Rhino, Moko and DB


“Seeing as you managed to get the gat out along with that stinger, I think you can play sentry whilst I patch up out boy here, I’ve stopped his leg from bleeding and it looks like the rest is really just superficial, but fuck ain’t he gunna have a head ache”. Rhino ripped open a shell dressing and started to wrap the bandage around DB’s left arm, his flight suit looked a complete fucking mess, HOW, they got out Cat really didn’t know, but he was sure as fuck glad the did.

 Stopping all of a sudden cat looked as if he’d been frozen in place, spinning back towards Rhino he knelt down. Rhino looked up , his expression belying no emotions as he continued unwrapping dressings for DB.

“What’s on your mind cat”, Cat stiffened slightly, ” well seeing ass you ask, who was it you shot at, I’m guessing it was the same person I was shooting before hand as well”.

 Cat hadn’t really laid it out like he had planned, but curiosity was really starting to get to him, and looking around he could not see a body in close proximity, although the distance he could see with the night vision didn’t really help at all either.

 “Over there behind that small tree stump is the body, I think its one of the local tribesmen …….Dayak I think they are called, either way, he won’t be going home too mum or the little lady”. Rhino leant forward and continued to patch up dick, his blood loss was starting to worry Rhino.

 Cat thought about that for a minute, the local tribes had been immensely helpful to the SAS, going back as far as the Malaya conflict, it troubled cat they had accidentally killed a tribesman, he felt sure they might well pay a steep price at a later date for this little incident wether it was deliberate or not!..

 “Rhino, I think we should at lest cover up the body, I don’t really want ex head hunters chasing me through this jungle, they might get pretty pissed at us”.

Rhino snorted and pressed on with dicks bandages………. Then sat upright, Rhino stopped bandaging Dick for a moment,” yeah you just might be onto something there Cat, OK, cover him up, you got a GPS on ya”.

 Cat reached into his webbing an pulled out a Military version of the Magellan GPS,

“ look what Santa has”, as he waved the GPS in front of Rhino, “Good thing crew chiefs have their shit together hey bro”.

 Rhino just shook his head, “ Yeah OK, ya get a red fucking elephant stamp on your next evaluation, now find out where the fuck we are and make a note of the grid ref, then find your radio and see who we can rise, If anybody”.

 “Rodger that boss”, cat proceeded to walk away several yards and crouched down beside the base of an old teak tree, kneeling on the soft moss at its base, he started extracting his map and radio when all his senses lit off, Moko froze, he looked back slowly at Rhino who was staring at him, his index finger pressed to his lips “shhhhhhh”.


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