Occasionally, just occasionally, you come across an application that is so god dam wicked its not funny. Seems that Moko’s boss lady bought him the new capture cam arrangement for the XBOX..and well, I have to say, the results are OUTSTANDING. SEE, the other day, in between looking for work, working an being a domestic duties GOD, I caught up with MOKO (    )on  line  ( think XBOX 360 ). We played COD 4 modern warfare. Whilst doing this and killin stuff flat out, I was getting some comments about ” I got that, that looks wicked ” and so forth from the man.


Well folks, here is the link to his Blog and his article and the OH SO GOD DAM FINE VISION on ME, yes ME HAVOCK, stompin around with the M60 and RED DOT SIGHT. Go take a look, you will not find anywhere a finer display of control, fire and movement and simply bloody good looking bloke…….


4 thoughts on “THE BEST YET!: MOKO is THE MAN

  1. roflmao. *takes a bow*

    I loved the bit at the end when you chuck the nade. Fuck I laughed. Worked out well. I’ll follow you around one day when we hook up again and do “The HAVOCK Montage”. Liked the ‘War Reporter’ angle too.

    Glad you liked it. Watch it in HD. It smokes.

  2. Funny you mention the war reporter angle. I thought about that to. Actually it would be cool if you could occasionally do that..and not really have the shit shot out of you, just so I you wanted to you could collect the’s fuck there is some wicked stuff

  3. I guess you could, in a way, with Search and Destroy when you’re spectating….?. Private matches have spectator function?…dunno.

    But yeah, an actual free roam camera function would be fantastic. Just so no one can see you but you’re walking and running just the same.

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