Persistant & Non Persistant & Making swords

well, the Cold is a Persistent fucker, still got the cough and runny fucking nose, the meds, well I classify them as Non persistent, actually, fuckimng useless is probably a better call and they can stick Sudafed up their fucking arse. I have never come across a more useless fucking medication in my life, I’m switching back to Codral next time..fuck’em.


Other matters, well landscaping is coming along nicely, got all the main pipe for the dripper system installed yesterday and should finish it off tomorrow, that after I go and pick up all these pavers that the boss lady arranged for me to collect..FUCKING GREAT, hook up Tandem trailer and load the bastards on, the off load at home, possibly prep an area and then re lay the mongrel bloody things..I FUCKING HATE PAVERS, thats why god invented concrete.

WHAT ELSE..OH, ready to sit back a relax tonight when the young fella comes up and explains he has done all of his medieval assignment but needs one more component. WHAT THAT, i ask….A sword….  GREAT!, I gather you need to MAKE ONE, and I’ll bet its due when?..Tomorrow would be my best guess….” steps back and answers YES. to the shed, grab kid and one length of Baltic pine, approx 3m long 50mm thick and 200m wide, trace out a Viking sword , specs of which he had downloaded. Rough cut out the sword, then shap it up with the large orbital sander, add hilts, get tempted to sharpen the fuck outta it, inlay a grip, paint the sword, paint the hilt and pommel ( I think its that nit on the end) and presto, I have managed to coax him through the exercise, lend a hand here and there and blown 2 hours planned for ME!, It is great having kids, just the little buggers occasionally screw up your plans.

So now, tomorrow he will take to school his Viking 9th Century sword which is roughly 4  and 1/2 feet long, hopefully not slap or kill any shits as well. Pics below.





14 thoughts on “Persistant & Non Persistant & Making swords

  1. Awesome beltin’ stick. Some kid’s gonna get messed up. The assignment was probably just a cover story he made up so he could get you to make him something to mess people up with.

    Cold and flu tablets have only one actual use – hangover recovery, as I think I first came across in one of JB’s books (might have been the Man guide with Flinty.) They’re placebos at best a lot of the time. Unless you cook up a couple of kilos of them, then you’re an ice dealer.

    Laying pavers is arse. No matter how far into the job you get, no matter how well, there’s always the chance of fucking it up and needing to start all over again.

  2. are you fucking kidding me – you whipped that up in 2 hours. that would easily be 6 hours, 4 litres of blood and 3 trips to bunnings for me
    if that kid had a normal father, he would have ended up with a broomstick with tape on the handle
    lucky lucky kid

  3. WTF are you doing landscaping when you have ManFlu?

    Stop now! You’ll ruin it for the rest of us.

  4. Good job with the sword.

    You’re not drinking enough if the colds still hanging around. it’s a well known fact that booze kills bugs.

  5. Sudafed used to be decent medicine until they took the chemical out of it that’s used to make meth.

    Nice job building Excalibur, chief. We may have to dub you ‘Faux Swordsmaker to the Realm’.

  6. That’s a big mother of a replica. I’m pretty sure your typical Viking pigsticker was about two-thirds that size. But then, it’s not size that matters, is it? That’s a bloody good piece of work there!

    Hey — a product called “Rikodeine” or something like that actually works as a cough suppressant. It’s the only successful one I know. But because it DOES work, you shouldn’t use it for a wet cough, because all that crap will stay down in your lungs and fester.

    Dry cough, though — that barky, hacky tickle that keeps you awake at night and doesn’t do any good at clearing your throat — yep. Kills it stone dead for hours.

  7. I don’t think your boys will be having any more bully trouble!

    You will get over the flu quicker once you have given up the fags. Giving up smoking will probably help too 😉

  8. Told you before – Bundy O.P. Actifed CC used to be good when it had the proper chemicals in it. Cold medicines these days are like ‘near beers’. They taste shit house and are good for fuck all.

  9. (sigh) The good old days when you could take a cross bow to school.

    The best was the locked and loaded speargun for show and tell – which unlocked, unloaded and had to be dug out of the skirting board. That kid really got respect.

  10. First sudafed until changes was to keep you awake while driving.
    The sword looks good and the wood grain gives a nice Damascus like effect, the pommel (yes the end bit) needs to be weighted to balance the sword. Nice work.

  11. DOC: he showed me the assignment and what he had already done, as much to say ” Look I been working hard, go easy on me”..Had to laugh. AND I’m with ya on pavers..1 fuck up is all it takes, like putting out domino’s…

    Uamada: Lol, no blood for this one, but THAT has been done before..

    Birmo: OOOOOPS..I’ll go and start coughing again..sorry guys! mea Culpa.

    CHAZ: One beer in the whole week, not game to down a few with the drugs and you should have seen the look I got from the cook when she found out..makes SPARTA look like fucking pussies…NOT GOOD.

    YD: THANKS..yeah, I am kinda an Excalibur fan, now trying to remember who wrote the piece they use in it, its wicked…Daaaaaa Da Da, deep haunting, I’ll have to go find it.

    Flint: Yeah, I Looked at it and went…fuck its a bit long, then was thinking about English broadswords and me swing it, then thought..fuck it, we’ll make it a monster. Checked with the young bloke , ” Do you wat it shortened”..NO WAAAAY. ok then.

    I’ll check that gear out, funny how some stuff works, took some Bronchitis medicine this arvo and it worked a treat ( Nyal), stopped the cough, cleared the nose…..I WANT THE HEAVY SHIT ITS PISSIN ME OFF.

    Naut: The cook, took him to school, too afraid top let him on the gaspers have been very few and far between, about a 90% reduction in consumption.

    Therbs: BUNDY..I only want the bear and his

    BRIAN: I hear ya..I hear

    Bangaaaarrrr: I was waiting. Stamp of approval accepted..yeah, the grain looks wicked, i noticed that too.

  12. thanks GBOB, I was pretyy happy, and the youg fella did well, but dad

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