JB gets 9 , I GET 20!….YES! & other shite

Some, I do believe, will get or may well have got their gummit 900.00 buckeroos STIM money, me. well shit happens and we happen to miss out this time around. BUT, I just put me ute on gas and I get my gummit sponsored rebate of  2000.00 . WHY, co’s I am an environmentally responsible person, who is only TOO fucking happy to Finally get some cash back and be a good bloke. OH, and its a bit, well really, a fuckload cheaper to run.


WHAT does piss me off however, is that the price of LPG systems for vehicles jumped, by nearly 100% as soon as the rebate was announced…talk about gouging, these arseholes should be shot, but not until I have had it installed, which it now is and then got me chashola back…..


AND a teddy bear in these here parts means 100 dollars. A Gorilla means a Thousand dollars..ok

On the Agile Virulent virus front, well, we smashed the little fucker last night, but the battle was EPIC, god dam certifiably EPIC. I watched, or should say, felt the whole campaign take place throughout the HAVOCK BODY. By about 1AM, it was being waged in the middle ground, i suspect that having a fortress like CHEST and ticker, it was slightly easier for MS nano attack bots to get the upper hand. This shifted the battle zone to the outer extremities, actually the legs. At this point, it was that as so great Aching pain, like some fucker had hammered your legs with a bat, but no matter what you did, it would not go away.


Then toss in the Napalm like shivers as barrage after barrage was unleashed and the battle raged. SWEAT..FUCK ME…didn’t we sweat, we do on the odd time get a bug, but I must say, nothing like this little critter for so long i cannot remember. BUT TODAY, well, NO aches, no pains, just a bit chesty and still the sore throat thing and a RUNNY FUCKING NOSE.


Supplies of the Tissues was totally expended at about 1AM this morning, so being rather adaptable we switched over to 2 ply toilet tissue on a roll, which I have found to be rather handy, actually better than tissues. Maybe that sorbent mob should look at how they dispense their tissues.

On top of this, whilst at the Docs we grabbed, or should I say asked for some additional meds, as the declared that the next time we were in there we would. So I received a packet of CHAMPIX .5 to 1.0mg tabs. start these tomorrow, then 10 days out which is the date set we will see how old HAV goes giving up them fucking SMOKES..time for the bastards to be pitched.


aside from that, not tooooooo bad really..just this FUCKING RUNNY NOSE


12 thoughts on “JB gets 9 , I GET 20!….YES! & other shite

  1. Simon,, yeah, the waiting list is BIG. I found a new one the other day as well, Diesel / LPG, it sounds very interesting.

  2. Yep good news that you managed to get that conversaion done.

    As for the runny nose I hear that Vic covered cotton wool up each nosteral is currently very en vogue!

  3. Gouging is exactly what it is. I can understand supply and demand, I can understand that the tanks, lines and pipes etc needed to do the conversions would have gone up in price because of more people wanting them – but so what, make more of the things, we have a domestic automotive manufacturing industry for a reason don’t we? Nah it’s just gouging. Still if I was over there and had a need for a Falcodore sized car I’d definitely get LPG (here I don’t do enough long distance highway driving to justify it.)

    The wimminz just don’t understand the man flu do they? Reckon they’ve evolved to feel pain less than we do (otherwise childbirth would be a once-off, they’d never go through that shit more than once) and the population would go backwards. We’ve evolved to feel pain more intently because as the all powerful hunter-gatherers we need to feel pain (eg being nibbled on by sabre toothed tigers) in order to know to stay the hell away from it, kill the bastard and drag it back for the BBQ feed that night.

  4. For the runny nose, a word of advice. Do NOT use the paper towels you find in most workplaces and public restrooms-the ones that are one step away from wood pulp. You’ll soon have a red nose fit for a clown. Good luck.

    Also, good luck giving up the smokes. My brother quit-several times-but he finally broke the habit. You will feel better-and save a pile of cash along the way. Smokes aren’t cheap, at least here.

  5. CHAZ..with a FEW under the belt I might just give that a crack

    Doc: We’ve evolved to feel pain more intently because as the all powerful hunter-gatherers we need to feel pain (eg being nibbled on by sabre toothed tigers) in order to know to stay the hell away from it, kill the bastard and drag it back for the BBQ feed that night. GOLD..PURE GOLD, I have to file that one away in the memory bank. When recited later at events to females, you don’t mind if I send the ANGRY ones YOUR WAY…???..WICKED

    U: Ta mate..yeah, bout to see how well these Doc prescribed Tabs works..Ten days time.

    JB: YES!…but in fairness, I might put some advertising on the Vehicle for ya..that is FREE for a PERIOD!..

    YD..Paper towels..yeah OUCH, now got aloe drenched tissues..whats the fucking planet coming too. And smokes are as dear as fuck here as well..

    Lerm: Ta, gaspers are a bastard…well great at times..just fucking pricie and well, to be honest..I’m feeling the pinch from the fuckers Physically.

  6. That would be right, get sick when you are not working! Why is it that we never get sick while working so we can take some of the 9,000,000,000,000 days sick leave that has built up?

    Good luck on the giving up task.

  7. NAUT:

    YEAH..fucking bugs could have their timing right. HEY, ya don’t want to come and fill the two mini skips I have hre do ya?…..

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