Shower generated Ephinany

Its been troubling me for some days now, it, this issue manifested itself in the shower..HAHA..get ya fucking minds back on track will ya.


Anyway, where was I…Oh that’s right, the epiphany landed, with a bang, it really started with an e/mail I received back recently from a friend and I guess its called capabilities, aspirations and not necessarily understanding it , that which you are about to attack, the path you seek to follow and all the ground work, apprenticeship or previous research and training that has Typically been undertaken before  at some point, and that ‘s a maybe, before arriving at the final destination.



Sound like I have lost my fucking mind…….that’s possible.


OK, clarity time.


What did I want to do:


That’s easy, aside from maybe the death and Mayhem thing, it was RIGHT A BOOK.


What sort, well actually I started the planning on one similar to say…….RED STORM RISING, no, not necessarily the content, but the structure, a multi threaded, hydra monster….Cool Hey!.  Yeah , so I thought until REALLY getting into the nuts and bolts.


It was then, I received the e/mail and I shall use an example. How many people do you know, who have written a juggernaught of a novel, got to print  and done this all in the first go……………..I am WAITING.


What normally happens?.


 well Its well known, write a short story, write a novel, that’s ok, just keep it under about say…oh…25 different characters. See where we are going.. Aspirations and capabilities and they will, when they collide stop you dead in your fucking tracks at least until you get that issue sorted the hell out.


So what we have been doing, is scaling back the SCALE of this epic and then how the fuck we structure it.. See the plot has changed, almost back to square one, which is will have a different setting, it will have different characters, but essentially the morals, and major items will remain the same, they just need some adaptation is all.


Trouble is..I need to SET THE SCENE or overall context in which this literary master piece will take place,..which is doing me fucking head in..overall that is, Its so much easier to simply start a story in the middle of fucking nowhere, add characters and explodie goodness as JB says and tie them in together….kinda like Intense really.


Create the setting, back story, develop your characters and then weave it all together is a entirely different fucking matter …..most fucking assuredly.  BUT, I’m still at it and mores the point it let me utilise this nifty piece of software I recently purchased called New Novalist2, its pretty dam good as far as I am concerned.


Another lesson learned!.



5 thoughts on “Shower generated Ephinany

  1. My ideas come to me on the toilet. Though i must admit most of them i leave there and flush away.
    good luck with the writing
    what does the software do?

  2. Those software things are cool. I had Y-Writer for a while. A little confused with it so I ditched in the hope of finding a better one. What did your’s cost ya?.

    Epiphany’s are totally fucken random for me.

  3. I have ideas in the shower too. Bloody hard to write them down though. Tried scratching them into the hard water scum with my thumbnail but the missus cleaned the shower after.

  4. U: to start with, it will ask you a series of questions which help in determining the overall structure, dependant on what TYPE of novel you are writing..then helps lead you through standard plot types of that scenario.

    Moko..60 Aus

    Doc, I’ll talk to ya missus if need be, can’t guarantee that I will make it better…perhaps

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