Things in my head!

Sometimes, it takes but a small item, that which sends you off, spinning in a different direction, is it the Chaos theory, the butterfly effect!

To be honest, I have no clue, but in those moments, which are all to rare, something blossoms. Its pursuing some prose, perhaps its simply looking at the heavens above, a moment of solace, followed by clarity.

Whats sort of clarity?, that which be, in the eye of the beholder.

Structure or type, its backdrop, this for all I suspect varies. But with certainty I know, this moment we have, its had by all. Some frequent, some occasional and its blissful too boot.

What comes from the moment, its varied for me, I tend to find myself wrapped up in moments of history, phrases and spoken word, some heard, some read.

Of structure and vibrance to retain in my head. Some are violent, some of these are quips, that thread of a line, prose suspended in time which shall again come forth from some lips. The lips may not call, the words sent forth, drop to the page, for some it goes dark, put away for an age.

Others, see light, the bright glare of scrutiny, dissected and chewed, by many or few, the creator watching or eared.


Its a ramble this post, I hadn’t planned much prose, or rhyme if you so call it that, its just a moment in time to dump what I heard, in the head that is, just as it comes , now its planted here on the parchment.


3 thoughts on “Things in my head!

  1. A wonderfully lyrical post

    for me “see light, the bright glare of scrutiny” usually means the glare of an oncoming vehicle. If its a big one its quite the moment of clarity.

  2. Thanks Barnes, totally unplanned, it just dumped out like that in about 10 minutes I suppose. Lol,,I had visions of you on the Bike..the glare, the horror…

  3. Heya Havock.
    The last time a friend of mine pulled a ute apart (leftover when my ex BIL scurried back off to NZ, I still miss him) he made the mistake of unbunging the petrol tank while his ear was positioned directly beneath the cavity….petrol stings when it gets in your ear so we had to rush him off to the hospital for morphine.
    Actually come to think of it he was an artistic soul so perhaps he had an agenda there…
    Its funny what springs to mind for each of us when someone says ‘Ute’…

    I think there’s endless inspiration in the ordinary mundane things of life.
    Our trip to the pool involves spinning past the clinic of TV Personality Dr. Cam Day, Pet psychiatrist. He’s got a sign out front this weekend saying ‘Aggressive Cat Seminar, May Xth’.
    We both burst out giggling and started contemplating Far Side type possibilities.
    I mean, what do they do, Network? Give each other tips? Offer target practice for spraying?
    I just saw Fat Freddy’s Cat on the big screen in my mind and that was the end of it.

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