Its a GOOD DAY!.

Only because I choose to look on the bright side.

Removed one diff from under the beaut ute yesterday. Pulled off the backing plate, drained oil into a large tub and then heard a splat sound. Immediately I went ” OH FUCK”. As i looked into the tub of oil I could see a large piece of metal, sure enough on closer inspection its a piece of the crown wheel they call it, from inside the diff…….NOT GOOD.

Later model Holden’s come out with two sorts of Rear Differentials, they are either whats called a 10 Bolt Salisbury or a Banjo. the Banjo diff first materialised in the HQ series and is weaker than the 10 bolt. Whats good about the Banjo is you can simply remove the diff centre , which is all one piece and replace it, or the axles if required. this also lets you change the Differential ratio as well. For slotting behind a 6 cylinder vehicle they are fine and incredibly simple. However the wb has a Salisbury.


These are much stronger, but alas , come in two versions, a V8 version or a 6 version, one, the V8 model being much stronger, actually dam near bullet proof. the only way you break a V8 one is with series fucking horsepower, and I’m talking 300 odd kilowatts or better. Prolonged abuse mind you from a normal V8 will see it shit itself eventually.

So yesterday we went hunting, several telephone calls later, I have vastly increased my rear differential knowledge and come to the conclusion that Diffs, particularly the Salisbury model are almost as rare as rocking horse shit. they get snapped up fast, whats worse is they tend to start at 300 bucks a unit. FUCKING OUCH.

But we got one from a mate which I will be able to collect on Monday, then..then THE FUCKING ALTERNATOR LIGHT STARTS COMING ON, check the fan belt, check the connection and I still need to check its electrical output voltage. IF..IF the fucker is on the way out a new one is 240 bucks and a reco starts at 160..great..FUCKING CARS.

So last night I took the cooks car to Ballarat to work at the mates workshop. YES!…I do love a serious V8.  I had to drive home right on the speed limit, this ensured that the average for fuel consumption came down by the time i arrived in the Marsh from Ballarat. Might have been a mite naughty on the trip up in the odd spot

Returned home at 0200 this morning, checked me e/mails before I went to bed and had a new one.

EXCELLENT!..thats all I will say, Australian post did their job, parcel received and mission accomplished.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some character creation and story line work to do. GO THE TIGERS.


14 thoughts on “Its a GOOD DAY!.

  1. “GO THE TIGERS.” HAHAHA you are a funny man H! I understood nothing re the car stuff – sounds good though!

  2. I figure the Salisburys would be rarer due to the muscle car usage – I’m sure out of all the surviving Toranas and HT-WB series Holdens out on the roads today a higher proportion of them would be V8 ones (either restorations or originals) as they were more wanted and more likely to have been held onto or looked after.

    Heard somewhere that the original V8 Torana race cars – the LH SLR5000 – had the banjo diff. Part of the reason the SLR5000 was more fragile than a balsa wood trampoline and they needed to come up with the L34 and A9X down the track. Of course the bigger problem was that the V8’s oil system couldn’t handle the G-forces of mid 70s racing – they cornered a lot harder than the Bathurst production Monaros of the late 60s – and they got oil surge like a bastard. Brock dropped out of Bathurst the first year of the SLR5000 with a blown engine when leading by six laps.

    Ah there’s always the Ford nine-inch diff if you get really stuck.

    New cars are no better. Dr Mrs Dr Yobbo’s Astra wagon (still with the GMH link) needs a new speed sensor unit for the speedo/odometer/ABS/TC. That’ll be a couple hundies.

  3. Never messed with a differential, and I don’t have the equipment to start now. That’s my idea of a minor nightmare, right there.

  4. LERmm..Optimist…BIG FUCKING Optimist!

    DOC..I’m Fucking Impressed. Yeah Before the LC/LH/LX series I think it was UC , the small beetle, 2 doors, that you are thinking about. YEAH..simple and you change the diff centre simply by unbolting the old and bolting on the new ration diff center. All you had to make sure was that the axles were compatible with the center as they have both fine and course spline axles. Fine being the better as they are stronger.

    SLR/5000 and A9X…slicker than duck shit on a frosty Morning..WICKED.

    Flinthart: haha..they can be, but its sorta surprising how simple they are, if you have the right info, but cars have so many ” WIVES TALES type issues around them its not funny, the number of ways I was told to determine a 6 from an 8 cylinder compatible diff is scary, mainly because half these alleged experts had no real clue. SHIMMING A DIFF, now thats another story..I will not even go near that one, its a take it to the experts job.

    Bangaaar: 4:11, you knowledge sits up there with Doc..Impressed. Yeah, she has, or did have a 3:55 ration, screaming its tits off at about 135 k, so she is getting a 3:08 ration, revs will drop significantly.

  5. I know way more about GM products than I did before. Never had a differential go, but I did have an alternator go on my ’95 Pontiac when I owned it. Do you think I could find a replacement right away? No! But it’s a Pontiac-should have those lying on the shelf darn near anyplace.

  6. 3:08, the old Bathurst ratio! The old man’s HT 253 was geared down to hell, could pull Australia up a vertical slope. Topped out at 100mph oldspeak on a deserted highway out western NSW he said. With a big fuck off bullbar to dissuade the roos from interrupting.

    Yeah all I know is from reading a shitload of old racing books as a kid. I thought the UC was the Sunbird, the square headlight one which finished the Trana off for good. There was that pretty awful Vauxhall Viva derived thing which they started with in the 60s, then the LC/LJs which gave rise to the XU1s, then the bigger LH-LX-UC series which were the first V8 race cars. And def best to get the professionals involved, you don’t want that shit out of alignment or it’ll be more than nasty noises you hear topped out in fourth on the highway as the rear end disintegrates and both rear wheels depart in opposite directions.

  7. YD, I’m about to start collecting WB / HQ-Z parts, they are getting too god dam hard to get and expensive, espesh when you can buy a whole car for 500 bucks, just strip what i need and take the shell to the wreckers.

    DOC: Thats it, XU1, couldn’t think of the bastards before., never really took to them. LH onwards..OH YES and the last thing i need is a rear departure at 160. Universal joints I am happy to do, they’re straight forward, brakes and so forth too..dif’s…NO WAY.

  8. Wow, so how many bits have to crap out before you think mmmm I’m on a hiding to nowhere perhaps time to look another car?

  9. Barnes, I possibly would, but a UTE is a must. its nearly at a point where there is very little left to go wrong. Shortly I will have another vehicle or should say, from another vehicle, a black 3.3 ltr Holden 6 motor and steel, 5 speed gear box. All from a VK, that the mate has just acquired from his father in law. Berlina thats got a huge 74k on the clock.

    That 5 speed brings the ute into the late 90’s and makes gears selection easy, like ny car on the road now, the spare motor is me beig safe.

    Electrical aside from the alternator is fine.
    Diff ill be fixed, so all the running gear will be new or in very good condition, and the balance has all been rebuilt. As a fully re built vehicle, its worth 3500 to 4500 dollars, espesh with the gas now and thats an 83 model. Thy will only get dearer to buy as they get older. I can buy a VR commodore which is what…95-ish, for 2k, cheap as chips, but a ute will set me back about 8K, not what we want to spend at the moment. but its more the LOOK and the style that sent me in the WB direction, that and I can fix 90% of anything that goes wrong with the ute.

  10. Havock that is the joy of the old beasts, you can fix them. Always one way or another you can fix them.

    PS had HQ ute, 253, traumatic and 278 diff as the first beast.

  11. Barnesm speaks the truth. If you’re going to muck around with disposable utes, I find dreadful little Brumbies without air-con or radios do the job..

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