engines, super crusie, the advanced missiles and so forth, its all for one purpose, that’s to hit any bastard in this neighbourhood where, when and fucking quickly, when we want too”. “ That PRC surface action group has some serious hardware in it, plus troop transports, but its more than just the assets we are about to sink, Its letting the Chinese, The Indonesians and all the fuckwits out there know, we can. When ever we want tear up their fucking back yard and hurt them like hell, would you believe the PM wanted to hit Mainland China!”. Pete looked like he had nearly had a cow, “ You’re shitting me boss?”.


The Wing commander turned to face Peter fully square on and turned deadly serious. “ Peter, what I am about to let you in on, goes no further than here, one word to anybody, and I shall throw your carcass in jail, are we clear on this”. Pete straightened up . “ Crystal Sir”.


The Wing commander turned slightly and started to cut across the end of RAAF base Tindal’s main runway, “ well to his line of thinking parts of the South Seas fleets harbours should be a smouldering fucking wreck, the Chief of Operations had a massive blew with the PM over the directive, fuck knows how he got the order changed, but he did. “ So the compromise, was to sink that SAG, maybe stop them closing the Malacca straights or whatever other fucked up game plan they had and, I might add send a very clear message. Its not over yet either by the way, we’re going after all the bomber bases in Burma when this strikes over as well and the Indonesians will be lucky if the have enough stretches of paved aircraft surface left to land a Cessna on, the PM’s seriously fucking pissed, on the war path, no more shit from China, PERIOD”.


11 thoughts on “For the nay sayers at BLUNTY

  1. I suspect your subs would be loaded up with cruise missiles and mines and sent north as well.

  2. Yeah, but, who would miss the Territory?. At least then the boat people and rising croc issue would be their problem.

  3. Moko may have stumbled on the fix to all our Northern Boarder protection issues, crocs with lasers on their head like in Austin Powers

  4. This is why our Military tech and R&D needs to be supported and not sold to evey Tom, Dick or Yaun who is then going to shoot this stuff back at us.

    great post.

  5. Good one mate, reads nicely.

    One quibble do sunburns have a land strike capability? i thought they were purely shipkillers?

  6. I adapted them for land attack chaz…..variabes of war..OOOPS, Gee wiz, didnt know they could do that..well now ya do, type thing

    crocks hey..hmmm and we could feed them pigs

    thanks barnes

    Moko..No we would not..miss the that is

  7. Raptors! We had Raptors!!! Giddy-up. What you’ve neglected to list as a weapon is football teams on end of season trips. They mightn’t be armed but they’ll cause no end of trouble for the locals. Particularly if there’s no cold beer.

  8. yeah well you’re always going to have smartalec coming up and saying what i said…usually me!!!

  9. You nuked Broome ya feral !
    Seriously mate, Big improvement in the writing imo, nice one !

  10. CHAZ..what do they call it..Literary licence…haha. na, ya stress at all.

    Drej..had to pop something…thanks

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