I thought it only fair, that seeing as I have now received my TAX PAYER funded 2000.00 dollar rebate for MY, thats HAVOCKS GAS SYSTEM, that the  MAJOR contributor be given a free plug.

So here it is.



10 thoughts on “A Plug for OUR SPONSORS!

  1. NAUT..me too, Its a wonder the camera shot came out at all

    BRIAN..BAD MAN!..I never suggested ANYTHING!, just for the record

    CHAZ…….Hey..what!..gas..JB, Just WHAT! are you gettin at, NOT sure I really follow…………..

  2. Ah well I’m sure the hovercraft could be converted to LPG. Though the rotten egg stench would probably put the Bunnies off.

  3. So, let me see if I’ve got this right.

    You’ve got this round gas whirlymejig hooked up to your engine.

    I take it that one of those hoses run to the driver’s seat which has a hole cut in it.

    The driver, you, has a big feed of curry, jumps into the vehicle and drives off to where ever you want to go, all powered by Havock Gas.

    Is there a tank that stores any Havock Gas that may be excess to needs?

    Are there any extra hoses running to the passenger seats so they may assist on steep hill climbs or longer journeys?

    How many Kilometres do you get to the vindaloo?

    Would baked beans give you better milage?

    Can it be duel fueled… Vindaloo/Baked Beans?

    I need the answers to these vexing questions before I invest my $900 in the Havock Gas powered vehicle.

  4. Baked beans are out BBA, so is Vindaloo, beer farts however can be tapped, but that kinda mans that you may be OVER 05 when you start up, but light beer may yield quicker results, before reaching the 05 threshold.

    I hear it also runs on chopped up and fermented Bunnies, Blarkon Lizards and for an octane boost GREEN FUCKING TREE FROGS. the rest is still under R & D.

    DOC: I’ll check this, if its possible I may have to get the REBATE revoked

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