Should have known better ( Wagner )

I was trying to work out the music to Excalibur in me head and who wrote it. Talk about driving me nuts, but the penny finally dropped.. Bloody WAGNER..which happens to be my all time Favorite classical composer, that makes this error on my behalf all the more biblical.


Whats more, the scenes with Merlin and to Siegfried’s Funeral march and more still they play the Ride of the Valkyrie..which for those who do not know is the piece they play in Apocalypse Now with the choppers screaming across the water…..( Duval) “Scares the fuck outta the gooks”.


He’s ( Wagner) a very morose character, deep dark and broody…but fuck could the boy write!.


If you want a wicked CD..go get Twilight of the Gods..The essential Wagner Collection..all the really cool good, dark, violent stuff packaged together..Best played in thunderstorms and when going into battle…………………………………ARRRRRRRRH


14 thoughts on “Should have known better ( Wagner )

  1. Wagner . . . why did it have to be Wagner. The Ring Cycle. You must’ve seen Apocalypse Now. Choppers. Loudspeakers. Napalm.

    It’s the women . . .right? The big, buxom Brunhilde types with their heaving chests. And the cow helmets.

  2. A lot of it is Wagner, true. But there’s a very significant chunk of Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” as well — the incredible “O Fortuna” chorus.

    Brilliant music all round. The movie? Not bad. Very good looking in general, but a bit patchy in terms of script and acting. Bought it on DVD anyway, though.

    Now for my money, if you really want battle music, you need The Pogues. “Boys From County Hell” or “Rake At The Gates Of Hell” — either one will do.

  3. Brian: At tech school would you believe our Cadet commander, happened to be the schools music teacher as well. I got introduced to Wagner and Tchaikovsky at that point and then later on Apocalypse Now ( I want some fucking Mango’s man).. From that point I, I could say we developed a small, on the side love affair with classical Music.

    Flint: Yeah there is, I didn’t mention that, its one of the shows I find RARE, in that its laced with great scores, yeah, the acting is patchy, like you I suspect, given the overall tale and music, it can be overlooked and I just immerse myself in the whole thing.

    I’ll google those other and download’em if available.

    For some reason people here in this household take a dim view of Wagner or the likes, hell even Bag pipes cranked up to warp seven on a Saturday or Sunday Morning..Its fucking wicked…..THEY HATE IT!

  4. Huh, funny, I’ve had a thing for classical lately. Check out Adagio For Strings. Goes on a bit, but it’s stunning. Our old mate Beethoven coughed up a good one with Moonlight Sonata Can’t find the fucken thing on iTunes but.

    IF you want a cool song from left field check out Non Je Ne Regrette Rien by Edith Piaf. Amazing. Not classical, obviously, but makes you stop. Especially when you consider when she was singing it.

    Just some history about it: “Piaf dedicated her recording of the song to the French Foreign Legion. At the time of the recording, France was engaged in a military conflict, the Algerian War (1956–1962), and the 1st R E P (Premier Regiment Etranger de Parachutistes, First Regiment Foreign Paratroopers) — which backed a temporary putsch by the French military against the civilian leadership of Algeria — adopted the song when their resistance was broken in April 1961. The leadership of the Regiment was arrested and tried but the non-commissioned officers, corporals and Legionnaires were assigned to other Foreign Legion formations. They left the barracks singing the song, which has now become part of the French Foreign Legion heritage and is sung when they are on parade.”

    Anyway, back to Korn. lol

  5. Ahh yes ‘Excalibur’ I remember when Flinthart, a few freinds and myself went to see it at the cinema.

    I also recall when Arther is renewed and rides out with his knights to battle Mordred the music of “O Fortuna” chorus is swelling. Truely an inspiring scene which was destroyed when someone leaned over and said

    “thats the music from the nescafe commercial”

    Good taste and decorum prohibits me from detailing what FH did to the hapless commentor. Needles to say something ‘wet’ happened to them.

  6. Barnesm – it would have been worth the price of the ticket and to see FH go off!

    I have been planning to add some Pogues to my workout playlist, might have to stick a bit of Wagner as well.

  7. God I love that movie … everything a teenage D&D geek wanted to see on the screen in 1981 … most of all taking a wench whilst wearing armor.

    Saw Carmina Burana at the Atlanta Opera a couple of years back – most amazing with the monks and the giant wheel. Although, whenever I see it I flash back to Monty Python’s Holy Grail and the chanting monks.

  8. Wagner is good for some heavy-duty classical. I’m more partial to the Russian composers of the time-Tchaikovskiy, Mussorgskiy, Rimskiy-Korsakov-but Wagner did some brilliant stuff. A good choice for classical music!

  9. Wagner, a man for the epics if ever there were one. Barnes – did “Nescafe Commercial” guy survive or is he sitting at the bottom of Port Phillip Bay wearing a Holden gearbox necklace. “Death or Glory” by The Clash has always been one of my fave loin girding songs.

  10. YD you’re right hard to beat the russian composers although I’m more of a Mahler fan myself.

  11. ‘Lucretia my reflection’ by sisters of mercy,
    “Soldier of the line”, “Vigilante” or “Les Morts Dansant” by Magnum
    “The Prisoner’ Iron Maiden
    “Wildest Dreams’ Asia
    “Gimme back my bullets” Lynard Skynard

    all good for post-modern conflict scapes

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