Democratic liberal Party

So, this morning we surfaced pretty well, having taken a small dose of those CODRAL cold and Flu tabs, mind you, no EAT OUT, breakfast like some, NAH, we stayed at home, got the monsters off, then sat down and did some serious Job hunting. Within 10 minutes of having applied to two online Jobs, I had both the consultants on the phone, which bodes well. But time will tell. The shift has been in deciding to do contract work, which can be from 3 to 12 months, but the middle ground seems to be the most difficult for them to fill, around 5 or six months of duration. SO keep the fingers crossed, i think we applied for 6 in total, one is literally just down the road from here , about 10 minutes. THATS THE ONE I WANT!.


OK, so the other thing is I don’t really run around yelling …thank christ!, you know, somfin like..THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!.


I, typically, go, ” Whats the laser range finder 600m, ok. EAT THIS!. BANG. It falls into my 800m meter saying, which for those of you who DO NOT KNOW. Well at 800m  the bullet arrives before the you would be kinda dead, when I pull the trigger but not know it yet..COS I NEVER MISS!.


Side tracked. OK. OH..skirts hey..fucking skirts. I will, in the fullness of time deal with this issue, on that, you can bet ya hard earned.


But what also happened was I needed to start creating some characters and give them some depth, so we started with the PM who is part of the thing i am doing. You know I have created a new party, called the Democratic liberal party..for the story that is, but I managed to crank out 600odd words of description for this and story line with it, whilst i was at football training. now if I can do that in about 1 hour, it means over the course of say a 9 to 2.30pm day thats about 3300 words, and NOT TRYING. I rally do not know what some people sook so much about..but I would never cast aspersions like some.. I reckon also It might have somefin to do with Coffee, as opposed to the consumption of the alleged anti oxidant laced shite called …wait for it……FUCKING TEA…. Would ya like a cuppa love..OH PLEASE SPARE ME!. fucking hell.

SO, what else. OH yes!.


cruising home in the beaut ute..and then there is this fucknormous grinding noise from the rear area of the ute. NOT GOOD, its there when ya back off ..and we know that Havock NEVER BACKS OFF…EVAAAAAAAR, and its there driving, but more pronounced when turning right. this is a product of the weight transfer across to the left side of the vehicle and the fact that the outter when has a different turn rate to the inner wheel. Fine when all is OK, but if teeth are missing in the central differential cluster ITS FUCKED, its either that or I have done a serious wheel bearing on the left side. but only tomorrow will tell as I get a Cowboy the fuck UP’d and tear the fucker apart.


10 thoughts on “Democratic liberal Party

  1. Naut..feel free to utilise 800 m, it gets ome looks when the ask you whats

    Lerm thanks mate, good ta see ya still on the planet..yeah FUCK THE TEA!

  2. Glad to hear you have overcome the lurgy and are up and about. Bad news on the grinding noise but I see it has all come good.

  3. Hope you get that job down the road. Rear end noises? Sure its not those beans on toast you had for dinner getting a bit loud?

  4. hmmm..buggered ute is a bad bad thing. Yobbo’s correct. No.8 wire will fix a diff

  5. Chaz..Its cost me…well, some money, not as much as a brand spanky new VE or VZ, 5.7 ltr SS wizzer but, and its strong enough being an 83 model, I could T Bone a Volvo and cut the fucker in half..and not ever know I suspect. This should be about the last item I reckon..well. I fucking hope.


    Barnes..thanks..fucking lurgi alright, its a right bastard.

    Doc..mmmm YEP..DIFF IT BE, and are readily available.

    Therbs, ME TOO..It would be wicked

    simon.. yeah, nothing worse, I WISH, I could fix it with No 8 wire..given time, it will have some ..somewhere

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